10 Absolute Myths vs Facts about smartphones

Smartphones, smartphones everywhere! But how well do we understand them? From the beginning of the 21st century, the electronic and software industry has achieved great heights. Smartphones, being their most successful product. With tech-geeks and gadget freaks increasing by the day, we have access to their noteworthy feed-backs and Youtube videos explaining all about the smartphone technology that we need to know. But, there remain a handful of myths spreading through communities. Here are 10 myths vs facts about smartphones that you need to know for taking better care of your device.

Myths, are basically the misconception you have about something which is developed because of lack of information and understanding. So, if you read up well about the technology involved, you are less likely to develop or believe in any myths.

Myths vs facts about smartphones

1. Clearing recent apps makes phones function faster

We have gotten into the habit of clearing all recent apps before we shut our phone. Some people have the belief that this clears Cache memory, making more space and thus increasing the speed of working of the phone.

Fact: Constantly clearing recent apps does make space, but also puts a load on the processor. The recent apps store all the recent data. So when you open an application through there, your processor doesn’t have to do more work in starting the app. But, if everything is cleared, every time you open an app, it starts afresh making the processor do the work of retrieving data again. So, it might end up slowing down the speed. It is advised to rarely use that function.

2. More RAM means high speed

Being consumerist in nature, we always want deices with higher storage, higher resolution, higher megapixels and all things large in quantity except the cost. But having a RAM with higher storage capacity does not necessarily mean increased speed of the device.

Fact: RAM cannot control speed alone, the processor, the display type and the battery life play a major role in determining that. So there are phones with just 3 GB RAM that function better than phones with 6 GB RAM if their processors are better. RAMs with higher storage are useful as long as the processors make good use of it.

3. High battery capacity means long battery life

It is often though that more the battery capacity, longer is the battery life.

Fact: Battery life depends not only on the battery capacity but also the processor. For instance, a gaming phone can have a battery capacity of 3500 mAh and last long whereas another phone with 4000 mAh might not. Processors and mode of use play a big role in determining the battery life.

There are many myths vs facts about smartphones’ batteries. One of them is that you should not leave phones for overnight charging. Fact: Smartphones today come with overcharge protection, so the battery does not receive any more charge once full.

4. High Megapixel count means better pictures

Phones today come with a whopping range of camera lenses and Megapixels. Back in the day most phones had 12 MP or 32 MP cameras. But today it has accelerated to 50 MP, 64 MP and even 128 MP. And people feel that more the megapixels, better the picture.

Fact: To a certain extent Megapixels do determine the quality of the picture. But it majorly depends on the sensors, post-processing of images and other camera features. Apple iPhones are known to be great cameras. But not all iPhones have high megapixel rates. They are good for photography because of the sensors and post-processing of images.

5. Radiation kills?

It is no new science that every body that possess a certain level of heat is prone to emit radiations. Phones when overused, or when on charging mode generally heat up and emit radiation. But it is an absolute myth that phone radiation can cause severe diseases.

Fact: According to FDA, smartphones emit non-ionising radiations of minute levels that currently possess no harm to human health. But it is advised to not keep them extremely close to you all the time as a precaution for other effects. Also, it is okay to use your phones while they are on charge given that the phone is cool. When the phone gets hot, it puts a load on the processor, so we are advised to not use it more. But if the phone doesn’t heat, and has charge above 40%, it is relatively safe.

6. Phones are waterproof

Most smartphones today come with IP ratings, Ingress Protection rating that determine the resistance and protection level a phone has toward dust, dirt and water. Water IP ratings range from 1 to 9. Smartphones with IP rating 5 and above are considered to be beautifully waterproof

Fact: Phones are water-resistant not water-proof. So, the smartphones that come with high IP ratings can sustain 1.5 meter deep under ‘freshwater’ for 30 minutes. Cold drink spills and marshy water are prone to damage the handset. Moreover, water damages are not covered in warranty. So, it is essential that you be aware of such myths vs facts about smartphones.

7. Rooting can be done by anybody

Rooting is the process of gaining control over how the smartphone software works. The user can edit and make changes to the software subsystems to overcome any deficiency or personalise the phone according to the needs. It is believed that any random person can root the phone.

Fact: Rooting can be done only if you hold technological knowledge. Any mis-step might end up loosing the entire phone data, or cause malfunctioning of the phone.

8. Updates are always good

Smartphone updates are basically revised versions of the system software that corrects any previous faults, or adds new features. It is popularly believed that you need to keep updating your phone to get the best out of it.

Fact: Updates work well if the smartphone is new. For a 2 year old phone, updates are not always compatible with the hardware components, so it can end small features chaotically. So, before you update your phone, make sure to read the changes that will be caused. Better still, do not update immediately after the release of a new version. Wait for a few days, read reviews online and then update it.

9. The virus doesn’t affect iOS

This falls under widely believed myths vs facts about smartphones. Apple’s devices are craved for by a large community of people. And on of the reasons people choose it is because of the belief that it cannot be hacked or cannot be affected by virus.

Fact: Apples software codes are known only by the people working for Apple. So it is difficult to create malware that can attack i-products when compared to android. But, even apple products are prone to Virus and can be hacked.

10. External apps can bring in sensor features

Almost all 2020 phones come with fingerprint sensors. And for those phones which dont, you will find a whole range of applications claiming that they will provide you with these exclusive features.

Fact: Sensors are hardware components, which cannot be functional b merely downloading few apps. The smartphone needs to have the hardware components for it to actually function. Infra red sensors, fingerprint sensors, iris sensors, air pressure sensors should all be embedded in the phone for you to use the feature.

These were some common myths vs facts about smartphones. There are plenty more in the list for instance it is okay to never switch off or restart the phone, cross brand adaptors cause battery blasts, the phone charges rapidly on air plane mode and such others. ( It is not okay to never switch your phone off. It is advised that you do it at least once every 20 days. Cross brands don’t damage the phone if the voltage ratings are same. And charging with air plane mode on barely reduces 5 to 10 minutes of charge time.)

Questions and Answers

Although we have covered most common myths vs facts about smartphones, here are a few questions that arise with everyday use of smartphones ft. Indian version doubts all the way from lightning to rice grains.

1. Is gorilla glass the strongest and best protector of screens?

Gorilla glasses do give protection against scratches and cracks to a certain extent. While iron keys, metallic edges will not easily cause scratches on gorilla glass, fine dust with particles of quarts can. So it is advised that you use tempered glass or screen guards for additional protection.

2. Do credit/debit cards get damaged because of phone magnets?

Except for Samsung Galaxy Z flip and Galaxy S fold, all other smartphone handsets don’t have enough magnetic force to destroy the magnetic chip on your cards. So, you are free to place the cards along with your phone

3. Do rice grains and dryers help in drying phones?

Amongst all myths vs facts about smartphones, this particular one is hard to determine. Many a time when water droplets make way into phones, people use hair dryers or put it in rice bags. Well first, hairdryers could end up damaging the phone with the heat or by pushing droplets further inside. Second, rice absorbs water when in direct contact with it. So the internal parts will really not get dried by merely keeping it in rice bags.

4. Do phones attract lightning?

A classic Indian adult belief that phones attract lightning. Well a tower of Iron will, but never a smartphone. Experts have tested and confirmed that you are free to use phones even when it lightning. But yes, don’t use phones during thunderstorms because water, is not a good exposure for phones unless they are water resistant.

Myths about refurbished smartphones

1. Refurbished smartphones are worn-out devices

Fact: Refurbished devices are well repaired, polished and undergo several functional and cosmetic tests and replacements before being sold. So, the end product has minimal or no signs of wear and tear. Refurbished devices are as good as new devices and are not completely worn out.

2. Refurbished smartphones don’t last long

Fact: Refurbished devices are conditioned versions of delivery returned and pre-owned devices. Only average quality refurbished smartphones were previously used for long. So, if you buy standard quality refurbished phones, they do last long, given you use them well.

3. Refurbished smartphones are not safe

Refurbished smartphones are sold in various grades and prices across multiple websites. If you read up well and choose the right grade of phone, there is absolutely no risk. Refurbished smartphones come with a certified warranty card and most brands also provide post-purchase care for the smartphones. This makes refurbished phones a safe buy.

As mentioned above, while shopping for refurbished phones, you will come across various levels of grades and different prices for the same model. Our website Mobiru India emphasizes in helping customers by making this task hassle-free. We provide an excellent comparison matrix and standardized grading system to help you choose wisely and easily.

So, dear readers, with all these points being explained, keep yourself well informed about basic technological aspects and the myths vs facts about smartphones.


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