Refurbished Mobile Tips

Refurbished Phone Market: An Offer You Cannot Refuse

Refurbished mobile phones offer the same benefits at lower prices. When talking about refurbished mobile phones, consumers live under the impression that we are talking about second-hand phones that are damaged and cannot be used at their full capacity.


Exchanging Your Phone Vs. Selling Your Phone

If you are a gadget lover and you want to be up to date with your mobile phone, getting a new phone entirely out of your pocket is neither economical nor fruitful.


COVID-19 Timeline:

COVID-19 or Coronavirus has infected millions and has claimed the lives of hundred thousand of life by now and still counting. First recorded in Wuhan city of China, it has spread all over the world within a matter of weeks.


Sanitizing Your Smartphone Correctly: The COVID-19 Call

Social distancing and lockdown are just the beginning of a long saga to fighting COVID-19. Washing hands disinfects your Hand, wearing a face mask protects you from polluted air, but what about your phone. Don’t make your phone a medium