7 reasons to buy Refurbished Smartphones for kids

Generation Z and Generation Alpha are naturals when it comes to using digital devices and electronic gadgets. Today, amidst the global pandemic, as we all stay home, the need for electronic devices is increasing considerably. The business and education sector are making a shift from working in the office to work from home. While the offices and schools are well equipped with all tools needed to accomplish tasks, working from home and learning from home means depending primarily on smartphones, laptops and the associated accessories.

Schools and universities today are engaging students through online lectures, online assignments and online exams. While most students already have upscale smartphones, there are many who don’t. A fifth-grade kid for instance, or the 12th standard student who never had a phone because he needed to focus on studies. Now, irrespective of age and standard, all students right from Standard 1 to graduates, need smartphones.

Considering how the India-China and China -America trade wars are heeding, buying a new smartphone always means contributing a portion to the other country economy. So why not consider buying refurbished smartphones? We give you seven reasons why you should!

What are refurbished smartphones?

Refurbished smartphones, much like its name suggests, are conditioned and repaired versions of phones that are collected as delivery-returned, pre-owned, floor models, used phones and phones with manufacturing defects. Post collection, the phones are systematically graded, then traded with refurbishment units, where they are methodically repaired, polished, updated, and cleaned to make them as good as new phones.

The seven reasons:

1. Butterfingers

Young kids are butter-fingered. Be it the new china dish or a smartphone. When in their hands, it slips and it falls and you are gifted with broken wares and scratches on the phone. And in less than a week, you will have to cover numerous expenses for phone repairs. It is extra bad if the phone belonged to a high-end brand. This is where refurbished smartphones will be helpful. Since they are moderately new, you get quality devices and won’t lose much even if the butterfingers damage it.

2. It has got all you need

Most people are prejudiced to think that refurbished devices are of low quality. But, if you read up about them and buy from the right source, you will experience that they are as good as new with minimal to no signs of wear and tear. And since most devices are refurbished after they are delivery returned, they do not have any imperfections left. So, a refurbished phone will give you all the features just as a new phone would. It has all you need from the applications, to connectivity. All set for the kids to use.

3. Budget-friendly

The best part about buying refurbished devices is that they are budget-friendly. Samsung phones start from Rs. 999 while Apple iPhones from Rs 7000. Of course, the quality and device type you get with each price range are different, but there are so many options for all kinds of phone needs that fits one’s budget. In most cases, you don’t have to expend extra on the accessories as they come in-the-box.

4. Durability and Tech support

Refurbished smartphones come in various grades and qualities. The excellent and good quality phones are sufficiently the right choice if you are buying a phone for the kids. They last for a good amount of time if you use them well. Moreover, refurbished smartphones also come with post-purchase care. You get a certified warranty card, are provided with a return policy, and get complete ownership transfer, making these phones really a good catch. But this varies from vendor to vendor.

5. Environment-friendly

Per year, there is a whopping amount of electronic waste generated due to the discarded phones. Refurbished phones considerably decrease the pollution caused by such electronic wastes. Thereby, making it a greener and cleaner option. Refurbished smartphones are not eco-friendly by themselves. But they are the re-cycled versions which stop eco-pollution.

6. Experience

For most students, online classes give an opportunity to properly learn to use the phone. While every little kid of this generation uses phones to play games, call, or watch videos right from their kindergarten days, online learning will help in getting a better grasp of using all the phone features and educational applications. And in this process, kids tend to make mistakes which can lead to malfunctioning of the phones. Refurbished smartphones are the best things as first-phones. So that kids can comfortably learn to handle the device, and gain experience before using a brand new phone.

7. Cost-effective

Apart from being budget-friendly, refurbished smartphones are cost-effective. Cost-effective means getting the best deal for the given price. Here is an example to illustrate it: A smartphone model X costs 15K, and is your ideal type of phone. But your budget is 9K. Normally, you will end up buying a phone under 9K, which might not give you benefits like the Model X. But, you can find the refurbished version of model X under 9K. This would mean getting an upgraded standard device which is within your budget and worth the pay.

Where to buy refurbished smartphones?

Refurbished smartphones can be brought from local vendors or factory outlets or online. But the essential criteria is that the source needs to be certified, and trustworthy. While you buy, you will encounter different price ranges for different grades of refurbished phones, and they vary from source to source. Our website provides exceptional service by presenting a comparison-matrix that makes choosing the best deal a whole lot easy. Also, our grading system is standardised so that you face no issues while understanding or analysing the quality of the refurbished smartphone.

Check out the articles at Mobiru India to find the best-refurbished phones under 10k, 20k and so on to choose the deal that fits your budget.

Don’t forget to…

  • Read about the original device and compare the refurbished handset with images of the original one to avoid buying fake versions.
  • Buy from sources who give complete documentation of warranty, return period, ownership details and other phone related papers.
  • Since you will be buying smartphones for kids, make sure to choose a device which fits in the hand, is hardy and connects well with the apps needed for educational purposes.
  • Assess the phone thoroughly and check all its ports and accessories as soon as you get it.
  • And, teach kids all the basics they need to know before getting started!

We hope that this recession ends soon and refurbished phones play a good role as a help in need in these trying times.