The amazing Motorola Tech3 TriX 3-in-1 Earphones

Earphones earphones everywhere! Well, earphones and humans do go ear-in-ear. Be it listening to some pleasant music while walking on the road, or blood rush beats while in the gym, or some nostalgic melodies while travelling, or listening to the dialogues of movies when connected to your laptop; they’re everywhere. More so in extensive use by the youth. While many prefer wired earphones, the trend has shifted to wireless neckbands and truly wireless earbuds.

Motorola Tech3 TriX 3-in-1

Motorola Tech3 TriX 3-in-1 are a dream come true for all the people who need different types of earphones while doing different things. Motorola Tech3 TriX 3-in-1 come with the perfect flexibility that let the users convert it from wired to wireless, to truly wireless earphones. They’re dynamic, come with great sound quality, and what’s more; they’re from a trusted brand!

The Motorola Tech3 TriX 3-in-1 is originally placed at Rs.9999, but during sales and shopping festivals on the online web portals, the price is Rs.5,999. In the box includes two Bluetooth earbuds, charging case, USB charging cable, User guide, earbud tips in three different sizes.

Features of Motorola Tech3 Trix 3-in-1


The Motorola Tech3 TriX 3-in-1 in the ear type of earphones come with a unique design; unique not in the sense that they are interconvertible, but the in-ear part has a unique design.  Motorola Tech3 TriX 3-in-1 come in three colours; White, Black, and Brown, as per the official Motorola website. But they are available in black colour only in India through Flipkart. The dimensions of the earbuds follow a width of 110mm, depth of 258mm, the height of 46.5mm, and weighs 120 grams.

They have an inbuilt microphone.  The earpiece is soft to touch and accommodates well in the ear. What we best love about the way it is designed is the magnetic cable management case. The charging case is designed such that it will keep all the wires untangled and safe. The wireless buds come with a multifunction button. This button helps you answer calls, adjust volume, skip songs, and more.

Wired, Wireless and Truly wireless

Motorola Tech3 TriX 3-in-1

The three modes of usage come with three different pieces that make up the combinations. First, the earbuds that can be used in the truly wireless mode like any other earbuds are used. Attaching the ‘sport loop’ to the buds lets you use it in the wireless mode that is truly apt for gymming, jogging and the related things. And finally, if you want to use it in the wired mode, you have to connect the final piece of wire that attaches through a magnetic dock.

The best part about this setting? You can use it for one or many devices irrespective of the port types and connectivity. You could use it with a laptop in any of the three modes, with an audio-jack-less phone in wireless and truly wireless modes and so on.

Sound and battery

Motorola Tech3 TriX 3-in-1 boast to have hi-fi sound with low latency. This means that the earphones reduce the delay between the sound and the screen. (So, its when you’re watching a movie, the screen visual speed and the audio will be in sync. That’s when the earphones are said to have low latency. It’s a good thing!) it has a superior sound quality with TriX technology.

Motorola Tech3 TriX 3-in-1 has a Lithium polymer type battery with an amazing battery life of 18 hours when used with the case. The Turbo Charge feature gives you a playback time of 3 hours with just 15 minutes of charge. The official site states a 7 hours playtime with 11 hours charging case.

Ps: If you run out of charge, or if there is an unexpected power cut that drains the entire charge, switch over to the wired mode. Plug into the device, and you can enjoy music without bothering about the charge!!


The Bluetooth 5.0 make Motorola Tech3 TriX 3-in-1 earphones with fast, stable, and wide transmission. To pair it with your device follow the steps:

  1. Remove both the buds from the charging case simultaneously
  2. Wait till they flash red and blue lights
  3. Find ‘TECH3’ in the list on your device, and pair them

The earbuds can connect to Siri, Alexa, Google assistant through a smartphone app named Verve. Two of its best connectivity features are that of finding a lost earbud, and of Ear detect. The earbuds instantly turn off the moment they are taken away from the ears.


The Motorola Tech3 TriX 3-in-1 have a rating of IPX5; which means they are resistant to sweat and water; more specifically it can resist a sustained low-pressure water jet spray. (Not to use while swimming)

Motorola Tech3 TriX 3-in-1 comes with a 1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer from the date of purchase. It covers electrical damage under this period but does not cover physical damage. If you get a damaged piece at delivery, be sure to return it right away.

Here is a little something you need to know about the LED lights:

  • Red: Low on battery
  • Blue: Standby
  • Red-Blue: Pairing
  • Off: Fully charged


  • The audio jack is 3.5mm. It’s a plus point for all those having devices with 3.5mm jacks, but a drawback for those with c-type jacks in their devices.
  • It doesn’t have Deep Bass. (Deep bass is basically the audio bandwidth between 16Hz-80Hz; it adds explosive, all-surround effect.
  • Customers report about how some of them felt it is heavy, do not fit well. So we recommend you go through the dimensions before you make a choice for purchase. Unstable connectivity, distortions, poor touch sensitivity are other drawbacks mentioned.

 On a general scale, the Motorola Tech3 TriX 3-in-1 is an innovative accessory, has good details and features, but it could be better with the sound delivery. But again, it is a deal worth considering because it is a complete package of good sounds, all-round utility, and the latest technology. Buy it after adding coupons during online shopping festivals to save money! If you are looking for headphones, give this article at Mobiruindia a read.


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