Android vs iPhone: Why is Android better?

The argument between Android and iPhone users has been happening for a while now. Each party has their reasons to support their favoured operating system and phone company. Despite this, there’s a lot of convincing arguments on both sides of the Android vs iPhone debate. We’re here to give you our side of the argument.


When you look at the range of iPhones, there’s not a lot of choices. They’re all expensive options. This becomes a problem when the market is so huge. With so many different kinds of customers, having a range of phones in a luxury price segment doesn’t work. This is unlike android phones. 

In the argument of Android vs iPhone, you can’t help but bring up the sheer range of value that Apple can’t offer. Android phones are available at all price ranges, from the very cheap to the luxury. Not only this, but you get a range of features and software options at any of these prices. Whether an iPhone user wants to admit it or not, android phones offer value for money that iPhones just don’t. 


While we’re talking about value for money, then we have to talk about the choices. The value for money comes from the sheer choice androids offer. Not only are there choices in price range but hardware options as well! You get different colour options, materials, camera options, and more! This makes Android all the more perfect for a large customer base. Where iPhones don’t offer the range of colour or hardware options that Androids do. So between androids and iPhones, there’s definitely a winner. 


When you look into Androids, the first thing you hear about is the customization options. The feature that most android users rave about is the ability to turn your phone completely into yours. No two Android phones are going to be the same when companies offer such a range of customization. You get everything from skins, custom launchers, themes to more! When you’re looking at your options and looking for options, androids are your best bet. 


With all the talk about customization and value for money, it should come as no surprise that Androids are extremely supportive, literally as well as metaphorically! When speaking literally, most Androids support a USB-C charger and fast charging too! 

Metaphorically, Androids are inclusive of a large customer base. Whether you’re old, young, or technologically disadvantaged; there’s a phone for everybody. They offer customisation options, design options, and more to make your phone exactly how you want. 

Headphone Jacks: 

If you’re old-fashioned like some of us, then you’re likely to be quite put-off by the lack of headphone jack in the latest iPhones. While it’s true that some newer Androids also don’t have headphone jacks, there are options out there that still have a 3.5mm headphone jack for your convenience. No more Bluetooth earphones that run out of charge at the worst time, you have earphones that work all the time! 

Multi-Window Support: 

For the multitaskers out there, Androids are perfect. They offer multi-window support, which means you can open several windows at the same time. You can get more work done, or even better have more fun! 

When it comes to the debate between Android vs iPhone users, there’s no doubt both sides have their points. However, when it comes down to it, Androids really do offer a lot more. While iPhone users have their brand loyalty, not a lot can compete with the customization and value for money that Androids offer. You can say it boils down to personal preference, but we all know there’s a winner. 

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