Apple WWDC 2020: What Is In Store for the Future?

What is Apple WWDC?

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is a media event hosted by Apple in San Francisco annually. It is a chance for developers and enthusiasts to experience Apple software and updates first-hand. Attendees get to interact with Apple software engineers and also attend lectures and Keynotes. The conference lasts for three days, while it is usually a physical conference; for 2020, it was streamed live from the Steve Jobs Theatre. 

The Apple WWDC is a way to showcase the technological advancements and the plans for the future. Like with every Keynote, this year, too, they have released announcements regarding the plans for the company. We have summarized the announcements and most shocking updates from the Keynote in this article: 

What are the Announcements from Apple WWDC?

Transition to Apple Silicon: 

The biggest announcement of the whole conference was undeniably the switch to Apple Silicon. For some context, Apple’s Macintosh has been using Intel processors since 2005. The landmark decision was announced in the 2005 Apple WWDC, and a year and a half later, all Mac’s had Intel processors installed.

Now, in Apple WWDC 2020, they have announced the Apple Silicon. This is a chip that is already present in iPhones, but is now going to be installed in Mac’s as well! This is meant to allow for better performance and ease of use. This will also decrease the costs for Apple. Intel will be slightly affected as Apple did buy about 2% of all processors made. However, it won’t be too much of a loss. The problem might arise if other companies decide to follow in Apple’s footsteps. 

Apple’s processor has already existed in iPhones and iPads all along, so Mac’s are going to change. This means that app developers are going to have to keep this in mind. Apple mentions that flagships like Adobe have already developed their software to fit this new chip in the new devices. Even the Microsoft suite is going to be adapted for the same purpose. 

This announcement came with a note: Mac’s with Intel processors will still receive the same updates and services as the new line of computers that are going to be released. They are still going to be manufactured and sold. The transition to Apple Silicon is going to take about two years, according to the information provided by the Keynote. We can’t wait to see the results!

iOS 14

Any of you that use iPads or iPhones might have heard about this update already. The new iOS 14 was definitely a surprise for most. iOS 14 comes with a few many changes: 

Apple WWDC
  1. Changes to widgets: The widgets are now customisable. Not only can you change the size of the widgets, but you can also bring them on to the home screen. You can customize them to show at certain times of the day or appear on certain screens. 
  2. App library: There is also a new feature called an app library. This is a screen that neatly categorizes all the apps on your phone based on certain features. There will be categorized based on categories such as ‘Recents’ and ‘Newly added.’ There is also an option to search for the app you need. 
  3. Compact Calls: Phone calls no longer take up the whole screen, but rather appear as a notification would. This allows you to either accept or dismiss the phone call. 
  4. Picture-in-Picture: You don’t have to close your video to run a different app anymore. You can minimize windows to use two apps at the same time. For example, you can keep your video running while opening the notes app as well. 
  5. Messages: The update allows you to pin important conversations to the top of the chat list. Group chats also will enable you to place group photos and will only alert you when you are mentioned. Mentions and inline responses are another added feature. You can now reply directly to a message and see the thread of those particular messages for context. 
  6. Maps: Apple Maps now has an option to check for the best cycling routes and Electronic Vehicle Route. It also has all new guides and has been optimised for a select few countries. 
  7. Translate: Apple plans to introduce ‘Translate’. It is going to come pre-installed, allowing you to translate conversations you’re having effectively.
  8. Siri: Your favourite AI is now optimized. Siri will now appear only on the bottom of your screen and knows almost 20x more facts than previously. 
  9. Safari: Safari has a range of new features such as on-screen translation, password monitoring, privacy reports, and a better design. The new Safari is allowing you to customize your home page and tabs. 
  10. Privacy: Apple has really stepped up its privacy game. As mentioned above, Safari now comes with password monitoring and privacy reports. You can know whether a password is safe enough and how a website is using your data. On iPhones, you will be notified as to what data an app is using, whether it is tracking your movement, or sharing your data with other apps. You can customize how much information you are willing to share with an app. You can ask an app not to track you and customize your permissions for web pages. The app store will also include descriptions of the data an app will require so that you will able to understand the requirements before downloading the app. 

Big Sur

This is the new macOS update. It has more streamlined apps, refreshed docks, a control centre, notification centre, and more features on Messages.

Apple WWDC

Watch OS7

The Apple Watch comes with a sleep feature and customisable watch faces. You can also set a bedtime and wake up time for yourself. It also allows you the same features on widgets as on an iPhone. The watch also has cycling routes like maps on other devices. The sleep app, hearing health app, and handwashing apps to take care of your health. 

TV OS 14

Multi-user support with personalised recommendations, picture-in-picture, and personalised achievements are some of the new features on the TV OS 14 update. 

Airpod Software Updates

There is new spatial audio, allowing you to truly be immersed in the audio. There is also automatic switching which means you no longer have to switch between devices manually. 

Apple WWDC is a spectacle in the technology industry. It is an event that is eagerly awaited, and Apple never fails to disappoint. This time as well, Apple has not failed to impress; we can’t wait to see the results for ourselves!