Best of 2020 Apple Smartwatches deals

Apple is a style statement brand with integrated technology making it absolutely user-convenient, adds a class through its design and functioning, and is always a heartthrob for many. Amongst all of Apple’s gadgets, iPhones are the most spoken about. iPads, iPods, Mac follow. But here in this article lets talk about the amazing Apple Smartwatches and the best deals of 2020 that are available in the market.

Apple smartwatches

The Apple smartwatches better known as the Apple Watch made a marking entry into the market all the way back in April 2015. Ever since then 6 generations of Apple smartwatches have been launched in the market with each series bringing new features, better technology and smart designs. The 6 generations led to series 0 to 6, along with SE.

The first and second generation of Apple smartwatches corresponding to series 0,1,2, have been discontinued from production and are unsupported. The 4th and 5th generation corresponding to series 4 and 5 are discontinued but are still supported and can be found in sale. While, the 3rd and 6th generation corresponding to series 3, series 6 and series SE are the current ones.

In each series that differences included are of casing, colour, size and dimensions, body frame, key features, and price. These Apple smartwatches basically cover features of wireless communication, fitness tracking, health-oriented functions, and more. They run on watchOS that is based on iOS Apple. They are often launched in partnership, or co-branded with Nike, Hermes and so on. In a typical Apple smartwatch, expect a touchscreen, calendar, clock, heart-rate monitor, Organiser, notifications, calling and messaging apps, and Siri. More or less features are added according to the series and models. The watches third generation onward are waterproof and can withstand being underwater 50m deep.

The Apple smartwatches come in variable strap styles that can be picked by the user. In recent times, the Apple Watch is compatible with third party straps and buckles. The Apple straps include single colour silicone rubber ‘Solo’, yarn interwoven ‘Braided Solo’, fluoroelastomer ‘Sport Band’, nylon weave ‘Sport Loop’, Nike Sport band and Sport Loop, Leather, Stainless Steel ‘Milanese Loop’, and Link Bracelet. Link Bracelet costs the most, followed by Stainless steel, leather, Braided Solo. Solo, Nike Sport Loop and Sport band, and regular Sport loop and Sport band are the cheapest in the lot.

Third Generation

The third-generation apple watches came out as Series 3. They were launched in September 2017. It has a rounded rectangle dial with aluminium body and silicone straps. Runs on watchOS 4.0. It features dual-core S3, Bluetooth 4.2, has an internal storage of 8 GB, and a battery life of about 18 hours.

The Apple watch series 3 is available in 3 variants across Amazon and Flipkart. This watch is placed at Rs. 20,900, and is the cheapest deal in the lot. Key features include GPS, Smart Coaching with activity tracking of three modes: Stand, Move, Exercise. It also includes Heart Rate Sensor, and Notifications of Calendar, Mail, Messages. It is compatible with iPhone 6s and succeeding models.

Apple smartwatches

Deals Available

  1. Silver Aluminium Case with Fog sport band
  2. Space Grey Aluminium Case with Black Sport Band
  3. Silver Aluminium case with White Sport Band

Fourth and Fifth generation

The 4th and 5th generation includes features like Bluetooth 5.0, electric heat sensor, compass in series 5, better display, 64-bit dual-core processing units, increased storage, and improved sensors and functionality. Since the production was long stopped, it is rare to find them in the market. The only deal available is Space Grey aluminium case with black sport band on Amazon and is priced at Rs.52,900.

Sixth Generation (SE and Series 6)


SE was first launched in September 2020 and is in production. It comes with a Bluetooth v5.0, runs on WatchOS 7, 64-bit dual-core processing unit, compass, altimeter, gyroscope and much more. Its starting price is Rs.29,900 and is available across Flipkart and Amazon.

Apple Smartwatches

The Apple watch SE comes with the call function and has a large-retina OLED display. It has a battery runtime of about 18 hours. When speaking of health features, it tracks swimming, jogging, running, walking, and yoga. It notifies the user of irregular heart rhythms. What it doesn’t have is the electrical heart sensor.

Deals Available

  1. 40mm Gold Aluminium case with pink sand sport band
  2. 40mm Silver Aluminium case with white sport band

Series 6

Series 6, like SE, was launched in the September of 2020 and is in production. Much like SE, it comes with a Bluetooth v5.0, runs on WatchOS7, 64-bit dual-core processing unit, compass, altimeter, gyroscope. What it additionally has is improved functionality, a sensor to detect blood-oxygen levels, an electric heart rate monitor- much like an ECG, has an always-on retina display, sleep organisers, customisable faces and more.

Deals Available

  1. 40mm Gold aluminium case with pink sand sport band.
  2. 44mm Space grey aluminium case with black sport band.

Comparison and Final say

Apple watch 3Apple watch 6Apple watch SE
Case size42mm/38mm44mm/40mm44mm/40mm
Internal Storage8 GB32 GB32 GB
Battery life18 hours18 hours18 hours
ProcessorsS3S6 Dual Core ProcessorS5 Dual Core Processor
SensorsHeart rate sensor, built-in GPS, Gyroscope, AccelerometerBlood Oxygen detector, ECG, Optical Heart sensor, altimeter, gyroscopeOptical heart rate sensor, compass, altimeter, gyroscope

Amongst all the Apple smartwatches Apple watch 3 is the cheapest available, has great working considering the price. Drawbacks could be the low battery life, older Bluetooth version, and less storage. So for all those who don’t need the latest versions or extravagant storage, but need good health tracking features, this watch is a good pick. SE has many more features and comes at a higher price. But for all those looking for a watch with good functionality, new tech, this watch is a pick. If you want the best of the lot and are willing to pay for it, go for Series 6.

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