Sanitizing your hands has been a daily routine for us. COVID-19 has made us realize the importance of cleanliness and sanitation. In this time, when everybody is washing their hands and wearing masks every time they go out, people in India have completely forgotten about one of the significant mediums that bring germs to your house: your smartphone. Indians are not habituated to sanitizing their phone; at most, we clean our phone with a piece of cloth and colin. This doesn’t kill any germs but removes only the visible dust. Sanitizing your phone is as important as washing your hands during this pandemic if you want to know about sanitizing your phone in detail, read our another article.

phone sanitizer

Here we will list the best phone sanitizers in India. Phone sanitizer are a new concept in India and only became popular after the COVID-19 pandemic. There are generally two types of sanitizers

Liquid Phone Sanitizer:

These are chemicals and cleaning agents manufactured specifically for disinfecting your phone and gadgets. These are readily available on Flipkart and other eCommerce websites and cost in between 200-1000. Liquid sanitizing agents are quick, cheap, and easy to use. Here are some of the best liquid sanitizers available:

Mobiwash Mobile Sanitizer for Mobiles, Laptops, Computers, Gaming:

This is the most readily available sanitizing agent. It’s 20 ml pack costs around ₹ 200 on Flipkart. Its easy spray model kills 99.9% of the bacteria, sanitizes, cleanses and deodorizes your phone. Flipkart and amazon deliver all over India. Here is the link if you want to buy one



Eris INC. Premium Sanitizer Gel or Computers, Gaming, Laptops, Mobiles:

It also costs around ₹ 200 on Flipkart. It’s a non-spill gel with a spray box specially composed for disinfecting your phone. It comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth. If you haven’t sanitized your phone yet, give it a try. Here is the link


Charm Screen Fresh – Best Screen Cleaner Antibacterial & Antiviral:

This is now but one of the easiest to use phone sanitizers available online. It comes in small, easy to carry a pack of 6ml with a refill of 60ml. Its alcohol and ammonia-free hence don’t give any foul smell, no streaks on drying, and the convenient handy box makes it one of the best liquid sanitizers available online in India. Just press the spray twice and disinfect your phone every costs around ₹ 649 on amazon


Electronic Phone Sanitizers:

These are specially made electronics that disinfects the germs by using UV rays. This device contains a chamber fixed with disinfecting UV-ray tubes where you put your phone and close it. When you turn on the sanitizer, the UV rays fall on the surface of your phone and disinfect it. This is one of the best ways to sanitize your phone. The advantage of using this device is its hassle-free, one-time expense, and it’s easy to use. The advantage of using electronic phone sanitizer is

  • It doesn’t damage your electronic device as it doesn’t use any liquid
  • It doesn’t give any foul smell after use
  • One-time expense

The disadvantage of using electric disinfectant box is

  • It is expensive for the first time.
  • It’s highly specialized, so the one you may buy for your phone might not be of any use for your other gadgets.

Here are some of the best electronic disinfectants that you can find online in India.

Nikush UV Sterilizer Portable Box:

This is a disinfectant box 8cm*15cm in the area and serves multipurpose. You can also disinfect your wallet jewelry. It is operated on rechargeable batteries and has a charging time of 1 hr and can operate for 24 hrs, as per Flipkart description. UV-rays kill 99% of bacteria within a few seconds. It costs ₹ 3999 on Flipkart and is deliverable all over India.


Homray – The Souvenir 3-In-1 Portable UV Sterilizer Box:

This is one of the most prominent phone sterilizers. It is also a multipurpose device and can be powered via a power bank, USB adapter through a laptop or car. It is not only a disinfectant box but also a wireless charger. It also removes terrible smells in your phone or accessories through aromatherapy. You can buy this on amazon at ₹ 4399.


Cell Phone Sterilizer Portable UV Lights Universal Smartphone Sanitizer:

This is one of the most sold sterilizer boxes in India. The best part about the sanitization box is that even the largest phones fit in. It’s 8.85’*4.9’*1.77’ dimension can fit almost every phone in the market. The other functions are -no dead angles, one-button auto function, efficiency, aromatherapy, and USB charging. It uses UV-C rays patented technology to disinfect your phone and accessories. It also offers 12 months warranty and friendly costs ₹3999.


Therefore, it’s your choice whether you want to buy a liquid disinfecting agent or a specialized phone sterilizing device. Check your budget and needs before you rush into buying anything


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