Boycott China: Hypothetical or Practical?

It is no latest news that China has hijacked the technology niche all across the world. And however much you would want to boycott China and Chinese devices, it is not wholly possible to do so overnight. While we can relentlessly try and achieve our goal in other sectors, the technology sector is a tacky deal. So here is a reality check. 

Technological hegemony of China over the entire world

Boycott China

Speaking about gadgets, the unique selling price of Chinese smartphones is the provision of high-end technology at a cheap price. This will, without a doubt, attract a massive swarm of customers. And why not, because this tactic caters to the need of the people. 

In 2012, China overpowered the smartphone industry and rose to be the largest producer of smartphones, owing to its vast population, contributing as a large customer base. It is not just the manufacturing and production technologies that China dominates, but also the software technology. In the latter half of 2019, nearly 73.6% of India’s smartphone market was dominated by leading Chinese smartphone companies like Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, and Realme. With such deep woven connections in the Indian market, the boycott china campaign can mean a disaster for the Indian economy


In the year 2015, China was the largest manufacturer and exporter of smartphones. But, recently, the production dynamics are shifting away from the mainland, and countries like India and Vietnam are becoming the major production houses for Chinese brands. This outsourcing is much to our benefit. 

India recently emerged as the second-largest mobile phone manufacturer globally, with over 200 mobile phone manufacturing units operational in the country. According to Electronics and Information Technology Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad, India exported 36 million units of smartphones in FY 2020 as compared to 17 million units in FY 2019.

The Indian Scenario in Contrast to Boycott China

Being technologically independent of china is a dream that we would want to make into a reality. So, here are little things to know about the tech-scenario. 

Here is a table that will help us understand that not only does China hold supremacy over the smartphone industry by selling brands, but also by providing spare parts, or helping in phased manufacture of smartphones from companies that belong to other countries. China is a leading OEM: Original equipment manufacturer. This means that Chinese products are used as commodities in the devices manufactured by other companies.

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Manufacturing Composition of Major Smartphone Companies

Brand nameCountryManufactureOther details
1. XiaomiChinaIndia (Under the Make in India scheme) In partnership with Taiwanese Foxconn.Xiaomi currently has over 7 manufacture houses with more than 20,000 employees
2. BBK electronics: Realme, Vivo, Oppo, OnePlusChinaChina. Investments are made for setting up manufacture plants in India.Realme employs 7,500 people.
3. SamsungSouth KoreaIndia, South Korea, Vietnam, BrazilIndia has Samsung’s biggest phone manufacturing unit in the world
4. AppleU.S.AChina, India. Partnership with Foxconn 
5. Lenovo in partnership with MotorolaChinaChina, Mexico, India 
6. IntexIndiaIndiaIntex research labs are present in China. Certain components are imported from China.
7. KarbonnIndiaIndiaAssembling of phones is done with the help of VSUN, the largest firm in China.
8. LavaIndiaIndiaResearch and product testing is done in China
9. MicromaxIndiaIndiaMicromax claims to completely manufacture in India.
10. GoogleU.S.AU.S.A. (in partnership with HTC Taiwan) 
The smartphone brands in the table are the companies leading in the Indian Smartphone market.

India remains an attractive market for Chinese smartphone companies because of its immense potential. Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Vivo, and Oppo have invested in India by setting up distribution channels, manufacturing units, and R&D centers. Some have their manufacturing units, while others take services of contract manufacturers to assemble smartphones in the country. Calling for a boycott of Chinese companies can prove to be a setback as the entire smartphone ecosystem will collapse, and thousands of jobs will also be on the line.

Following our sentiments blindly, we would tend to use more of Indian smartphone brands, and shun all devices which are from Chinese brands. Many Indian brands are importing electronic parts from China, or are assembling the phones in China. Whereas, many Chinese brands are manufacturing devices entirely in India. 

We need to be wise to choose the right path. Because many Indian employees would be in jeopardy if we take the wrong step, Indian employees, the smartphone industry, and the economy will be put on thin ice if we do so. Therefore, the boycott China campaign may turn the tables otherwise for the Indian sub-continent.  

Refurbished phones: the better option

As it’s said, once the harm is done, it cannot be reverted. But, we can find ways that will help us best. Buying new phones will still mean contributing minor parts to the Chinese economy. But buying refurbished phones will circulate the capital within the country. 

Refurbished smartphones are the conditioned and repaired versions of delivery-returned, unboxed, and showroom floor model phones. Post the series of tests of refurbishment; the phones are as good and functional as new. So, you get genuine high-end devices at a low price. 

Refurbishment saves a lot of revenue, provides employment to many people in the refurbishment industry, supports locale vendors, and is a sustainable way to develop the Indian refurbished market. 

Significant websites that support local refurbishment vendors are Cashify, Budli, and Yaantra. Amazon Renewed and 2Gud are also known to host local refurbished phones on their website, but given that the sellers are certified and have a high-performance bar. 


Mobiruindia is an Indian startup working to bring better services in the sector of Refurbished phones. The unique features of Mobiruindia include its exceptional service of comparing deals and a standardized grading system. So, you can compare the quality, grading, price, and features of a phone model as displayed on multiple platforms, at a single website. Mobiruindia stresses the need to use Refurbished smartphones in the face of this adversity. 

So, use refurbished phones for an economically and environmentally safe world!


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