iPhone is the product that changed the phone market. In the first decade of this millennium, mobile phones were manufactured, sold, and used just for calls and messages. Then a visionary saw phones not as a tool but as a future. Apple INC launches the iPhone, which didn’t change the game rules but the entire game. Starting from the first phone to date iPhone is consistent with being the most classy, Premium, and state of the art smartphone.

refurbished iphone

iPhone has built a separate brand name for itself after selling millions of smartphones over the decade. Now there are two terms “the iPhone” and “cellphones.” Every business person, professional, technician, gadget lover, Youtuber, Tiktoker, etc. either has an iPhone or wants to buy one. Because Apple didn’t just manufacture phones, it reinvented the phone. In India, iPhone is not a cellphone at all- it is respect; it is a gesture, it’s class. The real problem is, it doesn’t come cheap. iPhone is the most expensive mass manufactured phone in the entire world. So, if you are interested in buying one and you don’t have a fortune, read this whole article.

Why should I buy an iPhone?

This question comes to your mind when you see a 6-digit price on the phone tag. Why spend your 3-month salary on a single phone whereas other budget phones can do almost the same work at a fraction of a cost.

1. Brand Name:

Apple INC is the most valued company in the world. The price that you pay is not for the hardware that comes but the brand name that it is attached to it. Along with the iPhone comes the trust of the best smartphone brand in the world. The half-eaten Apple logo on the backside of the phone costs more than most of the smartphone.

2. Feel the Premium:

iPhone gives the most Premium touch and feel the experience. While most of the company’s focus on low manufacturing and volume sale of the phone to generate profit, iPhone drives for perfection even if it costs more. It may sound farcical since not all can afford an iPhone, iPhone give a sense of superiority

3. The Innovators Choice:

Apple INC spent around $15 billion in F.Y. 2018-19, which is the highest in the world. Apple INC may not be the inventor but the innovator of the smartphone. From using Touch Screen to Maps, App Store, and many more iPhones was the introducer. iPhone holds the State of The Art technology for every aspect. iOS is the most smooth and easy to use phone operating system.

iOS was developed by Apple INC over two decades, which is now the soul of the iPhone. Apple INC uses the best parts, best screen, best battery, best accessories, the best camera, and many more of the best on its smartphone. iPhone is rigorously tested to its limits before it is released for sale. This is probably one of the best reasons people buy iPhones. iPhone is not just a phone. It is- State Of The Art Phone.

4. Aftersales Care.

Apple INC not only sells iPhone but retains its customers. Apple INC provides regular iOS updates in its phone until and unless the hardware stops supporting it. While most of the android phones give two updates at most, if you have a premium android phone, there will be a maximum of three upgrades, iPhone doesn’t have a limitation.

Apple INC tries to be updated every Apple INC customer with time. Besides, the iPhone has the best industry practices in the world regarding customer service. Prompt solution for any problem of iPhone customs is their business policy. Therefore, the iPhone has the best after-sale service for its customers

The above-listed reasons are only the big fishes of the sea; there are many more reasons why to buy an iPhone. iPhone revolves around continuous improvement and drive for perfection, which has made the iPhone worth its price.

What is the cost of an iPhone in India?

The simple answer is “a fortune.” As India is a developing nation, the per capita income of Indian households is low. Since the entire technology and hardware are imported for other countries, the iPhone doesn’t come cheap for Indians. Whenever an iPhone is released, it appears at the top of the list of most expensive phones in India. The only competitors to Apple INC phones are Google Pixel and Samsung S series in terms of cost as per the financial expert, you can spend 5-10% of your annual income on buying personal items and gadgets. 

Therefore, only 8% of Indians have the economic feasibility to buy an iPhone approximately costing 70k. The percentage further reduces with a better variant. Most Indians who buy iPhone either compromise with other expenses or they buy an outdated model which barely serves their needs. But there is a smart section of people in India who buy refurbished iPhones, which fulfills their wishes without compromising on necessary expenses. Yes, refurbished iPhone in India is something you should look if you want to have an iPhone

What is a refurbished iPhone?

A refurbished or reconditioned phone is one that was previously owned by someone first and then possibly had its casing changed, a new battery fitted and made sure is working correctly then re-sold in an original box with accessories such as headset and charger. These types of mobile phones are usually sold by actually established businesses online that specifically buy-in and then sell on mobile phones in a refurbished condition at a fixed price that’s set a little higher than say a pre-owned mobile phone that’s just sold as it is. So, there’s a difference, and it depends on your preference.

You can generally find both second-hand iPhones and refurbished iPhones online. If you want to know the difference between second-hand iPhone and refurbished iPhone Click Here.

For instance, Cashify is a reseller that buys a second-hand iPhone and makes the necessary modifications to it. Then it sells a refurbished phone at a fixed price as per its condition. So, there you can often get a great deal. You may pay a little more for a refurbished mobile phone, but then usually the dealer will also throw in some month’s warranty for you in case any problems are found.

Why buy a refurbished iPhone in India?

Buy Cheap, Used, Refurbished, Second Hand iPhone in India.

Buying a used or refurbished iPhone is an art these days. Some people have it tapped and know how to go about buying second hand refurbished iPhones for cheap and save lots of money over time. For many people, there is no need to get the latest and greatest iPhone as soon as it’s released. For starters, the prices on the new iPhone these days are Astro-phenomenal, and they don’t always get released in certain countries immediately the same as others due to country restrictions.

Later on, however, as the months passed and the first set of owners began to upgrade to even newer models. Eventually, they turn to sell off or trade back in their original mobile phone handset. Either back to their contract provider or by selling it online through a classified ad or instant selling portals like Cashify or Budli.

Why buying an old refurbished iPhone instead of the new one a masterstroke?

This is all reasonably well-known stuff. The new phone works better than the old one. But it’s then that people who couldn’t afford to buy a brand-new iPhone or payout up to 100k over the course of 12 months on a mobile phone bill. The means just don’t justify the ends. It doesn’t make sense to do this if you can’t afford to, but it’s good to be able to get hold of these types of newer more sophisticated mobile phones that are more able to perform the tasks that are demanded of iPhones these days only at a much more affordable and cheaper price.

So, buying an old iPhone in a refurbished manner will mean you’ll be able to get a good spec and as good as a new working order mobile phone handset at a much lower price. And if you buy from an authorized seller or then you’ll be able to get a warranty as well. There are many people and businesses online that are looking for buyers to take their mobile phones off them. Many websites allow you to sell mobile phones and buy used, second hand or refurbished or reconditioned iPhones. Out of all these, purchasing a refurbished iPhone in India is the best option.

Which is the best refurbished iPhone model to buy In India?

This is a tricky question as the answer may differ as per your needs, budget, and availability.  The most important thing that you should keep in mind before buying a refurbished iPhone is compatibility. You must know your needs. If you are buying an iPhone just for the general-purpose,you might buy an excellent condition but an older model of iPhone. But if you are purchasing a refurbished iPhone for gaming and camera purposes, you should buy a later model and top variant even if you have to compromise a bit with the condition.

If you consider buying a refurbished iPhone online in India, here are some best models. You can choose the variant as per your need

  • Refurbished iPhone 7
  • Refurbished iPhone 7plus
  • Refurbished iPhone 8
  • Refurbished iPhone X.R.
  • Refurbished iPhone 11 pro
  • Refurbished iPhone 6
  • Refurbished iPhone 6s

Special concerns to keep in mind while buying used iPhone in India

If you are purchasing second-hand goods in India, your chance of being cheated skyrockets. If you want to buy an iPhone, you must be sure that it’s genuine and will function properly. Most of the Indian customer who tries to buy second hand iPhone get cheated by two ways:

  • By purchasing a clone iPhone
  • By buying a sim locked iPhone.

Most of the locked iPhone come from countries like Japan and Qatar, where you can buy an iPhone at $0, but it has a registered sim, and until and unless the whole of EMI is paid, the phone won’t take another sim card. Sim locked iPhone is easy to detect as you can just enter your sim and make a phone call. The device will immediately get locked if there is a problem. The real trouble while buying a second-hand iPhone is to detect a clone iPhone. The primary thing that you should do while buying a refurbished iPhone is:

  • Always buy from an authorized seller
  • If you are buying from a stranger make sure you ask for the original bill and check the phone in front of him
  • Check by inserting your sim

How to Tell if an iPhone is Real or Fake:

Fake iPhones or cloned iPhones are getting harder and hard to distinguish from the real iPhone. We have people who are very curious to know the difference between a real GENUINE Apple INC iPhone and a clone or fake iPhone.

Some of the sellers are upfront that they are selling fake iPhones. But other sellers are trying to disguise the phone as genuine. Most of the sellers still put the model as “Apple INC iPhone,” so you have to read the title or listing to pick up on any clues that you may be looking at a fake iPhone.

Most common fake iPhone copies:

“Mini iPhone.”or  “iPhone Mini”·         The iPhone only comes in one size.·         These all mean they’re a clone, fake, copy, etc..
“China Version” or  “Chinese Version”
“China Edition”or  “Chinese Edition”
“China Copy”or  “Chinese Copy”
“China Made”or  “Chinese Made”
“China Model”or  “Chinese Model”
“China Phone” or  “Chinese Phone”
“China Copy”or  “Chinese Copy”
Most common fake iPhone “Brands” or fake iPhone “Models”:
  • CECT
  • C-iPhone aka CiPhone
  • H-iPhone aka HiPhone
  • M-iPhone aka MiPhone
  • c-iPhone aka SCiPhone
  • CT1  /  i68  /  i9  /  i93  /  KA08  /  KA09  /  KT1  /  SC18
Most common fake iPhone “features” the GENUINE iPhone DOES NOT have:
  • Stylus
  • FM Radio
  • Web T.V.
  • Expandable Memory: The original iPhone’s memory is NOT expandable
  • Dual Sim card slots aka 2 Sim
  • “Factory” Unlocked or Jailbroken: Apple INC would be crazy to lose this kind of revenue.
  • Extra Battery: The original only comes with one internal battery that cannot be easily replaced.
What is the best website to buy a refurbished iPhone in India?

Buying a refurbished iPhone online in India is very easy, but choosing a seller isn’t. There are multiple vendors on the internet, with every one of them having their drawbacks and advantages. Here is a list of the most trusted and best refurbished iPhone seller in India:


2gud is a division of Flipkart that deals in refurbished and used phones and gadgets. It is one of India’s most trusted sites to buy refurbished iPhones. It sells pre-owned, refurbished, and open-box iPhones at a very reasonable cost.it provides grading such as

  • Unboxed- like new
  • Refurbished-superb
  • Refurbished-Very good
  • Refurbished-Good
  • Refurbished-okay

It gives additional privileges like ten days of replacement and a 12-month warranty. It is one of the best refurbished and used phone selling portals.

Amazon Renewed:

This is the competitor to 2gud and sells pre owned and refurbished phones, laptops, and gadgets. Various sellers list their refurbished iPhones on amazon for sale.  Amazon renewed also provides a replacement and refund policy for 90 days. thought the sellers are not Apple INC certified but they are amazon qualified and deliver quality refurbished iPhone


This is the largest buyer of used phones in India. It is also one of the largest sellers of refurbished iPhones in India. Since it refurbishes the bought phone and sells it, it offers prices a bit lower than other websites. Also, you can buy anywhere from India as Cashify delivers all over India.it as more comfortable to know the condition as it has three quality grades:

  • Open-box
  • Excellent
  • Good

Besides, it also offers a 6-month free repair warranty and seven days replacement policy on manufacturing defects.

Besides these, there are many other portals to buy an online refurbished iPhone in India like Yaantra, Budli, Instacash, etc. you can buy refurbished iPhone only from any of the website as per your need but make sure you read the replacement policy, warranty term, and condition and grading system.

How to compare deals on refurbished iPhones?

If you want to compare deals on different refurbished iPhones, you have to find a similar variant and condition of the iPhone on various websites and then see the difference in prices and services. This is a very time taking and cumbersome task. Mobiru India helps to compare the refurbished phone sold across the different platforms in a few clicks. First, you should enter the model and variant and then list off all refurbished iPhones sold across different websites that appear on the screen with prices. It’s easy to use and handy if you want to buy a cheap refurbished iPhone in India.


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