Are you planning to buy a refurbished Samsung phone? While you can get them from any e-commerce platform selling tech devices or mobile reseller stores, there are a few things you need to know about them. 

Over the last two years, we have seen a surge in demand for refurbished phones. We have also observed a severe price hike in Samsung premium phones. A couple of years back, Samsung phones belonged to one of the most affordable options. But now, as they compete with Apple iPhone, the latest Galaxy phones can cost you a fortune. Clearly, you would like to get yourself a refurbished smartphone with all the latest features. But are you making a wise purchase? Are all renewed Samsung mobiles safe to buy?

Here in this blog, we will discuss where you can get a good quality Samsung Galaxy refurbished phone to ensure you had the best deal.

What do you understand by Samsung Refurbished phones?

Like any other refurbished smartphone, Samsung refurbished mobiles are pre-owned mobiles that have undergone series of repairs and testing to ensure they are resold in the market in mint or near-mint condition. 

These smartphones are available in the market in three categories, based on their level of refurbishing. The “Grade A” refurbished models are the ones that have minimal pre-use and arrive in untrodden condition. The “Grade B” and “Grade C” models are devices that have a few scratches and requires software repairing, respectively. So, when you plan to buy a refurbished phone, it is good to look for these refurbishing certificates. 

How are Samsung Certified Pre-owned phones different from used phones?

A general confusion persists amongst buyers regarding refurbished mobiles and used phones. The confusion further heightens when they come across the Samsung “pre-owned” phones. Of course, the Samsung “pre-owned” mobiles are used phones that get refurbished to function as new. But, unlike used phones, you cannot avail of a certified Samsung pre-owned phone from any individual owner or retailer store. 

A certified Samsung pre-owned phone undergoes rigorous repair work and testing to ensure it performs like a brand-new device. But a used phone is never repaired. When you buy a used phone from an owner, they sell you the mobiles with no repair work, which means their device can perform slow or troubleshoot after a few days of use.

Samsung, like Apple, have their specialized mechanics to undertake the refurbishing process. There are three main features of a certified Samsung pre-owned phone-

  • All refurbished phones procured directly from Samsung come with a 12-month warranty card from the manufacturer like new ones.
  • Each renewed Samsung smartphone comes in a new box with a new set of accessories and a charger worth Rs. 4,000/- approximately.
  • Samsung engineers work on the pre-owned phones to remanufacture them back to their original form.

Where can you buy refurbished Samsung mobiles from?

Do you want to buy refurbished Samsung mobile phones? Like said before, you can get it from any retail shop authorized to sell refurbished phones or e-commerce platforms that offer a certificate of refurbishing. 

Our top picks for the day for refurbished Samsung devices would be-

  1. Mobiru – the e-commerce that indulges in refurbished phones only.
  2. Amazon – the new platform, “Amazon Renewed,” features the best quality refurbished phones in the market.
  3. eBay – this is a platform where you need to buy cautiously and check for certificates.
  4. Decluttr – it is the platform that offers you a 12-month warranty and 14-days money-back-guarantee on your refurbished mobile orders. Samsung needs to undertake their 70-step “Phone Check” or performance testing to get listed in their refurbished phones list.

While there are plenty of options online for buying Samsung refurbished mobiles, we recommend buying them directly from Samsung. No other platform will offer you refurbishing with original Samsung parts and the expertise of Samsung engineers.

Why should you buy Samsung refurbished phones from Samsung?

Before you go ahead and buy a renewed Samsung phone from any e-commerce platform, understand why Samsung certified pre-owned mobiles are the best choice.

  1. Firstly, each of the Samsung certified pre-owned mobiles undergoes a “top-down” detailed inspection for its performance and cosmetic appearance. The engineers who manufactured the original or new mobiles do this inspection before repairing and labelling them for relaunching.
  2. As mentioned before, all Samsung certified pre-owned mobiles come with a 12-month warranty.
  3. Each of the mobiles refurbished by Samsung undergoes 400 extensive testing by the Samsung engineers. All the parts of the mobiles are taken apart, testing for functioning, and replaced with original Samsung parts wherever necessary before getting reassembled into a refurbished mobile. 
  4. Every pack of refurbished phones by Samsung has a new charger and accessories included in the box.
  5. Samsung supports a Green movement. They provide you with a renewed phone with the latest technology refurbishing that reduces waste.


Refurbished mobiles are available in abundance. But if you want to buy a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, the best place to look for is under the Samsung certified pre-owned section on the Samsung website. They offer the best value for money with their warranty, a new set of accessories, and well-tested devices. 


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