Selling Phone at the best price is a deal we all want. Before selling your Phone on the Instant Selling Portals, make sure you get the best deal available in India.

If you want to buy a new phone, it’s easy whether to purchase offline or online. First, you determine your budget, then you go to the web, search for all the available smartphones in your budget. You shortlist a few smartphones and compare the specs and choose one. There are multiple websites available on the internet which will fetch the best price. That’s pretty easy. Mostly amazon and Flipkart provide the best deal on smartphones. You can also buy offline after you select the model. The process of buying a phone is simple and straightforward while selling Phone isn’t.

Selling phones isn’t a well-established market in India. Though selling and buying second-hand goods has existed in India for centuries, online trading of second-hand phones is new for the Indian market. Many startups in India have established themselves as the instant buying portal for smartphones and gadgets. The life of an average smartphone is 1-2 year after that every user wants to get rid of it. The best way is to sell your old cell phone for cash and get a new one. You can also exchange your Phone on Flipkart and amazon while buying a new one, but it has some drawbacks. Let’s talk about selling your Phone for cash

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Have you decided to sell your old mobile phone? (Click on the links for details, Pros, and cons)

1. Sell your Phone on auction sites

2. Selling smartphone by word of mouth

3. By advertising on advertisement sites

4. On Instant Selling Web Portals

Among these Instant Selling Portals, are the best in today’s conditions. These portals are fast, safe, reliable, and offer excellent value in a matter of a few clicks. There are multiple selling websites in India, like Cashify, Budli, Instacash, and Yaantra. All of these portals have their own pros and cons. How to choose which one is the best?

Which is the best portal to sell my phone?

Most of the people got for the website that pays more, but that should not be the only factor that you should keep in mind. The most important thing that you should know about instant selling portals is there is a difference between value and effective value. When you sign in and feed the specs such as device model, variant, and purchase date, the website/app shows you the amount that you can get for your Phone. When the technician comes at your doorstep to pick up, he will check the condition of the Phone. The actual price will decrease in most cases, depending on the situation. If you don’t have the original charger, data cable, box, or the purchase invoice or the condition is not the same you mentioned on the portal, the further price dips. The actual price that the company pays to you is called Effective value.

Also, the things that should be kept in mind is the doorstep pickup and payment time. The quicker, the better it is—all these portals transfer funds to your bank account within seven days. Cashify is the fastest as it has a payout within 24 hrs. of pickup. Also, if you want to purchase a new phone, these websites give the option of receiving payment via gift vouchers of various online and offline stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Croma, etc. These gift vouchers are of an upscaled amount than the actual cash payout.

Before buying, you should always check the value offered by all the websites. This is a cumbersome task as you have to log in and feed the details on many sites. This may take the precious time of yours, but there is a shortcut. could fetch the offered value from multiple websites, and you can choose the best option. This reduces a lot of effort and saves time. It’s effortless; when you enter the details such as model and variant of the used phone you want to sell then, the list of different portals with their respective prices appear on the screen from where you can choose the best one.


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