COVID-19 Timeline:

COVID-19 or Coronavirus has infected millions and has claimed the lives of hundred thousand of life by now and still counting. First recorded in Wuhan city of China, it has spread all over the world within a matter of weeks. COVID-19 outbreak is one of the most dangerous global pandemics since the 1920’s Spanish flu. COVID-19 it highly contagious and communicated mostly through body fluids.

India has been on complete lockdown since 22 March. The world economy has seen the most significant dip in the curve since the great recession. The virus has shown the limitations of modern medicine. COVID-19 has affected Italy, Spain, the USA, and China the most.

Here is a brief timeline of the COVID-19 outbreak:

25 December 2019: A hospital in Wuhan receives two patients with the severe acute respiratory syndrome. The health personnel couldn’t identify the mystery virus.

3 January 2020:                The number of cases increases to 59. Around 40 of them have visited Wuhan market of China.

9 January 2020:                First death of a 61 yr. old woman reported by the Chinese health department infected from COVID-19.

10 January 2020:             Chinese heath official reports possibility human to human transfer of the virus.

13 January 2020:              The first case is seen in Thailand with a similar syndrome…

14 January 2020:              WHO acknowledges the COVID-19 virus and Is human to human transmission.

16 January 2020:              Second death reported.

17 January 2020:              Thailand reports second confirmed case.

19 January 2020: First   confirmed case is registered in China outside the Wuhan province.

20 January 2020:              Two health officials are found infected with the virus confirming human to human transmission of the virus. USA reports its first COVID-19 infection.

21 January 2020:              300 confirmed cases and 6 deaths.

22 January 2020:              Macau and Hongkong reports confirmed cases.

30 January 2020:              India reports the first case of COVID-19 infection in Kerala.

31January 2020:              The number of infected people reaches around 12000 globally.

11 March 2020:                WHO declares COVID-19 as pandemic.

12 March 2020:                India reports the first death.

15 March 2020:                India reaches its first 100 cases.

28 March 2020: USA reports more than 100000 confirmed cases.

30 March 2020:                India cross 1000 infections mark.

3 April 2020: Total cases around the world surpass million mark.

5 April 2020:                     Total deaths toll due to COVID-19 has crossed 100.

10 April 2020:                   Global Death toll surpass 100000.

COVID-19 has been one of the most contagious diseases of all time. The most affected people are those with old age, low immunity, and lungs problem. It will take a few more months to develop the vaccine for this. COVID-19 has already collapsed the global economy which will take months to recover

The other side of COVID-19

This is not good as the world mourns for the death of thousands of people and struggle for healing millions. There is no good done by COVID-19 pandemic, but there is something to cheer up due to lockdown. Besides the fact that the lockdown due to COVID-19 has collapsed the world economy and has severely hit the lower- and middle-class families, there is a slight positive side to it as well.

This lockdown has provided some free time for the employees though it’s not during very favorable circumstances. Most of the employees around the globe didn’t have a good time with family in years. Besides, this  lockdown have also promoteed the Work-from-home culture which is not tested before

The Air Quality:

Probably the most significant health emergency for India before COVID-19 was the rocket-high AQI of cities in India. The breathing air of metro cities of India was as dangerous as COVID-19 but had long term effects. Hence, its ignored. For example, a few months ago, the AQI of Delhi has reached 1200+ in some areas, whereas a mark above 50 points indicates health concern. During the lock down Delhi witnesses, an AQI of average 100 points during the 21-days lock down, which is the cleanest air Delhiites are breathing in decades.

Clean breathing air and some free time from shouldn’t come at the cost of an economic collapse and hundreds of thousands of deaths, but this only indicates that even the worst have something positive in it.

The Water Quality:   

The industries and factories around India are closed during this lockdown due to which there is significant deduction in industry waste. Since the rivers have seen deduction of industrial waste which used to be dumped in rivers there is a sharp deduction in pollution in major rivers of India. 

The pollution level of Yamuna has come down to Yamuna has come down to 310MPN from 1300MPN. Not only Yamuna but the pollution levels of Ganga, Godavari and Narmada have also seen low pollution levels. 


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