Do Refurbished Phones Come With Scratches?

Refurbished phones are always an attractive option. They’re cheaper, perform well, and allow you to get your dream phone. While they are a great option, there still remains a stigma surrounding refurbished mobiles. Like second-hand mobiles, refurbished phones are looked down upon because they’ve been used before. Some of the most common issues against refurbished and used phones are that another person has used them. 

Why Are Refurbished Phones Looked Down On?

Often, people are concerned about the condition of the phone. The phone may look to be in great condition, but one can never know. The previous owner may have handled it in a bad manner or made cheap repairs. So after buying the phone, it might just fall apart. 

There’s also a worry about data. Phones contain very sensitive data. Practically our whole lives are recorded on our mobiles, so to have somebody else’s can be scary. There’s always the threat of unknown viruses, bugs, data from the previous owner still remaining on the phone. Previous data on the phone reduces the memory capacity of the phone, leaving you less to work with. 

The last worry is the outer condition of the phone. The existing picture of refurbished and second hand mobile is that of a scratched up, broken one. People believe that there will be a lot of damage to the exterior, which makes it look old and broken. Nobody likes a broken phone. It also means additional expenses to get the screen fixed and deal with other damage. 

But Do Refurbished Phones Come With Scratches?

The honest answer is, yes. Some refurbished phones do come with scratches. Some are hardly noticeable; others are extremely visible. The presence of scratches depends on two major factors: 

Depends on the Price: The price is a major factor in the condition of your refurbished phone. To simplify it, the higher the price, the better the condition of the refurbished phone. While a refurbished mobile will still be cheaper than a new model, there are price differences between them. A refurbished iPhone 7 with more visible scratches is going to be cheaper. However, there should be no difference in the quality of performance. 

Depends on the Retailer: No two retailers will have the same quality of products. This isn’t to say that you won’t find quality products on the market, rather that there’s a lot to sort through. Some retailers can have a refurbished OnePlus 7 with barely any scratches, but another might have a similar phone with a lot more scratches and bodily damage. Depending on who you’re buying from, the condition of the phone differs. 

How to Find Refurbished Phones With The Least Scratches

There are a few steps you can take to make sure you get the best-refurbished phone: 

  • Read Descriptions: Make sure you take the time to read the description of the phone you’re looking to buy. For example, if you’re looking to buy a refurbished Samsung phone, choose the model you like best on the website and read the description of the product. A good description from a reliable website should have details about the scratches, software, corrections made, and overall quality. 
  • Look at Pictures: Taking the previous example, make sure to look at the pictures carefully. A reliable website will show you any scratches or bodily damage that the phone has encountered. Based on this, you can judge whether you want to buy it. 
  • Sort through retailers: It must be obvious, but you need to sort through a lot of options. The first option you find will not be the best. So look through your options. 
  • Go for other options: If you’re looking for a phone with a possibility of zero scratches, you’d be better off looking at unboxed phones. These are more expensive than refurbished phones but will probably have no scratches on them. 

If you’re not willing to sort through hundreds of listings to find the phone with the least scratches, you can always use Mobiru. It helps you see all the different types of refurbished phones available from the most reliable websites. You can check for scratches, compare the quality of refurbishment, and get the best deal on your refurbished phone! You can also use the website to find out more about refurbished phones and how to buy them here!

Happy shopping!