If you are a gadget lover and you want to be up to date with your mobile phone, getting a new phone entirely out of your pocket is neither economical nor fruitful. The best option is to get a new phone by paying a fraction of it with cash and the other one with your old phone. There are two ways a reasonable value can be extracted from the old phone – exchanging an old phones or selling an old phones.  

The Indian smartphone market has seen extensive growth since  Reliance Jio  has provided  India with almost free internet. The primary target of the smartphone industry and eCommerce giants in India has been to make smartphones affordable to every  Indian. As a part of their mission, the vendors have introduced multiple modes of payments such as Cardless EMI, Pay later, EMI on debit cards, and so on. This has eased the customers to procure smartphones without pushing their budget. The mobile segment of  eCommerce vendors like Flipkart and Amazon is profitable than ever.   

One of the major problems that Indian customers faced while buying a new smartphone was what to do with their old ones. Many consumers are discouraged from buying a new phone as they have old ones working. Some entrepreneurs saw this as potential business and brought up win-win  business strategies.  The first one is exchanging your phone on the eCommerce website while buying a new phone, and the other one is selling your phone for cash to a vendor. A confused consumer looks up to both the ways to get the larger piece of cake.  

Exchanging your phone on with a vendor is a very new concept in the Indian market. A vendor negotiates with an eCommerce giant and sets a base price for different models. Now the eCommerce vendors will list the price for an exchange on their website as per their business policy. While buying a new phone, the consumer is given an option ”Buy with Exchange”. If a customer opts for this,  he is given a list to select their device brand and model which they want to be exchanged.  

After this, the website will show the exchangeable value, which will be reduced from the actual cost of the new phone. After you purchase the new phone a delivery guy  will come to your address, check the phone for damages, take the old phone and hand you over the new phone. It’s quite an easy and straightforward process. The phone that you are exchanging should be in working condition without any dents, significant scratches or damage. This is the most viable option for people who want to buy a new phone online and want to get a good value for an old phone without much hassle. The price it offers doesn’t depend on how old or used your phone is but on which model you are exchanging and which model you are buying. As per the reviews and people’s word, it offers you a reasonable price if you are exchanging brands like Samsung, Huawei and Apple while offers very low for MI, ASUS, RealMe, etc. also it offers you a relatively higher exchange value if the phone you are buying is a premium phone. For example, if you want to exchange a phone on Flipkart, it offers you a higher exchange value if you buy a 35k phone than it offers you when you buy a 15k phone. The exchange value changes as per the premium amount you are ready to pay on your new phone. Besides these, this exchange offer is not an option for people who are not buying a new phone but still they want to cash-in.  

Selling your phone is an ancient method. Selling second-hand phones to any retailer, friends, and colleagues has been a tradition in Indian for ages. The new thing that the entrepreneurs have introduced in the market is selling your phone online without directly selling it to the buyer. Selling your phone offline or online via OLX and Quickr is not very  feasible because you can’t immediately find a potential buyer. Besides, it includes problems like blame games for getting the wrong product. 

The latest method of selling your second-hand phone is to sell it on vendors like Cashify, Budli, Moswap, etc. these have a pretty relaxed and hassle-free method of getting cash for your phone. You have to go to their website to select your device’s brand, model, and condition. A technician visits your house for the phone inspection, and once done, the quoted amount gets transferred to your bank account within 24 hours. Purchase invoice, original box, and accessories are asked, and if you don’t have it, the payable amount is reduced by a few hundred bucks. These companies sell these phones to another vendor who refurbishes it and sells it. The phone should be in working condition without significant damages or cracks. The price offered by the website depends on the model as well as the condition of the phone. Selling phones is better for those who do want to buy a new phone offline in the market. As eCommerce websites like Flipkart sell refurbished phones but don’t provide you with an exchange facility, selling your phone to buy a refurbished smartphone proves to be a Bhramastra. Besides this even if you don’t want to buy a phone at all and you have an old phone you can sell it for cash.  

Which one is better?  

Probably the answer which you are looking for is not very straight forward. The better one depends upon circumstances. We have listed conditions where you can sell your phone or exchange your phone. But the real question is when you want to get a new phone by getting a good value for your old phone. We recommend you to check both the portals for better deals. As per the reviews and word, if you have a brand like Apple or  Samsung and you want to buy a premium phone, people have recommended that you directly exchange it on an eCommerce website for your new phone. But if you have a medium-range phone, you can get better value for your phone if you sell it on Cashify  as they offer you value as per the condition, which is not the case with  Flipkart and Amazon. In Flipkart and Amazon, prices are not based on the condition. Therefore, the better one depends on your requirements and circumstances. 


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