Guide to Pick the Best Personalised Smartphone

Are you reading this article on a smartphone? If the answer is yes, you need to take a closer look at the mobile phone you have chosen for yourself. Is it the perfect fit for you? A lot of us don’t consider our needs when buying a smartphone. We look at the latest phone on the market or the one most readily available. We don’t take the time to understand the impact our smartphone can have on our daily lives.

We live our lives on our smartphones. We use it for our work, our personal lives, to get food, to buy clothes, to store photographs, and more. Our phones have become an integral part of our lives, to the point that we can’t leave our houses without them. When a device is this important in your daily life, it is essential to make sure that you have a smartphone that works with you and fits your life requirements. 

For the very purpose of helping you find the perfect phone for you, we have set up a handy guide. Depending on which category you fit, we have selected a few great options for you to consider!  


If you’re an avid gamer, you’re going to need certain things from your smartphone. The cheapest option is not going to work for you. Some of the basic features you’re going to require are a large and good quality display, great battery life, and performance. You need to have a phone you can play on, but one that will be able to run smoothly. 

Asus ROG Phone II: Asus is known to provide electronics for gamers. This phone is no exception. It is aimed and meant for gamers and gaming. With a brilliant AMOLED display, your game will run with no interruptions. The phone’s overclocking abilities are unmatched, but this doesn’t hurt the phone’s everyday performance. The phone is equipped with cooling systems to make sure your phone runs with no issues during your game and makes overclocking safe. The unique part of this phone is the ‘ultrasonic’ air triggers on the phone’s sides. These are equivalent to the bumpers on a PS4 controller, to provide a more traditional feel to gaming. It is priced at 39,999.

iPhone 11 Pro: While not aimed at gamers specifically, nobody can deny the quality of an Apple iPhone. The iPhone 11 Pro comes with better battery life and a beautiful 5.8-inch OLED display. If you’re looking for something that will appeal to both your gamer life and is great for everyday use, this may be the phone for you. This phone is a little pricier at 1,06,600.

OnePlus 8 Pro: With its large screen, beautiful display, and brilliant battery life, the OnePlus 8 is a great buy. Like with its predecessor, you can access ‘Fnatic Mode’ which allows you to immerse yourself into the game with no interruptions. The phone has no problems running any game you’d want to play, barely breaking a sweat while providing beautiful graphics and performance. While not as expensive as the other two, it is still priced at 54,999.


Whether you’re an aspiring photographer with an Instagram theme to keep up or somebody professional, you’re going to need a brilliant camera on your phone. These are our picks for the best camera phones for photographers: 

iPhone 11 Pro: Apple iPhones have always been at the top of their game when it comes to camera quality. The iPhone 11 Pro does not disappoint. The phone has a 12+12+12 megapixel rear camera and a 12-megapixel front camera. Could you ask for more? As mentioned before, this phone is a little pricey at 1,06,600.

Samsung Galaxy S20+: Not one to be outdone, Samsung has come out with a phone that boasts 108MP, 100x zoom, and 8K video. While the telefocus photos leave a lot to be desired, just like the battery life, it can’t be denied that this is a beautiful camera. Like the iPhone, this is priced restrictively at 87,999.

Huawei P40 Pro: With three cameras (50MP, 40MP, and 12MP), 50x zoom, and beautiful video, this phone will come as a boon to most content creators. Although incomparable to an actual camera photo, the pictures are ridiculously expensive. If you can deal with the lack of Google on the handset, then you’ll be happy with the camera quality and look of the phone. Huawei is excellent with its hardware, and you can expect the phone to perform with its price tag of 1,17,490. The launch of this phone has been pushed to July 19th, 2020. 


As a student, the cheapest smartphone might be your first choice. While the budget is a vital aspect to keep in mind while buying a phone, it shouldn’t be your only filter. There are lots of phones coming out, keeping in mind students and budgetary issues. As a student, you need a phone in your budget, good quality, and good battery life. Depending on your usage, you’ll need a phone that has a phone that works smoothly with the amount you use it. Here are our choices: 

Redmi 8: This is the phone to reach for if you’re looking for a smartphone under 10k. With a large display, brilliant battery life, and a nice camera, this phone has it all. Did we mention the battery life? The phone boasts a 5000mAh battery, which is its unique selling point. It starts at 7,999.

OnePlus 7: This phone is slightly more expensive than our previous recommendation; however, it is worth its price. The OnePlus 7, like its predecessors, comes with a beautiful, large AMOLED display. It also comes with great battery life, immersive gaming experience, smooth performance, and a great camera. This is a phone that will perform its best for you at all times, and make its price tag of 34,999 worth it.

iPhone 11: This might seem like an absurd suggestion for a student; however, if you have the money, you might as well. The iPhone 11 is a smooth running phone with a great display and brilliant camera. It is easy to connect the phone to other devices to transfer information seamlessly. However, it does have a notorious reputation for bad battery life. If this phone does appeal to you, it comes with a price tag of 68,300.


If you’re a business person, you’re going to have different needs for your phone. Whether it’s your only phone or just your work phone, you need something new. Not only are you going to need security but also a large display to be able to read documents and work efficiently without lagging. Here are our choices: 

iPhone 11 Max: When you’re looking at portability and privacy, the iPhone 11 Max is a great phone. Even with its large screen size, it still remains sleek and portable. It is excellent on the eyes, and the display leaves nothing to the imagination. Apple’s privacy may not be the best in the market, but it does the job. The portability and privacy come at a pretty hefty price of 1,17,100.

Galaxy S9: This may seem like an odd option, hear us out. The larger Samsung Note options might just be a little too bulky for you. The S9 gives you all the features of its bigger brothers, but none of the bulk. It supports Samsung DeX and has excellent battery life as well. To top it off, the price tag of 24,999 is easier on the pocket.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+: Hear us out, this phone might be the one for you. The Note 10+ comes with a large, luxurious screen to scroll through documents, spreadsheets, social media, and whatnot. It also comes with the S Pen for added ease and a large battery. The only downfall of this phone is its bulk. You might not be able to carry it in your pocket like its predecessor. For these ease of use, it is priced at 84,200.


If you’re constantly on social media, you’re going to need the perfect smartphone for you. You will need a brilliant camera, but a phone with good battery life and performance. You’re going to be running a lot of social media apps at once, and your phone needs to be able to handle the data-heavy apps. 

Here are our top choices:

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+: This is a phone made for social media. The smartphone comes with three camera sensors, an ‘Instagram mode’ that will allow you to post directly to your Instagram after editing, a ‘Super Steady AI which makes sure your videos aren’t shaky, and a pre-installed video editor. Not only that, but you also have a large 6.8-inch display and just as large battery, making sure you never miss the opportunity to share. All of this comes with a price tag of 84,200.

OnePlus 7 Pro: OnePlus is constantly supplying stellar quality phones. With the OnePlus 7 Pro, they’ve upped the camera quality as well. The phone was one of the first to have three cameras and has a 3x zoom that actually works. It takes beautiful low light pictures as well. Its large display and superb quality mean that your experience on the phone is stellar. Not only that, but the phone allows you to do something known as rooting. This gives you complete control over your social media apps. Not only this, but it can handle several data-heavy apps at once without a single issue with performance. You can get all this at a price of 42,999.

iPhone 11 Pro: iPhones will always be the choice of smartphone for the American social media influencers. This isn’t just a statement but is a choice born from necessity. The iPhone 11 Pro doesn’t just come with a gorgeous camera to take stunning pictures but runs your Snapchat camera even better than an android ever could. All your social media apps run better, the display is beautiful, the camera is stellar, and they have improved the battery life! This being said, the phone does come with a hefty price tag of 1,06,600.

What are your other options?

We often get carried away with the thought of buying a new smartphone. This is understandable, new phones are great! They’re shiny, fresh, and, most importantly, all yours. It is also seen as a status symbol. Having a new phone and an expensive phone is something to brag about. This need for new can be very damaging. 

They are very expensive, and they’re not going to stop being expensive. Smartphones are becoming ridiculously pricey to the point where a lot of us cannot afford them anymore. This becomes a problem when we need to replace our old phone or simply require another one. Not only this, but each time we throw away our old phone, we are generating a lot of e-waste. If not disposed of in the right manner, this can have horrible consequences for our environment. 

There is an alternative; you can buy a refurbished phone

Refurbished phones are those that have been previously used and have now been repaired and resold. These phones are put through rigorous testing and trials to make sure they work like new phones. The only difference between a refurbished phone and a new phone might be a few small scratches on the phone’s body. 

The phones are not always used; they might be returned to the retailer unused or be the display models kept in showrooms. Wherever they come from, they are tested and fixed up to be in the best working condition. 

Advantages of Refurbished Phones:

Refurbished phones are an excellent option for two very specific reasons. 

  1. Price Point: Refurbished mobiles are much cheaper than a new smartphone. They cannot be marked more than 75% of the original price. So, you’ll get a refurbished iPhone for an unbeatable low cost, with a warranty, possibly accessories, and a guarantee that it works like new!
  2. Environmentally Friendly: If you don’t want to contribute to e-waste, this is a great option. You’re using a recycled product that reduces that works like new. What could be better than that!

If you’re looking to buy any of the phones we have mentioned above but find it too expensive, refurbished phones are an excellent option for you. As mentioned, they work just like a new phone, so you don’t have to worry about longevity or any issues cropping up. Mobiru India prides itself on providing a large selection of refurbished mobiles and retailers for you to choose from. You can not only compare the different deals on refurbished phones but the quality and warranty you’ll be receiving. 

You don’t need to give up on having the best; there are always other options. So, the time has come to pick the best personalised smartphone for you!