How to Maximise your iPhone Battery Life

Any iPhone user will know the struggle with battery life. Like every phone, it has the ability to shut down right when we need it most. It has become imperative to carry your charger wherever you go or at least a battery backup! What if there were some ways to maximize your iPhone’s battery life?

How do you check iPhone Battery Health?

The main reason your battery life may be deteriorating rapidly is because of your battery health. Confused? We’re here to help. Your iPhone’s battery life is the percentage you see in the top right corner of your screen. It is what determines that amount of time you can use your phone in a day. 

Battery health, on the other hand, is the lifespan of your battery. Batteries, like the iPhone battery ones, do not live forever. They, too, deteriorate with time and usage. After a while, they can’t perform the same way they used to. Battery health determines the battery capacity. For example, if your iPhone is at 80% battery health, your battery’s maximum capability is 80%. Apple has helpfully provided a way to check the battery health on your iPhone. By opening Settings > Battery > Battery Health. 

Why does battery health on iPhone reduce?

The battery health of your iPhone will decrease with age. The batteries are meant to last you up to 500 charging cycles, or roughly two years. Once your iPhone hits this mark, it is going to change considerably. You’ll see battery life decrease as well as the performance of your phone. There are other factors affecting battery health: 

  • The temperature of your device and environment.
  • Number of Charging cycles
  •  Fast charging your iPhone generates heat, which will slowly decrease your battery health. 
  • Letting your iPhone get to 0% too many times.
  • Charging your phone to 100% at each cycle. 

What does it mean?

So what do these several levels mean? Ideally, your iPhone’s battery health is not supposed to dip below 80%. However, it is not a cause for concern if your battery health is lower than 100%. Your iPhone will tell you when your battery health is critical by throwing up a message like this: 

It will notify you when your battery needs to be serviced with a notification like this: 

How to maintain iPhone Battery Health: 

Maintaining your iPhone’s battery health is key to maximizing your iPhone battery life. If your battery is in peak condition, it will perform in such a manner. Therefore, there are a few steps that you can take to ensure better iPhone Battery health: 

  1. Enable optimized battery charging: Optimized battery charging tracks your charging cycles. If you are leaving your phone to charge overnight, it will charge your iPhone to 80% and then charge the remaining 20% when it thinks you’re going to wake up. You can enable this feature by going to Settings > Battery > Battery Health and enable the feature. 
  2. Keep your temperatures stable: iPhone’s are designed not to heat up even if you leave them to charge too long. This is to make sure that your battery does not heat up or cool down too much. Keeping or using your iPhone in temperatures too high or too cold will damage battery health in the long run. 
  3. Don’t charge it and drain it too much: Your charging cycles are important. Your iPhone battery can only handle up to 500 charging cycles. You mustn’t always drain your battery to 0% or charge it to 100% every time. 
  4. Use original or compatible chargers: Most importantly, use original or compatible chargers. Fake chargers can damage your battery health and decrease your iPhone battery life. Learn more about the dangers of fake accessories here. 

How can you maximise iPhone battery life?

Maximising your battery life doesn’t take too much effort. Here are some tips to achieve the maximum potential of your iPhone battery

  1. Make sure you’ve updated your software: if your iPhone is not running on the latest iOS, it can cause battery life issues. It will drain the battery faster, and hurt your battery health in the process. 
  2. Adjust Your Screen Brightness: Putting your phone on auto-brightness will allow it to determine your environment’s best brightness, keeping in mind battery life. 
  3. Using WiFi: If you’re indoors with a WiFi connection, using it can prevent your battery from reducing. 
  4. Alternatively, turning off WiFi: Turning off WiFi, Airdrop, Bluetooth, and location means that your iPhone isn’t wasting its battery searching for connections in the background. 
  5. Don’t charge it fully: it is recommended that you don’t charge your phone to 100% each time. This reduces your iPhone battery life rendering it unable to hold on to a charge. 
  6. Reduce Auto-lock time: there is a feature called auto-lock that allows your phone to lock itself when left open for a certain time. Reducing the auto-lock time can help conserve battery. 
  7. Don’t close your apps: There is a common misconception that closing the apps on your phone completely, and not letting them run in the background allows you to conserve battery life. This is not entirely true. By all means, shut down the apps you aren’t using, however, repeatedly shutting down and reopening an app will only reduce your battery life. 
  8. Background app refresh: The above being said, apps like Facebook are always running in the background and are known to suck up a lot of power. Closing these apps and also not allowing them to run will help in the long run. By going to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and turning it off, you can prevent apps from constantly being checking for new content. 
  9. Low Power Mode: When in dire situations, low power mode will save you. Although your iPhone allows you to switch to low power mode with a single click when your battery hits 20%, you can manually turn it on. By going to Settings > Battery and turning it on. 
  10. Check battery usage: Your iPhone shows you how your battery is being used. By going to Settings > Battery > and Battery Usage, you can get a detailed breakdown of how and where you can conserve the iPhone battery life. 

While there are many tips and tricks to conserve an iPhone battery life, it is helpful to remember that your iPhone battery will deteriorate at some time. While you can do something to maximise its capacity, being mindful and responsible can be the best way to maximise your iPhone’s battery life!

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