In recent years, people have grown a fascination with refurbished mobiles over brand new launches. The major reason behind this change in buying trend would be the high prices of the newly launched smartphones. Compared to the expensive smartphones, it is obvious that people find the certified refurbished smartphones more attractive. 

Every year, top brands are launching their flagship mobiles with affordably launching prices. But if you allow some months and buy the refurbished version of these mobiles, you can save yourself a lot of money.

However, one needs to be highly cautious while buying a refurbished phone. There are several factors that you need to consider when you buy a used phone. Of course, these are not brand phones, then be prepared for dents and scratches. The refurbishing grade determines the quality of the phone. Regardless of what grade of refurbishing you get; your device will never be the exact same as the brand-new version. Also, you need to understand the difference between a refurbished and used mobile. Furthermore, one needs to know the benefits of buying renewed phones. Knowing all these factors will help you make an informed decision and buy a refurbished device for a good deal.

What are the differences between refurbished and used mobiles?

Refurbished mobile phones India sell on e-commerce platform are mostly grade certified. These are used smartphones restored and tested to ensure that they perform like a brand new one. Each of the refurbished devices you find online undergoes rigorous repair work and testing to check their quality until they perform like new mobiles. However, the term “used phones” do not apply to them. Used phones are the pre-owned mobiles you buy directly from the owner without any repair work. While a refurbished phone performs like new ones, a used phone might work slow and show rough usage signs. 

A major difference between the two is their prices. A refurbished phone might be cheaper than brand new ones, but they are more expensive than used phones since no restoration work involves the latter. In fact, a refurbished device will last longer than the used version.

One can choose between a refurbished and used mobile, based on their need to save money. If you just want a value-for-money deal, we recommend choosing renewed mobiles overused ones. But if you are very tight on your budget, then either is good.

Benefits of buying “refurbished mobiles” over “used phones.”

Are you looking for a cheap mobile with great features? Not sure if you want to buy refurbished phones or used ones? Here are a few reasons for choosing the former option-

  1. Renewed phones come with a certificate of performance as skilled engineers check their parts, replace the defective ones, and check for performance. In comparison, the performance of a used phone is never checked before selling.
  2. Authorized refurbished mobile sellers offer you a warranty for a minimum of 6-months. Owners of used phones do not offer a warranty or money-back guarantee.
  3. If you buy refurbished phones directly from the brand’s manufacturer, you will get new accessories and chargers for free in the box. A used phone owner might or might not provide you with the old accessories.
  4. Even though used phones cost lesser than restored phones, you need to pay extra for the device accessories. 

How to save money while buying a used or refurbished phone?

We already know that buying a used phone is always the cheapest deal. But you will not want to compromise the quality of the phone for less expense. Will you like to buy renewed phones and save money as well?

The best strategy to save money on restored phones is to buy online. Platforms like Mobiru, Amazon renewed, etc., offer great discounts even on renewed mobiles and have a wide array for you to check products. 

If you need to shop online and save money on restored phones, you need to follow these steps.

1. Understand what you wish to buy:

When buying online, you need to understand how used phones are different from renewed ones. Understanding the difference will give a clear understanding of the quality of mobile you plan to buy and the reason for its low price.

2. Buy from reliable platforms:

When you buy renewed phones, you save money and get good quality if you get them from a renewed platform. A trusted site like Mobiru, Craigslist, Amazon, etc., will save you from fake mobile scams.

3. Check product description: 

When you choose a renewed device, read the description to know what is included and if there are pre-mentioned flaws in the device. This will save your future expenses.

4. Check the device for functioning:

After you receive the device, ensure the mobile performs perfectly. This assures you of a good bargain. If the device is not performing fine, you can choose to return it and get your money back.


Both used and refurbished phones can help you save a lot of money, as well as the environment. However, it is wise to choose quality over money to avoid future expenses on the phone. Hence, we always recommend renewed mobiles over used ones as the best way to save money.


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