When you get a new mobile phone, you will probably have an old one which you need to sell. The most common way I can think of how to sell my mobile phone is through word of mouth. Spreading the desire to sell the phone to family and friends is considered as one of the more commonly used ways of selling stuff. When you have the right circle of friends and acquaintances, then there is no need to pay for any advertisements or to use the internet when trying to sell your mobile phone.

Out of all the various methods you could use to sell your smartphone, word of mouth is the easiest, oldest, and cheapest method available.

A few tips on how you should go about trying to sell your mobile phone by word of mouth:

  • Firstly assess the condition of your mobile phone and find out how much other people are selling theirs for.
  • Telling the people around you would be your next step. The first circle would be your family.
  • The next step would be to tell close friends and co-workers that you want to sell your mobile phone.
  • Word of mouth is a beautiful form of advertising because now that the first circle knows you have a mobile phone for sale, it would spread onto their family and friends who would then tell their family and friends and so on.
  • Be prepared to accept a lower offer for your mobile phone, because for some reason friends and family always expect a discount.
  • When you put the word out that you want to sell your mobile phone, make sure you tell the right people, because there would be no point telling your 70-year-old grandmother.

When you use word of mouth when trying to sell your mobile phone, you should always be sincere. This is because you will be dealing with people who are your friends and relatives or even your friend’s family and friends, which is why it is essential to deal with them honestly and maintain your relationship. Any dishonesty could get quite ugly, so try to keep it as professional as possible and try to avoid any misunderstandings.

You should always aim for the right kind of people. When using word of mouth to try and sell your mobile phone, you should always have a target market in mind. Students and young people are usually potential buyers when you are trying to sell your cell phone. This is because there is always somebody who is on the lookout for a different mobile phone; they get bored quickly and keep looking for something new. Always be ready to negotiate the price as the process of negotiation would give them a sense of satisfaction.

In any sale, always take care that both parties involved are satisfied.

Good Points

  • It costs you nothing to sell using word of mouth.
  • Very little can go wrong.

Bad Points

  • Sometimes you will be expected to sell your mobile phone for less than you wanted.
  • Friends and family always want a discount.
  • It could take a long time to find the right buyer.

We guess our interpretation of how you sell my mobile phone using word of mouth was easy to understand.


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