Selling your phone in a specialized instant selling portal is the most efficient and best way to sell your phone. As per the name, you will get instant cash for your phone, and you don’t have to worry about writing descriptions, meeting buyers, taking payment, or anything. This is the latest method of selling your phone. It’s fast, reliable, secure, and guaranteed.

Many companies, such as Cashify and Budli, are instant selling portals. If you want to sell your phone, just register an account with the company. The company will verify your mobile number and email id with an OTP. After this you need to choose the brand, model number and year of purchase from the dropdown list. It will ask for the condition of the phone; you need to provide the correct option from the multiple-choice answers . in a few minutes, they will show you the value of the phone you can receive. If you are satisfied with the amount, just agree. The next day a technician visits your home, verifies the smartphone with the information you filled on the website, and takes the phone. You will be transferred the mentioned amount on the same day or very next day with a letter of sale agreement on your email which acts as proof of sale. This is the safest way to sell your phone as you won’t have any future trouble regarding your sale. You have a verified buyer and proof of sale. If you don’t have a purchase invoice and original box and accessories of your mobile phone, the value will be reduced a little. This is the best way  among all to sell your phone instantly. This method requires minimum effort and knowledge. You can also take gift vouchers from Amazon or Flipkart or any other website. 

Keep these thing in mind before selling your phone to these portals:

  • Keep the details of phone ready such as details of purchase, model number and variant
  • Make the accessories of the phone available. If you don’t have all the attachments mention the same while filling in
  • If you want to purchase a new phone online, take a gift voucher instead of bank transfer as they offer a premium.
  • Don’t try to hide any problems or boast the condition as the technician will take the phone only after verifying it with the details you mentioned on the portal.


  • As simple as pulling a hot knife out of butter
  • Lighting fast as it only takes a few minutes
  • Reliable as the bank transfer instantly
  • Secured as  the buyer is registered, verified and accountable


  • You might not get the amount you expected

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