Selling your mobile phone using social media advertising can be a great idea. People are always changing their mobile phones, trying to keep up with the latest technology. This leaves one question, what happens to all of the old mobile phones? You should sell your mobile phone as a productive way of disposing of the cell phone, especially if it is in a reasonable condition, earning me some extra money in the process. There is always someone willing to buy your unwanted mobile phone. Old mobile phones sell quite quickly because people are always looking to save money when upgrading their mobile phones.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most popular social media well known to every Indian. Every Indian has an account on these portals for connecting themselves with their family and friends. But these social media, Facebook, in particular, could be used to serve a greater purpose. These could be used to connect people and their needs worldwide. There are multiple pages and groups on Facebook, which would list your phone and connect you with sellers. You can find groups and post on the phone (just like in the auction sites) you want to sell yourself, and all the members of the group see the post. This is one of the best ways to advertise and sell your phone. Besides, there are many twitter handles which could help you sell your phone.

You should follow some simple rules when using Social Media advertising to sell your mobile phone.

  • Never overprice your phone, but remember some people will like to try and negotiate a lower price.
  • Only place an advert in working groups, as you want as many as possible people to see the post.
  • Always try to post on local groups and pages as these social media do not have a systematic way of selling phones and receiving payments. Therefore you won’t be able to sell your phone to buyers from another city.
  • Try to include a picture as this will catch people’s eyes.
  • Type out your phone description briefly, covering all critical aspects.
  • Do not keep the post for too long after getting several potential buyers. Also do not post it in more than a few groups as you can receive hundreds of unwanted calls, and you would be unable to negotiate with the important ones.
  • College community groups are an excellent place to put your post as the students are always on the lookout for buying smartphones at a lesser price.
  • Always meet potential buyers in public areas and never give out your address.
  • If you are unhappy with the sales process, just walk away.
  • Remember to remove all the once your mobile phone has sold.

You should never provide any personal information when you sell your mobile phone, apart from a contact mobile number or email address. Sometimes giving out personal data could become a nuisance or even dangerous. Remember to always meet in a public place, and if you can, take a friend with you. If a potential buyer tries to negotiate a lower price, it’s up to you to either stick with the asked rate or agrees to settle. When you sell your mobile phone, you always overprice (only a little) it in the post because that way, you will still sell your mobile phone for exactly how much you want even if the potential customer decides to negotiate. Customers might not be happy with the condition of the phone, and in this case, most of the time, nothing could be done other than look for another buyer. You will probably find that the first few people who get in contact will not be the right, but do not get discouraged. Remember that you are the one selling your mobile phone and you get to decide who buys it.

Good Points

  • It is a simple and most feasible way to sell your mobile phone.

Bad Points

  • It can take a longer time than expected to find the right buyer.
  • Almost all your colleagues, family and friends will know that you are selling your phone.

I hope this interpretation of how to sell your mobile phone by using social media  was informative.


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