Selling your phone in India is a tricky task. We all have a friend of ours who claims that he can sell your phone at a profit of the original price. TIPS: Don’t believe them

Selling your phone for a reasonable value is the most important of all. Besides this here are a few things you should keep in mind before selling your phone:

  • Wipeout data: Make sure you delete every piece of your data on your phone. Factory Reset is the most efficient way to ensure that you have wiped out all your data from the phone. Also remove any  memory card and sim card
  • Disclose everything: if you don’t want any trouble while selling and after-sale, make sure you disclose everything about the phone to the buyer. Mention all the defects (if any) with your phone so that the buyer has a transparent view of what he’s buying. If you are not honest with what you are selling you might face an argument with the seller. Don’t sell your peace for a few hundred bucks.
  • Invoice and accessories: Find the invoice of your phone and its box, charger, data cable, etc. This will not only provide you buyer’s trust but value-up your phone. 
  • Buyers identity: If you are selling your phone to an unknown person through a contract, make sure you take his id and phone number. This will make sure that if any illegal activity is conducted through your old phone, you can provide the identity of the buyer.
  • Mode of payment: Most people in India prefer cash for realizing payments, but I suggest you use bank transfer or any electronic method of transmission such as PayTM, GPay, etc. as in this method, you can have a proof of receipt.

Modes of selling your phone


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