iOS 14: What’s New?

Since 2013, we’ve all come to associate Apple products with their trademark look. It’s a good-looking, easy-to-use operating system that has claimed its share of the market. Any hardcore Apple fan is also aware of the upcoming update to the traditional iOS software we know and love; the new iOS 14. It’s a widely anticipated launch, and we have all the details right here! Read on to find out more! 

The iOS 14 Update: 


The widgets normally are on a completely different screen you had to swipe to access, now it’s right on the home screen. On top of this, they’re customisable! You can customise their shape and arrange them in any way you’d like on your home screen. If you want, you can even stack them. The update comes with a Smart Stack for your widgets. It curates the apps that you use the most and shows up exactly when you need it. 

App Library: 

Like the widgets, your apps will now be accessible through an app library. It automatically organises and sorts your apps into easy to access categories.

Compact Calls:

The update we’ve all waited for, calls are now compact. Any phone calls you get, now won’t take up the whole screen, rather they’ll show up as a notification. So, if you don’t want to answer the call, you can just continue working. 

Picture in Picture: 

This feature allows you to multitask. You can continue watching your videos while simultaneously using another app. 


There are a few new additions to Messages: 

  • Pinned conversations: You can now pin your favourite conversations to the top to easily access them. 
  • Group Photos: Have a group chat? Now you can add a photo to that particular chat! This gives the chat a visual identity!
  • Mentions: You can now call out a specific person in group chats You can even customize your chats to only be notified when you’re mentioned! 
  • Inline Replies: With mentions, you can now reply to singular messages and view that thread of messages independent to the rest of the chat. No more confusion!


This is an exciting new feature. The translate app comes pre-loaded and allows you to translate conversations across 11 languages! You can translate in real-time with the app, both online and offline. You can download the languages you’re learning and save your favourite phrases. For more access, you can access your recent translation history as well! The app can also be used to communicate. With attention mode, the text is bold and can easily grab a persons attention. 


Safari has a few exciting updates as well! 

  • Translation: If you’re having trouble because a website is in a different language, Safari can now translate the whole page to seven different languages. The function is still in beta stage, but we’re excited. It’ll only take a tap to read now! 
  • Password Monitoring: When creating a new password, Safari will warn you if your password isn’t strong enough. 
  • Privacy Report: This is an especially important update. In a world where people value their privacy over most things, iOS 14 comes with an option to understand how private your information is when using the internet. You can get a privacy report on the websites you use, and the browser prevents websites from tracking your movements. 


One of the exciting parts of the new iOS 14 update had to be the new privacy updates. Apple exclaims that it is a fundamental right, and they are doing their best to give their customers more control over their privacy. Here is what has been announced: 

  • On The App Store: Before you install any app from the store, you can look at a privacy report. You can understand what data is linked to you and what data it requires. This way, you have a full understanding of the information you’re going to be providing the app, full disclosure! 
  • Recording Indicator: If you’re curious about when an app is recording you via your microphone or camera, then don’t you worry. The new update shows you with an indicator at the top of your screen if an app is recording you. The Control Centre can be accessed to see if you’ve been recorded recently.  
  • Approximate Location: Apps of any kind will no longer be able to see your exact location. Apple only provides an approximate location, so you can get all the updates you need without giving away any information. 

For more information about the iOS 14 update you can click on this link!

Final Thoughts: 

The new update represents a change in the way Apple is working. It’s moving past the traditional look, on to something new. However, it is hard to overcome the startling similarity to features Android phones have had from the beginning. From the App Library to the Widgets, it all seems familiar. Apple has always had a loyal customer base, so this shouldn’t affect them, but the similarity is undeniable. While their new privacy updates were much needed and appreciated in this day and age, their innovation might need some work.

That being said, we still can’t wait for the update and can’t wait to hear what you think about it too!  

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