iPhone SE vs iPhone X: which refurbished phone is better?

The world talks about the revolutionary change that Apple iPhones brought in the smartphone industry. And without a doubt, they are a class of smartphones that speak for themselves. It is a brand that adds value to your social status. Now whether this is good or bad, the most important factor is the utility of the phone. These phones are user-centred and premium class smartphones that make using it super smooth. Its key specialty is the integration of hardware and software in a much better way compared to other phones.

iPhones are high-end devices. This leaves space for many duplicate and fake versions to be sold at cheaper rates. We advise that you do not fall prey to such tactics and buy refurbished Apple iPhones if you are low on budget. Refurbished iPhone are conditioned well enough to work as new iPhones. To know more about the refurbishment process, click here.

Factory refurbished Apple iPhones

There are major differences between factory refurbished phones and phones refurbished by local refurbishers or refurbishing companies. Apple refurbished iPhones come with only 15% off the original price whereas other portals sell at a wide range of prices. The factory refurbished iPhones come in a ‘like-new’ condition. It comes with a new battery and outer cover. Moreover, you get free delivery with all the accessories in the box. Below is all you need to know about the refurbished versions of model SE and refurbished model X.

Refurbished Apple iPhone SE

The SE model is staged at two generations. The first generation phone was launched in 2016, while the second generation in 2020. With various variants available, it is often confusing to find the right pick. There are major differences between the two generations in terms of Display, resolution, storage, and processors while the pattern of the core working system is maintained for the series. The 1st gen is found in refurbished versions, but not the 2020 version owing to its recent release.

The 2nd gen iPhones are resistant to water and dust, unlike the 1st gen phone. The SE first-gen is quite remarkable for the mid-range price zone. Well equipped 12 MP wide camera with live photos and retina flash features, an A9 chip processor that functions smoothly, sensors and overall functionality that keep the mark. This model can be operated easily using a single hand making it convenient to use.

Refurbished Apple iPhone X

This model launched in 2017 has an all-glass design with a Super Retina Display. The clear display extends right up to the rounded corners of the device. While the all-glass front and back use the most durable glass. It is resistant to dust and water.

The remarkable feature of this model was the introduction of Face ID for unlocking and pay features, enabled by the True depth camera. The depth sensors along with flood-illuminator and infra-red camera create a mathematical model of your face and enable its use for secure locking systems. The super-fast A11 Bionic Chip with neural engine makes task execution efficient and adds to the smoothness of the performance. It works specifically in giving better performances to multi-threaded workload. Powers new machine learning, AR apps and immersive gaming. The Dolby Vision and HDR display bring out the stunning experience of viewing video and photo content.

Which is a better phone?

The answer to this question is of course very subjective. If you like the first state-of-the-art style features, SE 1st gen comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack while the 2nd gen and X comes with a lightning connector jack. The Se 1st gen does not come with a 3D touch whereas the other models do. In terms of Camera features, design and processor functionality, X is any day better. But, if you are looking for low-budget iPhones, then SE should suit you well. The newer version phones are deemed better because of updates and upgrading of the technology used. But despite that, you should pick the device that you can use conveniently according to your needs.

The most essential factor while buying should be your emphasis on the quality and the grade of the iPhones. Pick the model with the least damage and better benefits. Make sure you get original or compatible accessories along with it and do not settle for the fake versions. Also, keep in mind that the source you buy from should be certified and should provide you with a warranty for the phone.

Refurbished iPhone/
Refurbished iPhone SE 1st genRefurbished iPhone SE 2nd genRefurbished iPhone X
1. Original PriceStarting at Rs.16,999Rs. 42,500 ( starting price) – Rs. 58,300Starting at Rs. 89,000
2. Refurbished version price (varies according to the vendor).Starting at Rs. 10,000—-Rs.55,000 to 75,650.
3. ProcessorA9 chipA13 Bionic Chip with 3rd Gen neural engineA11 Bionic chip
4. OSiOS 9.3. Compatible with iOS 13iOS 13iOS v 11.1.1
5. RAM2 GB64 GB3 GB
6. Storage32/128 GB64/128/256 GB64/256 GB
7. Display4-inch4.7-inch5.8-inch
8. Resolution1136 x 640 at 326 ppi1334 x 750 at 326 ppi2436 x 1125 at 458 ppi
9. Rear Camera12 MP12 MP12 MP
10. Front Camera1.2 MP7 MP7 MP


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