Mobiruindia’s Compare Analysis of Refurbished Smartphone Deals

Did you know that the pre-owned smartphone sales in India in 2020 is 23%? Around 48 million handsets are being refurbished according to the latest trend. This is marking the entry of refurbished phones in the Indian smartphone industry.

Refurbished phones are those that have undergone thorough checking, testing, and repairing to be made as good as new phones. There are multiple vendors and refurbishers that make this process happen. While 90% of the Indian refurbished market is grey, only 10% of the refurbished market is authorised. The organised 10% market includes factory outlets, large format stores like Sangeetha mobiles, Reliance market, Apptronix, Croma, and the online market. Each of these sellers brings forth various smartphone deals and exchange schemes in their merchandise of refurbished phones.

Refurbished Online Market

The refurbished online market is further seen in two forms. Online marketplaces, and online certified vendors. Marketplaces like Olx, Quikr, and Mobiles4sale act like third parties and facilitate the selling and purchase of used and refurbished phones between the seller and customer. Certified vendors like Amazon renewed, Cashify, 2Gud major in selling standard quality refurbished phones by providing refurbished smartphone deals, coupons, exchange offers, and such others.

The major players in Indian refurbished market are Amazon renewed, Cashify, Flipkart’s 2Gud, Budli, Instacash, TogoFogo, Yaantra and Paytm Mall.

The chart above compares the grading systems, return periods, and warranty period offered by the leading online vendors. Paytm mall and 2Gud offer original accessories and 12 months warranty for the best grade of phones. All vendors mentioned above are certified sellers that provide refurbished phones manufactured according to the industrial standards. Cashify and Budli are known to trade with local authorised refurbishers, thus providing a scope of promoting the local. Amazon renewed, 2Gud are also known to host local refurbished phones only if the vendor maintains high standards of refurbishment.

Buying refurbished smartphones online is a tacky deal. There are numerous vendors, and all of them have their own grading systems and prices for each device. So, a 2Gud grade A product costing amount X rupees could be sold as Excellent grade phones for Rs Y by Cashify. To help resolve such confusion, Mobiruindia’s compare analysis of smartphone deals is pretty handy.

The 2 Specialties of Mobiru India

Mobiru India is an Indian startup and standalone company which provides two excellent services.

1. Comparison matrix

The comparative analysis of smartphone deals is a mechanism of Mobiru India wherein you will be able to compare various deals from multiple websites for the same model of phone. So if you want to know the prices offered by each online vendor for refurbished Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone, doing so manually will consume a lot of time and energy. But Mobiru’s compare mechanism shows all the deals for this model at a single platform. This saves a lot of time and makes picking the best smartphone deals easy and convenient.

2. Standardized Grading System

Much like the confusion created by multiple price tags for the same phone, the difference in grading patterns also makes it hard to choose the best smartphone deal. So, our platform brings a standard grading system that analyses the quality and condition of the refurbished phone and provides details in a manner that is easy to comprehend. So, irrespective of the parent vendor’s grading system, Mobiru has its own system that applies to all deals shown on our website.

How does the Compare Analysis of Refurbished Smartphone Deals Work?

The website has categorized all the refurbished smartphone deals available into sections. So, you can shop by brand, or by the price range offered. Mobiru India only hosts vendors that are certified for the trade of refurbished smartphones. As of now, you will find deals from Cashify, Paytm mall, 2Gud, Amazon renewed, Budli and Yaantra.

When you choose a particular model of smartphone, you will be directed to the compare mechanism page for that phone. All the vendors selling the phone put up their deals. Mobiru India runs tests and assorts the deals in increasing order of the price range. Also, the best smartphone deals appear at the top, and the rest follow. You will find categories regarding the smartphone’s colour, storage capacity, RAM, and the condition of the phone. Furthermore, you will find details about the quality of refurbished phones. It gives information about the scratch marks, cosmetic condition, and the functionality of the phone.

With such details available, our platform ensures to make your purchase of refurbished phones as easy, convenient, and hassle-free as possible.

How to Buy Refurbished Phones through Mobiru India?

Before you buy a refurbished smartphone, make sure to read up about the model well before placing the order. Here are the general steps you need to follow to buy through Mobiru India.

  1. Choose the brand of your choice and find the section on the homepage of Mobiru India.
  2. Select the model that you wish to buy. Try to buy recent versions of smartphones as they are easy to maintain, and their spare parts are available in case of repair.
  3. As you select the model, you will be directed to the compare page. Here, you will be able to view smartphone deals from all the vendors selling the phone.
  4. Select the categories by choosing the colour, storage, and other conditions of the phone.
  5. Read the details. Check the grading and pick the deal that you find best. Mobiru India guides you in this process by showing the best deals on priority.
  6. Select the vendor whose deal you prefer. You will now be redirected to the vendor’s website.
  7. Double-check the details, warranty and return period offered and place the order

And there you go! Your purchase of refurbished phones is made super convenient. Mobiru India lays emphasis on the need for using refurbished smartphones in the trying times of this pandemic. So if you want to buy a phone for your kid’s online classes, choose a refurbished phone. If you love to use the latest models of smartphones, buy refurbished versions and save money. Refurbished phones are not only cheaper but are environment-friendly. So we hope you buy them and let Mobiru India help you choose the best-refurbished smartphone deals!