At present, the most emerging zone of India and the greatest boon to the hub around are the Mobiles and its accessories sector!! An average Indian spends 4-5 hours per day swiping their smartphones. The addition of mobile accessories makes the user’s life simple and more sort out! India is the biggest and fastest-growing country which deals with mobile accessories. Thousands of retailers are increasingly investing in this sector and also securing their profits by doing so!

However, there are challenges when people steadily move towards wireless technologies, some retailers who sell low-quality products without any guarantee which attracts customers but later on, it becomes hopeless. Also made in India brands aren’t getting much support because of certain government measures but some companies are trying hard to raise and to place themselves among the top MNCs dealers.

Due to an inline towards wireless and ease in-demand product brands always try to include chargers, earphones, power banks, headphones, fit bands, smartwatches, fancy back covers, earbuds, speakers, safeguards, dongles as a part of the latest accessories. Fast networking speed, wireless support, easy-to-use, handy, and stylish trendy features in accessories are always on demand and will continue to sustain and grow.

Huge investments of various brands result in the growth of high technology creation. At the top holdings, we have brands like JBTEK, Realme, Syska, Portronics, Samsung, Mivi, Philips and BoAt.


Realme is sailing a level up in its boat with a high flag rise of 46.6 million shipping of mobile phones in India! According to, Realme is defeating well-known market placed companies like Oppo and Vivo, having shares of 11.8% and 15.2% respectively, holding its customers by giving reliable services along with sincere commits, stylish designs, powerful backups, and great performance. Some of the latest releases are –
• Realme Buds Classic
• Realme 10W Wireless Charger
• Realme Bud Q
• On the latest, announce Realme is about to launch U11 2.O and Android 11 in its upcoming mobile.


BoAt still places a good hand over the top-selling mobile accessories like earphones, speakers, headphones, travel chargers and it goes high on the list of its best-selling products! However, it’s presence can make a count when everyone says ‘Music experience with boAt matches India’s desire as no one else does’ The quality products of boAt having stylish looks always keep hands-on exclusive catalogs among top gadgets! Keeping high focused innovations, giving value-added features at a low price always count a thumb note for the makers! And this goes the secret behind their success!

The latest release from boAt include –
• BoAt Rockerz 195 Bluetooth neckband earphone (flexible design, very lightweight, 15 hours non-stop battery service, sweatproof and water resistance)
• Boat Rugby – wireless portable stereo speaker (perfect vocal quality and extra bass, built-in microphone, release on 4th Sept 2020)
• Airdops 201 (wireless Bluetooth bliss version 5.0)


Samsung made a revived growth in India by committing its new popular launches in online as well as offline stores and made a stand among Xiaomi, OnePlus, Realme Oppo, and Vivo services. However, it lies more ventures up on other electronic products for its growth! Samsung is a name of trust and so lies in its products. The latest release of the company is –
• Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (4g Bluetooth connectivity, Bluetooth variant up to 45mm, wireless power sharing)
• Samsung AKG-Y500 wireless headphones
• Samsung Galaxy Tab S7


Philips power banks, headsets, chargers, safeguards, cover stands, HDMI, micro, lighting cables, and various other accessories always have a reputed reliable face among the products down the market. With the release of tablets, Bluetooth earbuds, and power banks Philips not only has an expansion in business measures but also gives a trustworthy brand logo in mobile accessories and services. Surge protectors, fast charging apple sync, and lighting cables placed a need in e-commerce than others! Catch here the latest release –
• USB power bank DLP1720QU/97 (a quick charge, 20,000 mAh , Li-polymer battery )
• USB-A to lighting DLC5204V/00 (Sync and charge)


With keen knowledge and expertise plus observation over the fact that none of the Indian electronic brands guarantees quality and provides reliable mobile and other accessories and value plus price, Midhula and Viswanadh decided to start-up ‘MiVi’ brand in India, made in India (launched in 2015) and started selling high-quality products like sell cables, chargers, custom and designer cases, tempered glass, and other audio-products. MiVi provides the products and almost half the price than others without compromising quality and does reaching in the hand of common people. Some latest release are –

• Thunderbeats Wireless Earphones (hand-free, best in class audio drivers and components)
• DuoPods M80 (extra bass, lightweight, more comfortable, and low latency)
• Lighting cable 1.8 metres length (500+ Bend Lifespan, extra tough, 1.5x extra charging speed)


With the commitment of the best quality and friendly services, Portronics is an amazing brand launching various mobile accessories. They focus on a high-quality reliable component building which includes creative designing and fine details. It’s a leading brand of India from the last 10 years. Some of the latest release of the company includes –

• CleanEx 101 portable UV Sterilizer sticks
• Wireless sports headsets – Harmonics 224
• ADAPTO 469 charger
• Purifi 102 (multifunctional UV steriliser box)