India is the second-biggest smartphone market in the world with huge potential in the Indian Refurbished Market. Millions of devices are sold and brought every week in India, leading the Indian smartphone industry to a multi-billion dollar business. Similarly, hundreds and thousands of cellphones become obsolete and unusable for Indian consumers every day. Traditionally these devices were sold to another person by word of mouth in India. But things have changed as the Indian e-commerce business has extended its arms in Indian Refurbished Market

Some entrepreneurs in India have seen the used phone market as an unexplored mine. If you want to know more about “Why and How to sell your phone?” Click here to Read the article

indian refurbished market

When people want to buy a new phone, they want to get rid of their old phone as soon as possible.  Since selling through word of mouth takes a long time and negotiations, entrepreneurs decide to turn things around. Now you can sell your phone in minutes just by entering a website and filling in details. These smartphones are refurbished and then sold to the refurbished market again. 

These startups are not only providing a win-win situation for investors and customers, but they offer a  win-win-win case. Investors are happy as the company makes a profit, customers are delighted as they get paid for their old used phone instantly and then the third dimension – management of e-waste. These startups have helped to reduce the e-waste, which used to be dumped around. No matter how old or obsolete the device is, it is recycled. This is one step forward to sustainable development and greener earth.

If you google “sell my phone,” “sell a used phone,” etc. on Google, you will find multiple websites coming up. Here we are going to talk about the various players of the Indian market who deal with buying old and used devices. There are mainly three significant websites purchasing a used phone.

Here are the major websites dominating the Indian Refurbished Market

  1. Cashify
  2. Budli
  3. Instacash


Cashify Review

Cashify is one of the leading Indian mobile companies that offer cash for your old mobile. The company recognizes its role in being one of the leaders in the telecommunications industry to take part in the recycling effort for a greener and a safer environment despite being one of the most profitable startups. This is a Cashify review and it will describe the site and then how it works.

Cashify’s main page has a popular appeal, which will likely be accessible to young adults who are also avid users of mobile phones. The main page has the usual tabs that take you to different pages in the site. There is a button to start selling your old mobile, a tab explaining Cashify’s service, a tab about, a useful tab of being responsible for the environment, a contacts tab, a tab to view your accounts for your pending orders and also a tab to log in to your account. On the bottom part of the main page are other web pages such as contact us, FAQ’s Careers, social media links, etc.

Cashify website doesn’t only offer to buy your phone, but it also provides repairing services, selling phones, laptops and other gadgets, recycling phones, etc. On the bottom part of the main page are images of the latest phone models they accept, which are also helpful to grade your phone accordingly before you pay it to Cashify.

Who manages Cashify?

Cashify is a part of Manak Waste Management Pvt Ltd. That manages its Smartphone exchange service from phone collection to recycling. It is also a partner of globally competitive companies in making sure that electronic wastes are recycled or disposed of properly. Cashify is one of the leading companies when it comes to mobile recycling, that is why more and more people consider selling phones to them.

How does Cashify work?

Cashify claims to be one of the most efficient phone refurbishing services in India. The steps to its refurbishing process are simple and easy to understand by anyone new to recycling. First register to create your account at Cashify then find your phone easily using drop-down menus found in pages of the site.

Mention the condition of your phone with the help of checkboxes Then finish your order so you can check out and wait for the technician to arrive at your doorstep to pick up your old phones safely. Payments will be sent on the same day Cashify receives your phone. Payment may be made either by bank transfer or voucher. If you take a voucher of Tata Cliq, Croma, Amazon, etc., Cashify offers additional value.

Cashify’s rating is excellent because every step of the way, it rests assured that the consumer is guided as he sells used devices for cash. We would recommend Cashify to everybody so they can share with Cashify’s greening and cleaning the environmental efforts. Like all reviews, the Cashify site is highly recommended because of its speed, good value, content, and ecological approach.

Budli- Buy and Sell Refurbished Item

Budli stands for exchange in Hindi. Budli is one of the major players of the Indian refurbished gadget market. Its hassle-free, easy to use and quick action have made it popular among Indian youth.  

Budli Review

Budli is another Refurbished gadget buying and selling site but with a twist. They don’t just take on mobile phones; they also recycle laptops and tablets. This is an innovation in electronic refurbishing since more and more models for different types of gadgets are being made, more and more stuff is also being thrown away. So why not just sell your old devices for cash then?

This review will comment on this site’s consumer appeal, plus a rating will be given at the end.

The home page of the site gives the user two direct options of buying or selling the used phone or devices. Then at the bottom, there are multiple tabs to move from the home page to the other pages, a tab to see FAQs, a tab explaining how Budli works, a tab about the company.

Their customer service number is conveniently located on the topmost part of the page and their email address in their contact page in case you need to contact Budli for your order. On the middle part of the main page is a list of websites that have featured Budli. 

If you click to sell or buy a refurbished product, a drop-down list of all the gadgets appears in the middle of the page to easily find your device and to check its value.

Who manages Budli?

Budli Internet Pvt. Ltd. is a company that manages its electronic gadget collection, refurbishing, and sales. The company has a straightforward attitude in exchanging old unwanted electronics equipment for cash. The phones they buy are refurbished and again posted on their website for sale.

How does Budli work?

Budli has one of the most straightforward steps to sell or buy a gadget or phone. Just pick your gadget from the drop-down, complete your order and wait for a technician to visit your house who will pick up the device.  You will receive your money via bank transfer or coupon in 7 days.

Before you send your gadget, review the company’s terms and conditions plus its disclaimers to know what kind of phones and devices are accepted by Budli. The site also has a helpful FAQ tab to get fast answers to any questions that you may have. Do not hesitate to call customer service anytime for any problems with your order, missed payments, lost check, and even just simple clarifications about the service.

Overall, people have given Budli a GOOD rating for this used phone buying and selling site. We would recommend this site to both new and old used phone customers and sellers. This site is convenient and very easy to use.

The terms used in explaining features and policies are simple with a down to earth tone. The way they give out their message of greening the environment is also done in a more personal manner. The site, however, can also improve on the overall appearance and color combination so it can better appeal to the young and old alike.


Maybe A Instacash Review Will Be Helpful

An Instacash review can be the best thing you can read to discover how quality and reliable refurbishing companies can fetch you a handsome payment for your used device. Many people have positive experiences when using Instacash. Reviews are generally favorable and focus on as well as payment that customers have experienced. Overall, if you have an Apple product you are no longer using, there is a good chance that you will get top value if you decide to trade-in through the simple and easy to use the process they have created.

Instacash Review that talks about their High Payments

While you will never get the same price for a used device as you would if it was new, there are few sites out there that are as generous as Instacash. Review what they have to offer, and you will find that it is difficult to get a better deal anywhere else if you have a premium phone. Combine that with the fact they are known for simplicity and reliability.

You get the best of both worlds and satisfaction of keeping your old mobile phone out of the landfills. Considering the millions and millions of new devices that hit the market every year, old ones add up quickly and create quite the environmental hazard in the process. You can be part of the solution, but if you are unsure of where to go, then look at the many fantastic Instacash reviews out there, and maybe it will help you decide.

Instacash Review about their focus on Apple Products

Apple products tend to have high resale value because they are so valuable on the secondary market, and no one is better at making this all happen than Instacash. Review their experience as well as reputation, and you will see that they know what they are doing because they are simply one of the best in the business today.

Their experience, network, and focus on protecting our environment while being as generous as possible in terms of payment make them an excellent company to work with, especially if you have Apple products. Unfortunately, Apple products are the primary focus of Instacash. Reviews indicate that people would be happier if they expanded their selection a little bit more.

But, if you do have an Apple product, you will still find many vendors with better or easier systems to use than the one provided by Instacash. Review the details yourself, and you will see how easy it is to get real money for the device even though you may not have any more use for it yourself.

Why let it sit there and go to waste when you could turn that old phone into money in the bank instead? Instacash makes it easy to explore the possibilities as well as learn about what real people think about this popular service. It may turn out to be a tremendously helpful resource when it comes time for you to recycle your mobile phone.

Instacash Review about how easy it is to process your order

This Instacash review discusses how easy it is to process your order if you decide to use their service. The first step is finding your device on the list and getting a quote, once this is finished all you have to do is provide your shipping information so that they will be able to send a technician at your home to receive the phone. Then, you merely hand over your device to them, so they will be able to inspect and evaluate its condition. As soon as this is finished, they will gladly and promptly send you the money in the manner that you selected during the process. That’s it; nothing could be more comfortable.


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