Since 2019, we have seen an emerging trend in the online shopping industry – a trend of purchasing a refurbished product. Many consumers are reselling their moderately new devices like laptops and mobile to online dealers. They are refurbishing these devices and reselling them to the market.

So, what is refurbished like – new, excellent, good, or fair?

Everyone might not be confident about purchasing refurbished products. But people who have used authentic refurbished items have certified that these are as good as new products. However, one needs to buy these products cautiously. The major factor to consider while buying a refurbished device is its cosmetic condition.

You need to have confidence that the product you are buying does not have a beat-up appearance or will not fall apart the moment your return deadline is over. You need something that will perform almost as new and is handed over to you in good quality.

What do you understand by refurbished products?

Refurbished products may be essentially defined as unused or less used customer return items that have been maintained almost as new, or may have a defect, but were returned to the manufacturer within the warranty period, who then resells the item after defect repairing. The manufacturers refurbish these products to ensure that they function properly when used by the new buyer.

So, how do you know that a refurbished product is good? The manufacturers or dealers offer a complete grading scale for determining the cosmetic condition of revamped products.

We call a renovated tech product “good,” only when it meets the below conditions-

• The product was handled with care by its previous owner
• The manufacturer or retailed repairs the item thoroughly before reselling
• If the product has undergone a rigorous testing method before relaunching in the market

To get into the depth of refurbished products, we need to understand the grading system first.

Refurbished Grades

We mentioned above that the manufacturer or dealer grades a renovated product as per a refurbished grade. What do you understand by that?

Well, a refurbished grade can be described as a grade to denote the quality of the revamped device or product. Three factors are taken into consideration while grading:

• How many cosmetic imperfections are there in the device, like the scratches and marks?
• For how long and how rigorously has the previous owner used the product?
• What does the new packaging include?

When you grade your revamped product based on these factors, you get a better conception of the product you are supposed to receive. Of course, you cannot expect the retailers, refurbishing the device, to count exactly how many scratches are visible. But they conduct an overall screening to understand the defects well enough before grading the product.

A standard grading system grades a device from A to C, where A offers the best and C offering the lowest quality of the refurbished product. If you are not sure what we mean by excellent and fair quality refurbishing, here is a brief here for you.

  1. Grade A Refurbishing:
    Grade A refurbishing is known to deliver excellent quality refurbished items. These are the near mint-condition devices. If we consider the cosmetic condition of these refurbished devices, they will never show any sign of the previous usage. When you get devices like these, the chances of getting scratches or scuffing are extremely less. They typically display signs of careful use.
  2. Grade B Refurbishing:
    Grade B refurbished products are the second-best quality items, or as can be said otherwise, are good-quality devices. You should expect small scratches on the screen or other parts of the device. You need to keep in mind that Grade B differs from Grade A only in the cosmetic condition of the device. All the Grade B refurbished are first thoroughly tested for perfect function and then put up for reselling.
    Since you find such small scratches or scuffs on the Grade B refurbished products, they come at an extremely affordable rate. This is a great option for people who seek a budget option on technology.
  3. Grade C Refurbishing:
    This is the lowest quality or, as otherwise, you can say, a fair-quality refurbished product. Laptops or mobiles that belong to the Grade C refurbishing are in working condition but show great rough handling signs. These devices undergo rigorous testing before there are made ready for reselling. However, even after testing, they never stop showing signs of usage by the previous owner. They come with major cosmetic issues like significant signs of weathering or scratches.
    Grade C Revamped products are the cheapest of all the refurbished options. If you are looking for an exceptionally cheap deal on electronic products or high-tech devices, this is the option for you.


When you go shopping online these days, you will often come across refurbished laptops or mobiles. Remember to check what grade of refurbishing the device qualifies for. If you have the budget, go for Grade A or excellent quality. They are as good as new devices.


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