Among the entire refurbished smartphone market, the iPhone holds a soft corner in every Indian heart. Thus, every smartphone lover is looking for the cheapest refurbished iPhone deals in India. Refurbished iPhones in preferred over any other refurbished smartphones because of the brand name of Apple Inc, prolonged life of iPhones and long-lasting support from the manufacturer.

refurbished iphone


iPhones have a unique appeal, which makes it one of the most preferred mobile phones among many consumers. iPhones are not only your regular mobile devices since it combines several great features. These features include unmatched camera performance, productivity options, extremely responsive customer care, a top-notch display, extreme gaming performance, and much more. Because of these functional and great features, iPhones are not what you can call cheap. iPhones are the most expensive brand of smartphones in India, the only competitors being Google Pixel and Samsung S-Series, which still lags behind the iPhones for many apparent reasons. If you would want to own this functional brand name “iPhone,” you should consider buying refurbished iPhones online in India.

Refurbished iPhone vs. Secondhand and Used iPhone?

The most common searches for Indians for cheap iPhones are used iPhones and secondhand iPhones. Used, second hand, and refurbished are used sometimes interchangeably by the potential customers liking for cheap iPhones online.

The concept that you should be clear is the Refurbished iPhone ≠ (doesn’t Equals) used and second hand iPhone. Though you can use ‘used phones ‘and ‘secondhand phones’ interchangeably, also ‘refurbished,’ ‘reconditioned’ and ‘renewed’ can be used interchangeably Secondhand iPhones are referred to those phones which are sold by the first owner of the phone after the device is no longer useful or compatible to him/her.

Whereas refurbished iPhones are the iPhones purchased back by companies from the initial owner of the smartphone. These iPhones go through a process of reconditioning and renewing. Then these phones are put to different vendors’ websites and portals for sale. Significant differences between the refurbished iPhone and the used iPhones are

  • Refurbished iPhones are sold by companies, large vendors, and authorized resellers, whereas individuals sell used iPhones, small sales, on social media, etc.
  • Reconditioned iPhones are well tested and fixed for problems whereas the owner sells secondhand iPhones as it is
  • Renewed iPhones are sold with a valid invoice and warranty which is not provided with secondhand phones

There are many other advantages of the refurbished iPhone over secondhand iPhones.

Why choose a Refurbished iPhone?

The fact is iPhones are a pretty expensive device to buy. The Per Capita Income of India is approximately the same as the cost of the newly launched iPhone in the market. Therefore, there is a tiny segment of Indians who could afford to buy an iPhone without cost-cutting or EMI.

It is not economically feasible to buy an iPhone now and pay EMI for 48 months. Also, most people don’t hold resources to get EMI on these iPhones. here, refurbished iPhone comes forward as the savior for the Indian customers

Refurbished iPhones: Is it worth it to buy a Refurbished iPhone?

Individuals who cannot afford the overall costs of purchasing brand new iPhones are usually left with two choices: either they go with another brand of mobile phone, or they would not buy anything at all.

Both choices are neither appealing. If you would want to own this great device, you have another option, which is to look at cheap refurbished iPhones online.Buying refurbished iPhones offer many benefits, but it also has some minor drawbacks as well.

The first benefit that Refurbished iPhones offer is the savings that you can obtain from purchasing one. However, before buying a refurbished iPhone, it is essential that you know what to look for.

Special Concerns while buying a Refurbished iPhone?

iPhone is a pride possession. With hundreds of apps, internet compatible, and exquisite features, everyone would like to own an iPhone. But the price is one factor which might interfere with your plans to buy a new handset.

Moreover, companies are voraciously introducing new technologies and versions of handsets, that a significant investment in a handset seems outdated within a fortnight. Thus, buying a refurbished iPhone is undoubtedly a careful thought. But before buying a refurbished iPhone following tips should be considered.

Buy the iPhone from a genuine and reliable source:

Always inquire about the credibility and reputation of the website you are planning to buy a refurbished iPhone. If it’s on a personal basis, then too adequate concerns should be met out as to the authentic purchase bills and papers with accessories in its place.

Always work and clarify on Refund Options:

What if you feel duped after buying a refurbished phone? Fault assurance and miscommunication may make you prove to be gullible. Thus, to ensure that if you want to do away with the refurbished iPhone, you once bought, you should know what the procedure and refund options are.

Never buy a refurbished iPhone which does not offer a refund or cashback option. Most of the online refurbished smartphone selling websites have ten days replacement option.

Enquire In-Depth:

Every iPhone has unique features and is developed on the latest software. You should not be hesitant to enquire and know more about the technological features and software details. Moreover, relevant inquiry related to vital statistics of the device’s condition should be solicited while buying it online.

Then specific attention needs to be given as per the reliability of the site, as you would not be able to inspect the iPhone on offer physically. Reading customer reviews would be very helpful in this scenario. Quora and yahoo answers could be an information hub on the working of these online vendors.

Make a Wise and informed Decision:

The latest in iPhone is the introduction of iPhone SE and iPhone 11 pro max. OLED Screen and A12 Bionic processors are some of the other latest addition in the newer version.

Do you have the required knowledge about the iPhone? You should first understand the latest releases and features that are on offer, and then only you would be in a position to compare the features and price of the renewed iPhone that is on offer for sale.

If you are ignorant about the features and latest trends, the seller might take advantage. Thus, whenever you plan to buy a preowned iPhone, always make a very cautious scanning to get the best value for your money.

Ascertain the Appropriate Carrier:

As you remember, there was a massive farrago with different phone’s compatibility when Jio introduced VoLTE technology. Different carriers have various services and handset compatibility.

Before purchasing a refurbished iPhone, you should ascertain that the operator you are already using well accepts the new iPhone you are planning to buy. This point may not be very relevant as of now, but it will be a crucial factor after the introduction of 5G.

Refurbished iPhones: Exercise Caution in Buying a Renewed iPhone

While refurbished iPhones are a lot cheaper compared to brand new ones, there are several factors that buyers should consider before shelling out money. If you are interested in buying a reconditioned iPhone, there are some things that you should look out for.

These factors include the battery life of the phone, the screen or the display, the capacity of the built-in memory, the added features, the contract costs, the price, and of course, the warranty. To ensure that you get the most out of your money, you should take time to compare and review if these factors will meet your standards.

Refurbished iPhones: Long Battery Life

One of the essential factors that you should look for in refurbished iPhones is its battery life. iPhones are generally considered to have a weaker battery life compared to other types of mobile devices.

Because of this, you should look for refurbished iPhones that have a decent if not long-lasting battery life. Decent reconditioned iPhones are those that have been refurbished for less than a year, but there are still some reconditioned iPhones, that are old for more than a year, but still have long battery life.

Collect information and details about the battery life of the device from various online sellers. Also, you should consider fast charging as an add-on and always be ready to pay extra for fast charging.

Refurbished iPhones: Display Screen

While most users of iPhones use a gorilla glass to avoid scratches on the display screen, some refurbished iPhones might have an older version of gorilla glass or none. If the reconditioned iPhone does not have gorilla glass, there is a high possibility of the display screen having scratches.

Scratches are considered to be typical signs of wear and tear. However, noticeable scratches are things that you should avoid. Scratches on screen have a considerable effect on touch controls and media features.

Refurbished iPhones: Capacity of the Built-in Memory

While reconditioned iPhones are offered at considerably lower prices, it is essential that you remember that these may have a lower built-in memory capacity.

The Apple iPhones are not your regular mobile devices that may use external memory devices such as memory cards. Because of this, refurbished iPhones may have a lower built-in memory capacity as a result.

If you have many photos as well as videos in your library, a little storage space capacity will have a significant effect on your enjoyment and user experience. You should also take note that the applications you can install in your iPhone may have a bigger size, so make sure that you weigh the pros and cons of being able to save money over the features that you can use.

Refurbished iPhones: Features and Applications

Another thing that you should consider in choosing to buy Refurbished iPhones is the features as well as the applications that you can install in the device. Since most reconditioned iPhones are the earlier versions or generations, there are some features and applications that are not compatible.

Therefore, you would not be able to install and use these with an old version of the iPhone. The new generations of iPhones do not support 4G VoLTE, the Voice Control feature, the upgraded camera version, video recording and editing, the Voice Memo feature, SIRI, etc.

Refurbished iPhones: Affordable Price, Guarantee and Warranty

Refurbished iPhones are usually cheaper compared to a brand-new iPhone set. While most of the refurbished iPhones for sale are the earlier versions, you would still be able to find reconditioned iPhones that are of the latest models. You should also look for iPhone resellers and websites that offer a money-back guarantee.

Money-back guarantee deals will provide you with a security if in case you are not satisfied with the product. Even if you find a seller or a dealer that offers a money-back guarantee, you should always look for a warranty. Reputable dealers, online vendors, and sellers of refurbished iPhones provide some time of months warranty period as well as extended warranty features.

The Refurbished iPhone Math

While buying a refurbished iPhone, here is what you should consider important and prefer it over the other. It is difficult to ascertain which factor should be regarded as more. For this, we will find two refurbished phones having identical conditions and prices. (although it doesn’t happen)

Variant over model: Always prefer the higher variant of the older version over a lower variant of the new version. If there is an iPhone 7 128GB and iPhone 8 (64GB), I will recommend you buy iPhone 7 128 GB as both support the same iOS, and camera performance has not a very big difference. Although, you may choose the latter if a specific spec like display or processor is essential for you.

Battery life over condition: always prefer to buy a refurbished phone that offers better battery life rather than just searching for good condition. A good condition may suggest that the iPhone is not used rigorously and must have a good battery backup, but it’s not absolute.

You can manage a minor scratch on your phone, but a lousy battery backup will make you regret it.Processing Performance over camera Performance: Always go for better performance over the camera while choosing a refurbished iPhone.

iPhone camera performance is more or less similar for a single generation apart iPhone, but performance differs vastly. However, you can select camera processing over processing performance if you are buying an iPhone solely for the camera purpose.

After you determine your budget or model of refurbished iPhone that you want to buy, choose the best one as per the following importance levels.

  1. Best Variants -50%          
  2. Battery Backup-30%       
  3. Phone Condition-20%

This is the one I would recommend; you can change as per your preferences.

Which Refurbished iPhone should I buy?

With the launch of the sixteenth-generation iPhone just around the corner, Apple continues to sell millions of its wildly-popular iPhone handsets each year with no sign of things slowing down. Although many users have gone as far as paying 48-month EMI to get their hands on a new iPhone, many users do not want to pay the high costs of the iPhone by canceling their holiday plans or sending their children to a government school.

Thankfully, one doesn’t have to look very far to find cheap reconditioned iPhones, which offer perfect performance at a fraction of the cost. Below we’ll take a look at the three methods of getting the best deal on refurbished iPhones in India.

Refurbished iPhones could be categorized in many ways based on price, models, variants. From the first generation of iPhones, Apple has come a long way to the 15th generation iPhone. While choosing a refurbished phone by models, budget, or generation, here are Q/A that will help.

What should I pay for Refurbished iPhone?

As you know, iPhones don’t come cheap. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a refurbished iPhone, it should be relative to the market price of the new iPhones. Your budget should be at least 50% of the market price refurbished iPhone you are planning to buy.

Also, as per the current market price, we wouldn’t recommend you to go above ₹45,000 or below ₹15,000 for a pre-owned iPhone. As per the general market study, going below the mentioned budget will get you an iPhone, but not satisfaction that comes with iPhone and paying above 45k is not economically feasible. Here I have listed some iPhone you can get in this budget.

(Disclaimer: All the refurbished iPhone price in India is extracted from MobiruIndia, and the costs could change anytime without pre-information)

Which is the best Refurbished iPhone model?

The answer to this question is always relative. There are no two identical sets of mobiles that can be compared easily. Although, as per the current market flow, I would not recommend you buy refurbished iPhones before the 9th generation. If you are looking for the best refurbished iPhone, you should start from refurbished iPhone 6 or refurbished iPhone 6 plus.

The main reason that you should not go beyond iPhone 6 is the iOS update. Older refurbished iPhones may not support the newer version of iOS. The other purpose being, condition of refurbished iPhone and the battery backup.  

Also, I would recommend not to buy the latest models, that are iPhones of 14th and 15th generation. If you buy the refurbished iPhone latest model, you will get the value for money. Therefore, always choose something in between.

Categories of refurbished iPhone:

Refurbished iPhone can be sorted in three ways:

Cheapest Refurbished iPhone:

These are the cheapest refurbished iPhone available in the Indian market. If you are willing to buy the iPhone at a little cost. here are the best-refurbished iPhones at an affordable price: (click on the link to check out the price)

Best value for money iPhone:

This is the segment of the refurbished iPhone that you should look at. This segment has the iPhone, which will provide you the best-refurbished apple phones for the price. To get the optimum value for your money, you should look for mediocre phones in the market.

Premium Refurbished iPhone:

this segment list has the best variant, latest models, and excellent condition of the refurbished iPhone. Premium refurbished iPhone is for those customers who are willing to pay a surplus amount for the best iPhone available on the market. Although, these iPhones might be expensive if you consider pre-owned iPhones, but it still costs a fraction of the actual market price of brand-new iPhones. Here are some of the premium refurbished iPhones in India.

Best website to buy Refurbished iPhone in India |Cheapest Refurbished iPhone For Sale in India

Here is the thing you should consider while choosing the best website to buy a refurbished iPhone.

Buying Refurbished iPhones online is no different than buying any other goods at a store or online. The first thing that should be in a shopper’s mind is that “too good to be true” usually is; if you would be suspicious that someone offered to sell you’re their iPhone X for a crazy price in person, you should be just as suspicious when shopping online.

When you’ve found a seller that has the model of Refurbished iPhone that you’re looking for, or a deal that fits within your budget, the next step is to check the seller’s reviews on Quora or other similar websites. If the seller has a high amount of feedback, it’s unlikely that they will try to scam or rip you off in any way.

It’s a solid piece of advice to just forget any seller that has negative reviews, as renewed iPhones like the Apple iPhone 8 are in good supply, and there will be many reviews of buying experience of various customs of blogs, Quora, yahoo answers, etc.

Don’t buy on the refurbished iPhone from any website until you’ve read terms and conditions, refund policy, condition of iPhone, and contacting customer care for any questions that you want to be answered.

If all the information isn’t in the website, some of the critical issues to ask about a refurbished iPhone would be whether or not the iPhone is still under warranty, whether or not the screen or any part of the iPhone has a good battery backup, if the iPhone has ani visible damage, and whether or not the iPhone is unlocked.

If you are buying a secondhand iPhone for use on a network other than Cashify, Apple Store, and other verified sellers, it will need to be unlocked for you to make use of it.

Generally, there are no photos of the refurbished Apple iPhone in the listing, as most of the trusted websites recondition the phone so well that it looks like new. Most problems with an older version of iPhones like the refurbished iPhone 6s or 7 are scratches and cracks and other minor dents in the case.

The next thing that you should consider while choosing a vendor is available payment options. Most of the companies provide payment options like net banking, UPI, and Card payment. While some of them offer COD and coupon methods of cash as well. The latest introduction to the payment system is Emi on the refurbished iPhone.

Finally, use a bit of common sense to avoid getting scammed. Try to only purchase refurbished iPhones from trusted sellers that are associated with more massive brand names – don’t always go with sellers that rank first in your google search.

Use your skeptical mind to avoid being disappointed. Remember that a price that seems too low is bound to be a scam, so look for used, refurbished iPhone sellers that have reasonable prices and delivery to your location. If you want to know about Indian Refurbished market, read our another article.

Here are some of the best Refurbished iPhone sellers in India:


By far, one of the most popular refurbished iPhone selling website. Associated with the brand name like Flipkart, 2Gud has its customer base and brand name.


Brand name and trusted by many customers

Delivery all over India

Large varieties of refurbished iPhones


Slightly Expensive than its competitors

Irregular grading System

Amazon Renewed:

Amazon is the largest eCommerce site, and Amazon renewed is trying to make its mark on the refurbished market.


Brand name

Delivery all over India

No cost EMI options


Disorganized and difficult to compare



This is the startup that changed the refurbished market. From having phone buying extensions in all Delhi metro stations to building confidence in people to buy refurbished phones, Cashify has been a game-changer.


Strong presence in the Indian market: both online and offline

Excellent after-sales service

A huge number of variants and models 

Reasonable Prices


Weak Supply chain in tier 2 cities

No EMI options


MobiruIndia is not a refurbished selling phone website, but it is a website you should visit first before buying any refurbished phone. It lists out the best price for a refurbished phone. It compares prices across all sites like 2GUD; Amazon renewed, ShopClues, Paytm, Cashify, Yaantra. MobiruIndia is a website for every refurbished phone customer.

Besides this, there are other refurbished phone sellers like ShopClues, Instacash, PayTM, Yaantra, etc.

Top 10 Refurbished iPhone:

Here is the most sold refurbished iPhone in 2020. Compare refurbished iPhones and choose the best one as per your need and desire.

Refurbished iPhone 6 Plus (64GB)

With an approximate price of ₹ 13999, Refurbished iPhone 6 Plus (64GB) is the cheapest iPhone in this list. Loaded with a 5.50-inch Display, Apple A8 Processor, and 1GB RAM, it gives users excellent viewing angles and smooth run. The display resolution is 1080×1920 pixels.

The front camera and rear camera specs are 1.2-megapixel and 8-megapixel, respectively. Also, it has a ROM of 64GB and a battery of 2915mAh. The Android version installed in iOS 8.0. With such great specs and affordable costing, Refurbished iPhone 6 Plus (64GB) could be your next iPhone.

Refurbished iPhone 7 (32GB)

 Introduces the revolutionary dual camera, which is a basic spec for smartphones these days. At the cost of approximately ₹ 15749, Refurbished iPhone 7 (32GB) is at the bottom part of this segment. With a display of 4.70-inch, it is also loaded with an Apple A10 Fusion processor and 2GB RAM; it is a perfect combination.

The display density is 750×1334 pixels. It is loaded with front and back cameras of 7-megapixel and 12-megapixel, respectively. The hard storage capacity is 32GB, and the battery is of 1960mAh. This phone has iOS 10. If you want to get a premium phone at the cost of a budget phone, the Refurbished iPhone 7 (32GB) could be the refurbished iPhone you are searching for. iPhone 7 is a must-buy for every iPhone lover.

Refurbished iPhone 6s Plus (32GB)

With a buying price of ₹ 15999 approx., Refurbished iPhone 6s Plus (32GB) falls into the lower part of this price range. This phone has a 5.50-inch Display matched with the Apple A9 processor and 2GB RAM. The display resolution is 1080×1920 pixels.

The front and back camera specifications of this phone are 5-megapixel and 12-megapixel, respectively. The storage capability is 32GB, and the battery capacity is 2750mAh. It comes with iOS 9. If you need a premium smartphone at an affordable price, Refurbished iPhone 6s Plus (32GB) is the refurbished iPhone, you are looking for.

Refurbished iPhone 7 Plus (32GB)

Costing approximately ₹ 23999, Refurbished iPhone 7 Plus (32GB) is a mediocre priced iPhone to this section. It is loaded with5.50-inch Display Apple A10 Fusion processor and 3GB RAM, and it gives users excellent viewing angles and smooth run. The display density is 1080×1920 pixels.

The front camera and rear camera specs are 7-megapixel and 12-megapixel, respectively. Also, it has a ROM of 32GB and a battery of 2900mAh. The Android version installed is  iOS 10. With such great specs and affordable costing, Refurbished iPhone 7 Plus (32GB) could be the refurbished iPhone you are searching for.

Refurbished iPhone 8

iPhone is one of the best values for money refurbished iPhone with a price tag of ₹ 27299. Refurbished iPhone 8 is a moderately priced iPhone in this list. This phone has a 4.70-inch Display matched with the Apple A11 Bionic processor and 2GB RAM. The display resolution is 750×1334 pixels.

The front and back camera specifications of this phone are 7-megapixel and 12-megapixel, respectively. The storage capability is 64GB, and the battery capacity is 1821mAh. It comes with iOS 11. As a premium smartphone at an affordable price, the Refurbished iPhone 8 has taken over the refurbished market by a storm.

Refurbished iPhone 8 Plus

With an approximate price of ₹ 34299, Refurbished iPhone 8 Plus is one of the most expensive iPhones in this list. Loaded with 5.50-inch Display, Apple A11 Bionic processor and 3GB RAM, it gives users excellent viewing angles and smooth run. The display density is 1080×1920 pixels.

The front camera and rear camera specs are 7-megapixel and 12-megapixel, respectively. Also, it has a ROM of 64GB and a battery of 2691mAh. The Android version installed is iOS 11. With such great specs and affordable costing Refurbished iPhone 8 Plus is the iPhone, you should be looking for. Refurbished iPhone8 plus falls in the premium category of refurbished iPhone.

Refurbished iPhone XR

With a price tag of ₹ 36299, the Refurbished iPhone XR is the high ranged iPhone in this segment. With a display of 6.10-inch, it is also loaded with an Apple A12 Bionic processor and 3GB RAM; it is a perfect combination. The display resolution is 828×1792 pixels. It is loaded with front and back cameras of 7-megapixel and 12-megapixel, respectively.

The hard storage capacity is 64GB, and the battery is of 2942mAh. This phone has iOS 12. If you want to get a premium phone at the cost of a budget phone, a Refurbished iPhone XR could be your next iPhone.

Refurbished iPhone X

Costing approximately ₹ 43999, Refurbished iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone in this list. It is loaded with5.80-inch Display Apple A11 Bionic processor and 3GB RAM. The display density is 1125×2436 pixels. The front and back camera specification of this phone are 7-megapixel and 12-megapixel + 12-megapixel, respectively.

The storage capability is 64GB, and the battery capacity is 2716mAh. It comes with iOS 11. If you need a premium smartphone at an affordable price, the Refurbished iPhone X could be the refurbished iPhone you are searching for.

Compare refurbished iPhone |Refurbished iPhone Price and Specs Comparison

Refurbished iPhonesApple iPhone 6 Plus (64GB)Apple iPhone 7 (32GB)Apple iPhone 6s Plus (32GB)Apple iPhone 7 Plus (32GB)Apple iPhone 8Apple iPhone 8 PlusApple iPhone XRApple iPhone X
Refurbished Price₹13,999₹15,749₹15,999₹23,999₹27,299₹34,299₹36,299₹43,999
ProcessorApple A8Apple A10 FusionApple A9Apple A10 FusionApple A11 BionicApple A11 BionicApple A12 BionicApple A11 Bionic
Front Camera1.2-megapixel7-megapixel5-megapixel7-megapixel7-megapixel7-megapixel7-megapixel7-megapixel
Rear Camera8-megapixel12-megapixel12-megapixel12-megapixel12-megapixel12-megapixel12-megapixel12-megapixel + 12-megapixel
Battery Capacity2915mAh1960mAh2750mAh2900mAh1821mAh2691mAh2942mAh2716mAh
OSiOS 8.0iOS 10iOS 9iOS 10iOS 11iOS 11iOS 12iOS 11
Resolution1080×1920 pixels750×1334 pixels1080×1920 pixels1080×1920 pixels750×1334 pixels1080×1920 pixels828×1792 pixels1125×2436 pixels


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