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Samsung has been a household name for years now. Many of us have owned or currently own a Samsung phone. They’ve known to be revolutionary in their own right, claiming a significant chunk of the smartphone industry for themselves. Samsung phones are known to be dependable. They are a company that has catered to a large consumer base. While some of their prices do rival that of an iPhone, they make sure to launch quality phones in the mid-low price segment as well. To secure their place in this competitive segment, they have launched the Samsung Galaxy M31s.

They were a reliable supplier of excellent quality phones for the price range until companies like Realme, Oneplus, and Oppo entered the market, which led to a swift need for Samsung to step up its game. The predecessor of the Samsung Galaxy M31s, the M30s, were well received. They were affordable, with useful features, and of good quality. However, the Samsung Galaxy M31 was released just a few months prior in February, so is there a remarkable difference? Take a look for yourself. 

About the Samsung Galaxy M31s:

The Samsung Galaxy M31s price in India starts at INR 19499/-. The phone comes with two storage variant combinations and colours as seen below. The Samsung Galaxy M31s launch date is July 31st 2020 and will be available from August 6th onward. 

Samsung Galaxy M31s in Mirage Black (right) and Mirage Blue (left)

Samsung Galaxy M31s Review

Samsung has very quickly launched the Samsung Galaxy M31s. With its predecessor being launch only in February, the question is whether the phone is different enough to consider buying.

PerformanceSamsung Galaxy Exynos 9611 Octa Core
Battery 6000 mAH
Camera64+12+5+5 MP; 32 MP (Front camera)
Storage Options128GB +6GB/8GB RAM
ColoursMirage Black, Mirage Blue
Launch Date (available in stores)August 6th, 2020
PriceINR 19499 – 21499
Samsung Galaxy M31s Specifications


But, let’s not reveal everything at once, here’s a list of the advantages of the Samsung Galaxy M31s:

  1. Design: The design was a plus point. The phone comes with smooth edges and round corners, making it easy to hold and very good looking. While it doesn’t differ from its predecessor much in terms of design, it does not come with the tear-drop camera. The Samsung M31s comes with a cut-out camera making it look a lot smoother. It also comes with an audio jack. 
  2. Display: The phone comes with a large AMOLED display with a wide viewing angle. This proves excellent for watching movies, gaming, scrolling through social media and more. If you’re worried about headaches from staring at your screen, it comes with a blue light filter and Dark Mode. It also comes with accidental touch prevention and an ‘always-on’ display with the time and date. 
  3. Performance: There were no significant lags or performance issues with the phone. The fingerprint sensor works fast, and the phone doesn’t glitch when toggling between apps. The interface is clean, with the inclusion of an app drawer to keep your home screen free of clutter. It has all the pre-loaded apps that come with a Samsung phone along with some third-party apps. The phone also comes with features like Digital Well-being and Parental Controls. 
  4. Camera: Samsung went all out for the camera by including a quad-camera at the back. They claim it can shoot 4K video and comes with the new addition of night mode. It also comes with Intellicam, which improves the picture-taking experience on the phone.  
  5. Battery: This is possibly one of our favorite parts; the battery is massive. It is a 6000 mAH battery that can last whole days with mixed usage. It also supports 25W fast charging, and they kindly include the fast charger with the phone. 


The Samsung Galaxy M31s does not seem to differ too much from the M31. The apple does not fall very fall from the tree after all. Apart from minor differences to the design and camera quality, there is no discerning difference. This is the most significant disadvantage of the M31s.

Final Thoughts: 

The Samsung Galaxy M31 was a phone that was good, not revolutionary. It made its impact and showed that the company was listening and slowly providing changes. There was something slightly different about the phone, from its battery to design, you could reason out buying the phone. The Samsung Galaxy M31s does not give you the same liberty. While it does have some redeeming features such as the higher camera quality and slightly more screen space, there is nothing in this phone that sets it apart. 

This isn’t to say that it is a bad phone, it retains all the right parts of the M31 including the battery, design and performance. Theoretically, the phone is great! It runs smoothly, looks great, is nice for gaming and watching videos. However, It isn’t anything you can’t find in the M31. 

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