Samsung Galaxy S20 | S20+ | S20 Ultra; an essential review

Samsung; literally meaning three stars in Korean, brings fascinating features with the Galaxy S20 series. Samsung specializes in the production of smartphones that fit all budget-types and all need types. Right from business class smartphones, gaming phones, to those needed for minimal daily usage. The Samsung Galaxy S20 series fits into the high-end range of devices. 

The major question would be as to who should buy this series, or rather what group of people is this series aimed at. As per the specifications and functions, these smartphones are suited for anybody from the business class, although the Note series would be much beneficial. Them apart, anyone willing to spend money to get a top-notch device that lets you work fluently, game without interruptions and provides a premium experience can go for these devices. 

Samsung Galaxy S20 series; an overview

Samsung Galaxy S20 series is luxury. This series has components of style, innovation, technology, and classy-quirky functionality that make them an amazing combination. But, these phones are flagship devices which naturally mean that they are costly. Very costly. It created quite a stir in the market by the launch of Samsung Galaxy S20+ BTS edition, which is based on the KPop boyband named BTS. So, to much joy of the fans, this smartphone with well-crafted exquisite user experience won many hearts. 

The buzz of the industry about Samsung S20 series can be summed down to a few major things. The first being the high refresh rate, rear and front cameras with high megapixels and great picture processing, the revolutionary 8K video snap, powerful battery, stunning design, improved anti-glare screen features and enhanced security features. They have the feature of Powershare, fast charging and wireless charging. They come with IP68 dust and water resistance. Each device of the series comes with a set of functional differences. Find the specifications below. 

Samsung Galaxy S20Samsung Galaxy S20+Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
1. PriceRs. 74,000Rs. 83,000Rs. 1,03,000
2. Display6.2 inch6.7 inch6.9 inch
3. Resolution3200 x 1440 at 563 ppi3200 x 1440 at 525 ppi3200 x 1440 at 511 ppi
4. OSAndroidv10.0Androidv10.0Androidv10.0
5. ProcessorExynos 990 octa core processorExynos 990 octa core processorExynos 990 octa core processor
6. Battery4000mAh4500mAh5000mAh
7. Front CameraDual Pixel 10 MPDual Pixel 10 MP40 MP
8. Rear Camera12 MP, 64MP, 12 MP12 MP, 64 MP, 12 MP108 MP, 48MP, 12 MP
9. RAM8 GB8 GB12 GB
10. Storage128 GB128 GB128 GB

Samsung Galaxy S20

This 6.2-inch smartphone comes with a glass back design adding a premium feel along with the beautiful palette of colours it comes in. The battery of 4000mAh is much better than what we got in the S10 series. It is important to note that you get varying chipsets based on the region you live in. (It is different for mainland Asia, Europe and America). The Camera has incorporated features of better pixel size, and the massive upgrade of the telephoto camera to 64MP.  

The plus points

  1. 5G phone that is cheapest in the series
  2. Has a refresh rate of 120 Hz, which means fast touch response.
  3. Convenient to handle given its dimensions and design. 

The drawbacks

  1. No headphone jack. And this is seen in all the devices of this series.
  2. No time of flight sensor in the camera. 
  3. For those already having S10 device, opinions say that it is better not to make a shift as there are many similarities with little upgrades. 

Samsung Galaxy S20+

The S20+ version differs from S20 in certain aspects, the first being the display size that is increased to 6.7 inches and is renowned for its edge-to-edge display. The availability of 120Hz refresh rate is at FHD+ and 60Hz at QHD+ enabling battery saving. The storage and performance are worth a mention.

The BTS edition comes with a BTS themed design in a beautiful purple colour. There is a heart symbol in the camera group and the BTS logo at the back of the phone. In short, it has all things BTS in it. 

The plus points

  1. Large screen enables multitasking and adds to the experience of gaming and movie-watching.

The drawbacks

  1. Oversaturation of images, and issues in the processing of images with faces in it is noted in the rear camera

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra comes with larger better features than the other two devices. Increased size up to 6.9 inches, 108 MP rear camera, and a massive battery. The immersive AMOLED display catches attention at the first glance. To sum it up, the S20 Ultra has a good design, great performance and battery, revolutionary cameras, with all the little details fitting in place. 

The plus points

  1. Has 100x zoom making you capture in-depth and detail.
  2. The link to windows option can help you push notification to a Windows device. 
  3. The night camera features have improved, and so is the change in functionality in the night mode. 

The drawbacks

  1. Pricey. 
  2. Bulky.

Comparison and Final say

 Each device comes with its own set of plus and minus features. But the important question is, do you need to own these devices? Yes, if you need them. Yes, if you are rich. And yes, if you need a set of compatible devices with the most top-notch features. 

The S20 is the most convenient and handy kind of phone given its dimensions. Moreover, it’s the cheapest in the series and comes with pretty good features. S20+ is more like paying a little extra to get the benefit of additional features. But without a doubt, S20 Ultra has much more striking features than the other two, and accordingly, it is more pricey. 

So, choose your pick keeping in mind the features you need in your smartphone, and the money you got in your wallet!