Social distancing and lockdown are just the beginning of a long saga to fighting COVID-19. Washing hands disinfects your Hand, wearing a face mask protects you from polluted air, but what about your phone. Don’t make your phone a medium

In India, smartphones are just cleaned for fingerprints, scratches, and dust. It’s not disinfected. Sanitizing the phone is as ignored as the first piece of bread, the white crayon, terms and agreement and High-volume warnings.

Even Economic Times of India Published This Article: Is your smartphone carrying coronavirus?

Sanitizing Your Smartphone
Sanitizing Your Smartphone

With the COVID-19 outbreak, doctors and experts have suggested wearing a mask, washing hands frequently, social distancing as preventive measures. People go out- use their phone, buy grocery come back, wash hands, and again use the same phone. So, in other words, washing Hand are of no use as you are using the phone without sanitizing it. This brings back the risk of COVID-19 to the same level. Not only does this virus outbreak, but your smartphone should be sanitized and cleaned regularly to avoid infections and diseases.

People in India clean smartphone directly with water and cloth. It might remove the fingerprints, but with no means, it disinfects your phone. Numerous articles on sanitizing phones are available on internet. ‘Sanitizing phone’ and ‘sanitizing phone in India’ mean two different things. Most of the websites and articles will inform you to use Clyro wipes, Lysol disinfecting wipes, or 70% isopropyl. These are very specialized liquids for cleaning your phone. But as per Indian” Jugaad” customs like squeezing empty toothpaste with the hydraulic press for the last drop and reusing Horlicks bottle for generations doesn’t permit us to keep such specialized liquid.

Sanitizing Your Smartphone: How to Sanitize your phone at home with readily available household items?

First, let’s talk about the liquids that are found in every house that can be used for sanitizing your phone:

  1. Nail polish remover as Sanitizer: Nail polish remover is probably found in every house. Every woman in India had a nail polish remover. Nail polish remover is spirit. It can be liquid, as well as wipes. It is one of the most efficient sanitizing agents for your smartphone.
    1. Caution: nail polish remover should not be used on polished phones. It might remove any kind of polish, sticker, or logo of the phone.
  1. Dettol/Savlon as Sanitizer: Dettol or savlon are disinfectants kept in our housed for cleaning wounds and prevent infections. Cleaning phone with Dettol/salon will not only clean your phone but also disinfects your phone by killing 99.99% of germs (As per Indian medical association). These are the most popular disinfectants in India. Pour some drops on the clothe then wipe your phone with it.
    1. Caution: don’t pour Dettol/Savlon directly on your phone as these contain water, which could short-circuit your phone. Make sure the liquid doesn’t go into earpiece or charging point.
  1. Deodorant as Sanitizer: this liquid not only ensures the sanitization of your phone but also smells good. Deodorants also contain a mixture of alcohol and spirit. These can be found in every millennials room. Deo vaporizes quickly; therefore, it can be directly sprayed on your phone and then be cleaned with a cloth.
  1. Colin glass cleaner: Colin glass cleaner might not be the perfect sanitizing agent for your phone, but it ensures more safety than merely drops of water. Colin is a cleaning solution base on dilute acids and cleaning agents. Colin ensures safety to some degree. Besides this, it’s a perfect cleaning liquid.    While cleaning it, make sure your phone is turned off, and liquid isn’t sprayed inside the microphone or charging port. Colin is not a specialized phone cleaning agent because it conducts electricity; it could short-circuit your phone. Better spray it on a piece of cloth and then wipe your phone with it
  2. Alcohol: Drinking alcohol is injurious to health while using it to clean your phone is beneficial for health. Drops of whiskey vodka provides more safety than regular cleaning.
    1. Caution: Please make sure you use the same caution with alcohol as with cooling because the drinking alcohol found in the market is not concentrated but dilute. It must be used carefully as the same case with Colin.
  1. Vinegar/ lemon: if you can’t find anything of the above in your house and you still want to disinfect tour cellphone, this could be your last bet. Vinegar and lemon are composed of citric acid. These can be used as disinfectants. This should be also used cautiously,

These liquids are found in our homes easily but if you want to buy and use specific liquids for your phone here are some

  • Lyzol Disinfecting Wipe
  • Clorox Wipes
  • 70% Isopropyl

These are highly specialized liquid for sainting your phone and other electrical devices. You can find this liquid in a supermarket or order them online on platforms like flipchart and amazon

Guidelines on cleaning your phone: step by step:

Here are step by step guide on cleaning your phone

1. Switch Off and Remove Accessories: turn off your phone to avoid any kind of short circuit or mis happening make sure you remove the charger and case.

2. Wipe with Clean Fine Cotton Cloth:  Polish our smartphone with a clean cotton cloth to remove fingerprints and dust.

3. Spray: Spray any of the above-mentioned liquid on the clothe. Make sure not to make the cloth entire wet but slightly moist. Spray as per the size of your device.

4. Gently Wipe: Rub the wet part on your phone’s surface gently. Emphasize on the corners and cuts as they are e the most infected points. Careful cover 100% of the phones surface including earpiece and charging points.

4. Polish with a Dry Cotton Cloth: dry your phone by polishing your phone with a dry cotton cloth.

5. Clean the Accessories: Don’t forget to sanitize the accessories like charge, data cable, earphone and back over as they are equally infected

6. Dry: Let your phone dry for 3-5 minutes before switching it on.

7. Sanitize your Hand: before you again start scrolling, please wash your hands. This ensures complete safety against COVID-19 like viruses and bacteria

Frequency of sanitizing your phone:

Under ordinary circumstances, experts prefer that you should sanitize the phone once or twice a week, but since the coronavirus outbreak, it is preferred that you should sanitize your phone after every time you have taken it out in public.

 Any particular emphasis during COVID-19?

Even though sanitizing your phone is a corrective measure we would suggest you follow preventive measure:

  1. Minimize the use of your phone in Public Places. Besides this also do not keep your phone on a public table and desk. Most of us prefer to use phones in the metro, trains, and gym, which would ultimately infect your phone.
  1.  The bathroom saga: We have been accustomed to using our phone in the bathroom. Quitting this habit affects your safety significantly.


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