Smartphone technology is getting updated and upgraded every month. It is an ever-changing procedure. If you want to have the latest mobile in 2021, it is time to stay updated about the trends that we expect to rule the year.

There is no doubt that the smartphones that get launched in 2021 will redefine the year. Like every year, we are sure to see new launches from iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, and all leading brands.

But what is trending for 2021?

Top 7 upcoming smartphone trends for 2021

If you are unsure what you have ahead of you in terms of smartphones, let us give you a glimpse.

1. Smartphone photography with Snapdragon 888 Computation:

In 2021, the world of smartphone users is going to experience a revolutionary change in photography with the launching of Snapdragon 888 chip computation. 

The industry expects the Snapdragon 888 chip to overcome issues related to the limitation in size of the camera sensor. Snapdragon has come up with 3 Image Sensing Processors, whose combined footage will form a high-resolution and detailed image. With this chip, every smartphone user will be able to use all the rear cameras together to record 4K videos.

This computational photography process is sure to drive an uproar in the market as people will now click real-life quality images from their phones.

2. Whitechapel Project by Google:

Google has been developing the Whitechapel project since 2020. It is a Google in-house SoC, which is getting manufactured in concurrence with Samsung. 

The “Whitechapel” Project involves a 5nm process with 8 major cores. Google SoC is also expected to offer extra cores for its Google Assistant and Machine Learning support. 

Google will launch its Whitechapel chip during the launch of the 2021 Chromebook and Pixel. The new chip is to boost the devices’ performances, especially in photography. Google wants to improve its chip from Apple 14 Bionic and Snapdragon 888 chip such that it avoids Qualcomm SoC. Finally, there is a plan to introduce a customized ARM-based chip in the 2021 smartphone, such that they stay under a single ecosystem. 

3. Apple A-Series Chip Integration for M1 MacBooks:

As the launching of ARM-based M1 MacBook and Mac Minis in 20221, the A14 chip by Apple will be showing a new level of synergy with the M1 MacBooks. 

Critics presume that the A-14 chip will have a deeper integration than before. There is also a hope that iPhone and MacBook will now run the same app iteration. Only the platform will be different. 

4. 5G chips ruling the market:

It is a well-known fact that 2021 will see the smartphone launches with 5G connection support. Since 2020, there had been a robust expansion in 5G networking. Before the infrastructure comes into the market, we are sure to have devices that will support 5G.

Even the flagship chip of 2021, Snapdragon 888, will have integrated 5G SoC. The 5G modems will not be separate from the device any longer. The market leaders promise to launch 5G-enabled mobiles that have a 5nm chip and high battery backup.

5. 2021 is the year of Flip phones:

With Motorola Razer, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, and Fold coming to the market in 2020, the demand for flip phones has increased. Some of the users are even considering the option of Flip feature phones that was prevailing in 2006. People are now considering this as a detox concept after the increased on-screen time during the lockdown.

To honour all these demands, 2021 is likely to see a surge in flip phones in the market. In fact, Alcatel and Light Phone has already declared their offer for a feature flip mobile this year. The market is sure to have a blast of Smart and feature flip phones.

Rumours say that Apple is to launch its iPhone flip model this year to satisfy the market’s needs.

6. Mini Flagship Smartphones:

The demand for in-budget mini flagship smartphones has gone up since the launch of the Apple iPhone 12 Mini. Apple has proved that people still want small-sized phones. 

Xiaomi has already announced its progress with the mini flagship phone development. We expect loads of other brands to follow the same steps in 2021. 

7. Gaming Smartphones:

Isn’t it quite obvious that the latest trends in smartphone manufacturing will include Gaming phones? With the onset of the pandemic, E-sports has already reserved its place among mobile users. With more players entering the online competitions, users now need to have a powerful gaming phone in their hands. ASUS, Xiaomi, Lenovo, etc., has already launched its gaming smartphone models. 

With the Snapdragon 888 upcoming in 2021, the users are looking up to the leading brands to launch their gaming mobiles. 


Trends in smartphones are changing fast, and 2021 will not be an exception. Several new features are sure to rule 2021 based on the market demand observed in 2020. We discussed the 7 predicted trends this year, and more are on their way.


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