If you are not buying an iPhone from a trusted vendor, i.e., Apple Store or an authorized seller, you must know how to identify a fake vs original iPhone.

As you know, the iPhone is the biggest smartphone brand in the world, and there are many replicas rooted in the Indian market. iPhone is sold through different means offline, online, third party, auction sites, resellers, second-hand markets, and many more. The copies of iPhones are available readily in the market, which is so similar to the real iPhone. If you are not a gadget geek, you might get deceived into buying a fake one. Replicas of iPhone available on the Indian market are not just for sale, but actual demand exists for these.

iPhone description: iPhones are designed and manufactured by Apple Inc. no other company in the world can use the brand name iPhone, its software, its patents, trademark, etc. so iPhone has a different name and class for itself. No other phone could look or sound like an iPhone ‘legally speaking.’ The iPhone software, i.e., iOS, could only be installed in a genuine apple manufactured iPhone.

Fake iPhone in the Market: 

Duplicate iPhone could be found easily in Indian mobile markets if you want to buy one. These phones exactly look like real iPhones but don’t work like one. You must be thinking why not all the sellers stop selling fake iPhones, and the government declares it as illegal to sell those phones. These replica iPhones could only be termed as illegal if it sold under the brand name: iPhone”. However, it is sold on the market with a different name such as

“Mini iPhone.” or “iPhone Mini”

“China Version iPhone” or “Chinese Version iPhone “

“China Edition iPhone ” or “Chinese Edition iPhone “

“China Copy iPhone ” or “Chinese Copy iPhone “

“China Made iPhone ” or “Chinese Made iPhone “

“China Model iPhone ” or “Chinese Model iPhone “

“China Phone iPhone ” or “Chinese Phone iPhone “

The other thing is the demand for these replica iPhones actually exists in the market. people buy these fake iPhones for various reason –

  • to impress your friends with your latest hi-tech gadget
  • to show off and think a replica will fool people
  • because some people think a replica is as good as the real thing
  • because many people assume it will make you look really cool at a low cost

These are some of the bad reasons to get replica phones. Contrary to popular belief, there are actually good reasons to buy a Chinese iPhone over the real thing. Sure, no iPhone is just as good as the real thing. But let’s face it: there is a huge price difference between both devices. From the dozens (even hundreds) of Chinese iPhone models, you can easily find for sale, and none comes even close in terms of cost. In fact, you can easily locate a reasonably powerful and fully-featured iPhone clone for as low as ₹ 10000, whereas the “real thing” would cost at least five times as much, and that’s in the best-case scenario.

Spot a fake iphone

In all circumstances, you shouldn’t assume a fake iPhone is nearly as good as the real thing. Generally speaking, these replicas have a choppy and unresponsive performance, compared to the original devices. However, this is just a matter of perspective since they are actually reasonably decent phones on their own merit. It’s just that they are less snappy and responsive than those top of the line smartphones that cost five times as much. Asides from that, these Asian phones can do just about everything the other phones can do – sometimes even more so.

Some of the reasons why clone iPhone still exist in the market include meager price (by comparison to the real thing); unique, innovative features (such as dual-SIM support, java support, built-in flashlight, and several other neat gadget-like features); diverse models to choose from; 100% unblocked phones that you can use with any carrier. When people start thinking of all the advantages of a Chinese iPhone, the simple fact these phones aren’t *quite* as snappy or hip-looking as the real thing, it suddenly doesn’t look so remarkable.


In fact, these phones are inexpensive gadget-like Chinese phones, rather than comparing them to other popular phones on the market.

Where to find: Fake vs Real iPhones?

You should consider buying iPhones only from trustworthy and reliable sources. The major markets are:

  • Primary Market deals with brand new phones sold from Primary sellers like the Manufacturing company outlets or certified retailers.
  • Secondary Market deals with the trade of refurbished phones often sold by manufacturing companies or certified refurbishers. It is safe to buy as you get a warranty.
  • Grey Market refers to the unauthorised selling of refurbished phones by local vendors. The refurbished phones sold here come with cheaper substitute parts and low quality. Unsafe to buy from these markets despite the cheap prices offered.
  • Black Market refers to the illegal trade of new and refurbished devices. Buying phones from this source poses a high risk.

Grey and Black markets mostly host Fake and Cloned versions of iPhones.

The Problem with the Fake iPhone: 

As you read, the replica iPhone has some reasons that it still exists in the market, but the real problem is enormous and much more severe. The real problem comes when these fake iPhones are sold in the market as a genuine one. This is the biggest problem with the existence of a fake iPhone. Every year hundreds and thousands of Indians are deceived into buying counterfeit iPhones, and it costs them thousands of bucks before they realize it’s a fake one.


The art of deception: replica iPhones are used to deceive customers as if they are real ones. You should be extra careful if you find an iPhone listed in OLX or Quickr at a meager price. Some fraudsters may use terms like customs-free, factory released, etc. to deceive its customer. As the price is low people don’t think much of it and buy one. However, even if you know very little about how to identify a genuine iPhone, you won’t be the victim.

Where are these dummy iPhones mostly sold?


Fake iPhones are mostly sold by individuals roaming around the mobile market. Also, many fraudsters list iPhones cheaply on OLX, Quickr, Selling and buying pages on social media, etc. When you try to buy second-hand iPhones with these strangers, you might get cheated into buying a fake one. Therefore, these duplicate iPhones have a significant presence in the Indian market

What are the differences between a Fake and Real iPhone?

Here come the main points. Here we have listed the significant defenses between fake and original iPhones.

real vs fake iphone

There are many ways to distinguish between an original iPhone and a fake iPhone. Even if you are a layman, you can just tell by the looks if the iPhone is genuine or not.

Hardware differences between a Real and a Fake iPhone

It is a common belief that not being tech-savvy gets you fooled easily during the purchase of gadgets and devices. But here are some easy tips and tricks to help you be smart with choosing a genuine iPhone after understanding the difference between fake and genuine iPhones.

1. iPhone box
  • Fake: Flashy pictures of the phone are printed on top of the box, flat top surface. Instructions might be printed in foreign characters.
  • Real: No flashy pictures of the phone, raised outline of iPhone is embossed on the top surface. Details about the country of manufacture, device code, and bar code are present on the box.

Compare the written details on the bottom of the boxes. See the picture of the box bottom from Apple’s official site and compare it with the box you got.

2. Logo and imprints on the iPhone
  • Fake: Large imprints at the back of the phone. Mirror-like logo in lighter shades. You feel a transition when you move your finger from the logo to the phone cover.
  • Real: The logo is less mirror-like, and has a darker tinge. Transition feels smooth.
3. Ports
  • Fake: Charging ports have a plastic borderline.
  • Real: Charging ports do not have a plastic borderline.
4. Buttons
  • Fake: Power button produces a subdued click sound, or does not produce any sound when pressed.
  • Real: When the power button is pressed, a distinct click sound is heard.

Compare the power button placement of the given handset with that of the original model picture.

5. Screws
  • Fake: Regular screws are used in assembling the phone.
  • Real: Penta-lobe screws are used.
6. Camera
  • Fake: The height of the back-camera is less when compared to the real phone. The lens is covered with a plastic-like coat.
  • Real: Distinctive height of the back-camera. The lens appears glassy.

Software and Display differences in Original vs. Clone iPhone:

In most cases, the hardware level of checks is sufficient to detect the difference between fake and real iPhones. But for all the phone experts out there who need to be sure about everything, the software and display checks will be sufficient to clear all your doubts.

1. ‘Slide to Unlock’
  • Fake: the ‘slide to unlock’ script on the lock screen is displayed in bold white or other solid colours.
  • Real: the script is animated and is displayed in transient colours.
2. Display
  • Fake: Poor pixel resolution, undistinguished colours.
  • Real: Good resolution. Good picture quality. Clear and distinct colours.
3. Operating system
  • Fake: Runs on the Android operating system.
  • Real: Runs on iOS ( i operating system).

To check the operating system of the phone use the route: Settings>About> Operating system.

4. Default Applications
  • Fake: Cannot support two applications running at a time. Scrolling between screens function is not smooth. The default apps do not include Contacts, Compass, Settings, Calculator, Music, and Photos. But rather include Stylus, Web T.V., FM Radio apps.
  • Real: Supports two or more applications running at a time. Screen scrolling is quick. The default apps include Contacts, Compass, Settings, Calculator, Music, Photos, and do not include Stylus, Web T.V., and FM Radio.
5. Keyboard
  • Fake: The space button is blank with nothing written on it. A comma or full stop character is present beside the space bar.
  • Real: The space button has a ‘space’ written on it. Comma and full stop are not displayed beside the spacebar. Emoticon icon is present beside the space bar.
6. Serial Number
  • Fake: Do not come with a serial number. Even if there is a serial number provided, entering it on the apple website shows an error.
  • Real: Entering the serial number at the apple website confirms the details about the iPhone.

To find the serial number, use the route: Settings>General> About> Serial Number.

Other little details to be checked are Connectivity to iTunes and face-time, presence of Siri, sim slot type, memory card slot, supported memory details, sync with other Apple devices, 3D touch feature, battery charge specifications and screen brightness. Not all iPhones have the same features. With every new model, new features are added. So it is essential that you read about the features of the iPhone you want to buy to find the difference between fake and real iPhones

Some other Indications of a duplicate iPhone:

Here are some other differences between Fake & Real Iphones.

Moreover, Genuine iPhone does not have:

  • Stylus
  • FM Radio
  • Web T.V.
  • Expandable Memory: The original iPhone’s memory is NOT expandable
  • Dual Sim card slots aka 2 Sim
  • “Factory” Unlocked or Jailbroken: 
  • Extra Battery: The original only comes with a non-removable internal battery.

How to avoid being fooled into buying a Fake iPhone?

If you are not a tech geek and you want to be safe from getting tricked into buying a fake iPhone, there are three things you can do to be safe:

  1. Always buy from authorized dealers: if you are purchasing a new iPhone, always buy from the apple store, online e-commerce partner, and authorized dealer. This will reduce the chances of getting fooled to almost null
  2. Get the invoice: an invoice is the most significant proof of sale and purchase. Not only the iPhone, don’t consider buying any gadget without an invoice. Invoice is a legal proof and can solely be provided by genuine vendors
  3. Do the research: if you are buying a second-hand iPhone, the above two points may not work out very well, but some research will lead you to some of the most trusted second-hand vendors online.2GUD, Amazon Refurbished Cashify, etc. are some of the most trusted websites on the internet. Mobiru India is an online refurbished phone selling portal that assures its customers that they get genuine and well-tested products. Also, Mobiru India provides a valid invoice along with a warranty that builds more confidence in its customers.
  4. Check the weight, dimensions, colors available for that particular model and cross-check it with the model you buy. Basically compare the functions and features of the model with the handset.


How to check the authenticity of the iPhone using IMEI?

Being very honest, you cannot input IMEI online and know the genuineness of your iPhone. One of the ways to check the originality of the new iPhone is by feeding Serial No to the apple website https://checkcoverage.apple.com/us/en/. If your iPhone is under warranty, it will show details like model number, selling date, and so on. You can find the iPhone’s serial number on Settings->About->General.

Are fake iPhones any good?

Many users feel confused about clone iPhones because there’s too much-mixed information. If you do a little bit of research on iPhone clones, you’ll quickly realize this: millions of people across the world sing praises about the usefulness and low cost of a Chinese iPhone, while millions of other people swear that getting this kind of phone is a terrible deal. In between so many contrasting opinions, you are probably feeling somewhat confused, right? Well, worry, not. We will help you draw your own conclusions on the subject matter as well as making an informed decision.

On the one hand, the Chinese iPhone is undoubtedly a “scam.” There really is no way going around it: these phones are nowhere as efficient or powerful as a top of the line smartphone. However, people who throw such accusations should keep in mind the drastic price difference between both devices. It’s kind of like when you go to the supermarket, and you find those “white brand” products next to products from popular brands. You know that white brands aren’t nearly as good as the real thing, right? All the while, you also know these brands have a significant advantage: their low cost.

On the other hand, the iPhone clone is actually a superb device if you consider it just as an independent handset, not as a duplicate iPhone, especially when you think how little it costs compared with a branded device. Not only that, but the Chinese iPhone often has unique functions that can’t be found elsewhere- such as the ability to use three different SIM cards at once! 

It’s all a matter of why did you buy a clone iPhone, whether you have brought a clone iPhone believing it as a real one, it’s going to hurt you really badly, and you would throw it. But if you want to buy a very low-cost mobile for general use, a clone iPhone could fit in.

Can fake iPhones Facetime?

No, facetime is an iOS functionality and doesn’t work on any other phone or operating software. 

What are the other ways of getting cheated while buying an iPhone?

First of all, you should verify that the iPhone is original if you are buying from an unauthorized dealer. The next most important thing that you should check is the sim lock or country lock. If you are purchasing an iPhone from an unreliable source, insert a sim and try to make a call. This will make sure that the iPhone you are buying is not sim locked or country locked.

Is it safe to buy a Second-Hand iPhone?

Buying a second-hand iPhone is risky in a marketplace like India as the sellers of second-hand phones may not be verified. We would like to recommend your refurbished iPhone. The main reason to prefer a refurbished iPhone over second-hand iPhone is trust. Refurbished iPhones are sold by verified and trusted sellers like Cashify, Mobiru India, 2GUD, and so on, which pulls down the chances of getting cheated to nil. Besides trustworthiness refurbished phones are 

  • provided with an invoice,
  • well tested before dispatch,
  • repaired and reconditioned even for minor faults
  • warranty is provided 
  • essential accessories like a charger are provided

Therefore, it’s not safe to buy second-hand iPhones, but its alternative refurbished iPhone is a solution to your problem.

Why is buying a Refurbished iPhone Safer?

Refurbished iPhones are sold only by trusted vendors. Not everyone on the internet holds resources to refurbish phones and sell them in the market. Therefore, phones are only refurbished by the verified company at authorized centers. Most of the refurbished companies on the internet are genuine and provide complete customer satisfaction. Mobiru India is one of the growing portals for refurbished iPhones. You can read more about buying Refurbished iPhone in our another article.


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