If you are wondering how to sell my mobile for best price, visit Mobiru India. It is quite tricky when you try to sell your device online. You can never be sure if you are getting the right price from a retail reseller. However, Mobiru India assures you of the best deal on reselling your device.

If you have approached your friends to sell my phone, don’t fall for false promises on selling devices at the original price of the mobile.

You might not be able to sell your phone at its original price, but with Mobiru, you can get about 80% resale values.

How to sell your mobile on Mobiru, here we have 5-steps to resell mobile online.

5-Steps to Selling your Old Phone on the Mobiru Website

Step 1: Data Erasing for Maximum Security

Before selling your mobile through Mobiru, you must wipe out the entire mobile data for maximum security. Visit your device’s factory setting and reset the device to erase all phone memory effectively. If you have an additional memory card or SIMcard, remove them and keep them with you. If you are also selling off your memory card, you need to erase the memory card as well.

Step 2: Indulge in Transparent Selling.

When you sell your mobile, disclose every detail about your device to Mobiru. If you have some operational issue, be transparent about it. It is essential to ensure that you disclose these details to the buyer to avoid trouble after reselling the device. Your buyer will offer you a justified rate once they are sure of the defects of the mobile they buy. Telling Mobiru about the defects helps them in identifying the need for refurbishing.

Step 3: Prepare Accessories and Invoices.

Before selling your phone online, arrange for the original phone invoice and accessories like data cable, charger adaptor, earphones, box, etc. Sharing these with your buyer increases the device’s value and builds trust.

Step 4: Understand your Buyer’s Identity.

When selling your phone to an unknown buyer, it is important that you take their ID proof and contact number for a secured transaction. Mobiru will make sure that you have the buyer’s identity to prevent illegal transactions.

Step 5: Transaction

In the majority of the cases, mobile reselling happens on cash dealings. However, the most secure form of transaction is online transactions like bank transfer, GPay, PayTM, or similar modes. To add to these online modes of payment, Mobiru provides you with a receipt for your transaction as proof.

Other Ways of Selling your Mobile

In India, mobile reselling happens through these modes-
• Word of mouth
• Online auction platform
• Social media advertisement selling
• Instant online selling through portals


Selling your mobile online has become easier with Mobiru. Even if you have a damaged phone, you can sell it here for the best price. This platform refurbishes your old device and arranges for the highest resell price from reputed buyback companies. Follow the given steps and get the best buyback deal on your mobile.


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