Refurbished mobile phones offer the same benefits at lower prices. When talking about refurbished phone, consumers live under the impression that we are talking about second-hand phones that are damaged and cannot be used at their full capacity. This general assumption is just a mean and deceitful rumor, but the truth is that these phones are as good as the new ones. Any physical or software damage is fixed, and new components are installed to ensure that customers enjoys a functional and good-looking device at a lower price. One must take this into consideration given the hard-financial times we are living in, and it is a sing of pragmatism and intelligence.  

The life cycle of Refurbished Phone.  

refurbished phone

Let us introduce you to the process by which a phone becomes a refurbished phone. Here we have Sameer, who just purchased a new phone from his favorite carrier, and after a while, his device became obsolete or got damaged, and repairing it is just too expensive. What can he do? He can take his phone back to his carrier and sell it. This is where a new cycle starts for this phone. The device is inspected, and the damage is being repaired, if it is a software error a newer, better software is installed, if it is physical damage the broken parts are replaced, a new battery is installed, and the phone is tested to make sure that it looks and works like a new one. A new phone is born, and the only difference lies in the invisible piece of history it carries from its previous owner. This means that it is ready to make another user happy.  

Why purchasing Refurbished Phone is a statement of Pragmatism?  

The mobile phone industry is gigantic, and a recent study has shown that only in India almost half-million devices thrown away daily. This number is astronomical, and no matter how many of them are recycled, the risk of pollution is still high. Consumers can be part of the solution and not the problem, by getting phones that are refurbished. Although a new mobile phone may be very tempting, it is a smarter move to purchase a pre-owned one for several reasons. 

First of all, the price of such a device is lower, and it comes, as I previously stated, with new components and a warranty for one or two years, depending on the merchandiser. Secondly, by purchasing a refurbished phone, you will continue the life cycle of a phone that could have ended up in the garbage bin, so you can be proud that you are not polluting, but helping the already in pain, planet. Here you save the earth from e-waste by doing nothing. Being pragmatic means being smart and getting the better of any opportunity. The refurbished phone market is offering you the chance to prove that you, too, are pragmatic and that you care about the world you live in.  In India, the Refurbished phone market is also booming. If you want to learn more about refurbished phones, read our article about Refurbished Phone.


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