Most of the People buy Premium Smartphones for Gaming but they don’t realize the potentials of Gaming on Refurbished Mobile or Smartphones.

Gaming is one of the critical factors for the upward sales curve of the high-end smartphone. Gaming in smartphones has taken the world by storm. It has not only pushed the gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation but made mobile gaming companies more profitable than ever. Games like PUBG, candy crush, temple run, etc. are the biggest battery drainer and data consumer millennials these days. The gaming industry is today’s giant. While these games are free to download on the store, the smartphone which runs It is neither free nor cheap.

Gaming phones are high-end phones with state of the art technology. These phones are manufactured with high-end hardware and software. A decent gaming phone could easily cost above 50k. So if you are not ready to spend your 3-month salary on the phone, “yeh scheme tere liye Nahi hai” but hold on “mere pass ek aaur scheme hai: Refurbished phone.” refurbished phones are the best way to score an as good as a perfect smartphone as an affordable price. Since the phone companies have started giving the latest updates on all the phones, buying refurbished gaming phone seems more viable.

Gaming freaks stay updated all the time, and they do so by getting their hand on the latest gaming phone on the market. Either it is exchanged by the gamer on the eCommerce website like Flipkart and Amazon or sold to other customers.

When large companies get their hand on these gaming smartphones, they rejuvenate it. They send it to their workshop, where they restore it. Change the housing, wipe out the data, fix any defects, power charge the battery, test it, repack it with original charger in a case, and seal it. Now the gaming phone is ready to enter the market again with a new life but the new buyer will pay a fraction of the original cost. This will be on the best way to get a gaming smartphone 

Gaming on Refurbished Mobile
Gaming on Refurbished Mobile

A gamer will find the best smartphone on the market to use it for probably a year. This one-year-old phone will still have specs better than the current budget smartphone. So the refurbished phone buyer always has the upper hand in affordable gaming. 

For example, gaming phones such as one plus the flagship phone’s previous model price drops when the new model arrives. Furthermore, the price of the refurbished of the same drops drastically. Therefore buying a refurbished gaming phone seems like an unbeatable move. But wait, it not as easy as you think. Buying a refurbished phone requires a lot more skeptical mind than buying a standard phone

The first thing that you should be clear about the opportunity cost. Whether you can get a new phone at the same price. A few things are to be specially checked before buying a gaming phone.

Gaming on Refurbished Mobile: A Checklist before buying a refurbished gaming phone.

The Model: Make sure the phone model you are planning to have is not faulty. Some models have defects from the start. Like Asus Rog 1 had a problem with running PUBG. Do your homework before you run into making your decision.

Battery Backup: This is probably the first thing you should do after choosing your model. Verified sellers have a return policy of 6m-1yr. When you buy a refurbished phone, make sure you check the battery performance.

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Since the gaming phones already have a great battery and the refurbished phones are power charged and tested, the chances of getting a faulty battery are meager. Still, you must ensure the backup.

Manufacturer’s Update Policy: Check whether the manufacturing company is providing regular updates or not. Gaming phones perform well if it gets regular updates and security patches—most of the companies like Oneplus, iPhone, LG,etc. Come with regular updates.

Charging: Refurbished gaming mobile should be checked while charging. Make sure the charger point is not loose, and the vendor provides a fast charger with the refurbished phone.

Heating Issue: Check if the phone that you have brought has any kind of heating issues. Phones having heating issues could be replaced in certain days return policy of the vendor. Most of the refurbished phones are well tested but are not tested in extended game play. 

Grading: This is a new but essential parameter that should be checked before buying a refurbished phone—mobile grades all the refurbished smartphones available for sale in the market. Grading of the phone depends on its condition, repairs parts used, etc  Check the grades of the phone among different vendors and find the best value for money smartphones.

Choosing Your Vendor: Make sure the vendor you are buying the refurbished gaming phone has a return policy, offers a warranty, and has authorized repair center. 

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Buying a refurbished phone is an excellent decision as it offers you a high-end flagship phone at the cost of a budget phone.