The Truth about Smartphone Radiation

Statistics state that India exceeded the count of 2.3 billion smartphone users in 2017. With such a huge population using smartphones, it is essential to know if Smartphone radiation does cause harm. And if so, are all the Billions of people across the world in danger? There have been claims of Smartphone radiation causing cancer, paralysis, and Dementia. Let us try figuring out the truth about smartphone radiation.

Why do phones emit radiation?

The answer to this question lies in the major function that phones are used for. It is communication. Each handset has a transmitter and a receiver that are involved in sending and receiving information through signals. These signals are in the form of Radio Waves. Every time you call or send a message, the digital data is converted to radio waves and transmitted to the destined receiver.

Physics says that Radiation is the emission or transmission of energy in the form of electromagnetic waves or particles through space or a material medium. There are two major types of radiations: ionising and non-ionising. Ionising radiations are powerful waves that impact the electron in the atoms of living cells, thus posing threats to molecule and tissue alteration in living bodies. Non-ionising radiations do not pose such risks. In the electromagnetic spectrum, Radio waves are of the longest wavelength and lowest frequency, thus putting them into a category of Safe radiations.

Every hot body emits a certain level of radiations as the heat energy is converted to electromagnetic waves and they contain energy. So, apart from the smartphone radiation emitted because of communicating factors, smartphones also emit radiation when they turn hot. This can happen when the phone is on charging, or when the phone is overused, and also when the battery percentage is low.

Why are radiations harmful?

The ionising class of radiations is known to be extremely harmful to both life and property. Gamma rays induce molecular changes in the DNA and cells of living beings that are better known as ‘Mutations‘. These mutations are responsible for many types of cancer, and life impairment of many vital functions. Long exposure to X-Rays can cause greying of hair, cancer, and milder disorders. Ultraviolet rays are known to harm the skin and eyes and cause skin cancer. This is the reason why Radiations are seen in a bad light. But, the non-ionising radiations barely cause severe damage. They are known to cause irritation of eyes, skin disorders, headaches, and milder syndromes on a long exposure.

Experiments and SAR value of smartphone radiation

The most popular experiment to test the effect of smartphone radiation is done by Dr. Salford, a Swedish neurosurgeon. He exposed rats and mice to the microwave radiation caused by mobile phones for two hours that resulted in a 2% damage to the brain cells of the rat and mice. It is difficult to find the exact results that smartphone radiation has on the human body. Officially, the Food and Drug Administration of America has given a statement that says there is no scientific proof that Smartphone radiation causes Cancers or any harmful health hazards. But the absence of proof doesn’t mean there are no risks involved. This statement is ambiguous and hence provides space for doubt.

After series and trials of finding how much radiation a human body can handle, the SAR value was implemented. SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate and is the amount of radiation that can be absorbed within safe limits. An experiment conducted to check the SAR value involved a dummy human head and torso mold filled with fluids that stimulate the electrical properties of human tissues was exposed to smartphone radiation. Although slight disturbances were seen, no signs of hazardous damage were recorded. In India, the accepted value of SAR is 1.6 watts per kilogram.

All the phones manufactured undergo a test determining their value of radiation. To find out if your smartphone radiation is above the SAR value, you may find it with a simple process. High scale tests and devices are not needed for you to find the SAR value of your phone. All you need to do is follow three simple steps.

  1. Open the dialpad on your phone
  2. Press *#07#
  3. You get a pop-up message determining the SAR value of the phone.

Do phone radiations pose a threat to our health?

With multiple tests being conducted there is still no solid proof of how Smartphone radiation affects human health. This could be because we are surrounded by so many factors, radiations, and pre-existing health conditions that it becomes difficult to determine what ailment is caused by what source. Often, there are unseen long-term impacts on health by the constant use of smartphones. But studies have come up with the most frequently occurring observations.

  • When we place calls, the phone is near the head. The radio wave radiation is absorbed by the tissues and cells in close proximity. The radiation absorbed is converted to heat that can damage cells.
  • The eyes are affected due to the radiation and tend to become irritable and dry.
  • Using smartphones for long hours is known to cause Memory loss, Headaches, Irritability, Infertility, Sleep disorder, Immune deficiency, and Fatigue.

Does the anti-radiation chip work?

To save oneself from all possible harms of phone radiation, the saga of Anti-radiation chips was pretty famous. Anti-radiation chips claim to nullify the radiations emitted from the phone. But the basic fact is, we can communicate through our phones only because of the radio waves. Nullifying radiation means eliminating the waves. If the waves are absent, you will not be able to communicate. So, these chips might be of no real help. These chips are of Silver or gold foils, are a few microns in thickness, and are stuck to the back cover of the phone. More than being of help, they could pose more danger by deflecting waves, than the actual smartphone radiation. So, it is advised that you should not fall prey to such a hoax.

How to stay safe from radiation risks?

Whether smartphones are carcinogenic, or mildly harmful, to keep our feet on the safer bank it is better to take precautions against the smartphone radiation.

  • Limit calls inside the building as radiation clouding can be harmful.
  • Take calls in open spaces
  • Do not use the phone excessively on low battery because both communication radiation and heat radiation are at a peak.
  • Use headsets to receive calls, as you will be able to connect with the phone without it touching the head.
  • The communication waves cannot usually penetrate metal containers, but even so, avoid taking calls in the lift.
  • Limit the use of smartphones for kids.
  • Do not use the phone constantly and keep it away from your body when not in use. Specifically, avoid contact with vital organ areas.
  • Major brands of smartphones undergo radiation checks during manufacture. But cloned and fake versions may not. So beware while buying refurbished smartphones. To find the best deals from certified and trustworthy vendors, visit Mobiru India.

This is all you need to know about smartphone radiation, its impacts, and safety measures. We hope that you do not blindly trust the viral videos regarding anti-radiation products and also those stating unheard disorders caused by phones. We never know what is in store, so take precautions and stay safe!


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