Buying a refurbished phone can be a complicated decision but if you have made up your mind for buying a refurbished phone in India and get full value to your price without getting deceived, your surfing has come to an end if you are still in a dilemma about buying a new phone or a refurbished phone Click Here to read another article on Why should you buy a Refurbished Mobile Phone

Buying a refurbished phone
Buying a refurbished phone could be confusing.

Buying a refurbished phone in India is and always will be a tough task because India has a massive number of smartphone buyers, sellers, varieties, and preferences. So there are a few things that should be considered before buying a refurbished smartphone.

Clarity of mind: 

If you want to get the value for the price you paid, you must have clarity of mind before buying a refurbished phone. There are two approaches to buying a refurbished phone first one is where you go by budget, and the second one is when you go by preferences. In the first one, you set aside a specific amount of money you are ready to spend on your new phone.

Suppose 15k is your budget for a new phone. So you can filter all the phones between 12k-15 and select one which you feel the best. The budget-oriented buying approach gives you leverage to select multiple phones in a specific range of phones. Th best part about the budget-oriented approach is you have multiple choices n your range and variety of smartphones to choose from

The focused preference approach is a bit different from the above. Here you choose a refurbished phone based on their brand, specs, and condition and pay as per the value. This approach is more concentrated and doesn’t give you too much room to choosing. But this approach gives you a chance to get your dream phone at a fraction of price. In this approach, you should select the 3 most important functions your phone should have like brand, processor, and display.

Now you see phones of the same brand with your requirement, study the condition of the phone, and then compare it with the quoted price. In this way, you can get your preferred smartphone. For example, if you want to get an iPhone or phone with a 5000mah battery, you can go for this approach.

Before you get into anything, clarity of mind is needed to buy a refurbished phone. The more you get confused on your requirements more is the chances of getting doomed 

Select your vendor: choosing the seller of your refurbished phone is one of the major ‘to do’ before buying a refurbished phone.  If you are thinking just to go on the internet and search: refurbished phone in India, go on the first link and buy one, probably you are making a mistake. Choosing the seller from which you are buying the phone is probably half the job of this process.

In India, there are many sellers where you can buy a refurbished phone. It has introduced the grading system in the phones, which is based on the condition, no repairs, hour used, battery backup, geninuniness of parts, and so on. This company analyzes a refurbished phone to the most delicate details, such as if a part has been replaced, it checks the genuineness of the part. This grading system eases the customer to choose the requirement and let them know that they are paying is right. Besides this, 2gud,  amazon, etc. are some verified vendors of refurbished smartphones.

Verified vendors assure that you wouldn’t get cheated, get original accessories, the warranty, etc

After-sales service

This is something people overlook while buying a refurbished phone. No matter what you buy and how much you pay, there is a chance of malfunctioning or getting impaired, whether it be software or hardware. The refurbished phone contains a warranty if you buy from the right vendor, but what about the service center? Check if the service center is available in your city. Check the authorized partner of your vendor and its repair centers.

This is one of the significant steps before buying a smartphone

Choose your model wisely

Well, sometimes it’s the original model of the phone, which is faulty, but the blame lands on refurbished one. A phone may have an inbuilt mechanical glitch of heating or low battery, which could also be there in the refurbished one. So the crux is before you buy a refurbished phone read the review of the new one.

Warranty and return policy.: 

Warranty is a security that you should consider for the unforeseen circumstances. Warranty builds your confidence in a product and seller. Return policy saves you in case you get a defective phone, phone not as per description, or a missing item.warranty and return policy and must be checked and compared among different vendors before buying a refurbished phone. 

For example, Amazon has a Proper page explaining their Warranty and Return Policy

Wiped off data

Make sure that the phone you have brought has completely clean and contains no data from the previous user. It would be very annoying t have contacts and apps installed by the previous user on your phone. After buying a refurbished phone, this is a must check step.

The reality and the description: 

Make sure the condition of the phone matches the description on the website. If the photos and descriptions do not match with the delivered smartphone, use the return policy to get a refund.


While buying a refurbished smartphone, make sure you get a valid invoice with GSTIN. It comforts you while using the return policy or warranty. A valid invoice ensures that the seller is verified, and the phone is not a stolen or custom theft phone. It also assures you that the phone would not have any country lock or sim lock setting.

Check for the availability of accessories: this might not be a significant area of concern, but if you are planning on using the smartphone for a pretty long time, you must consider the fact that accessories like tempered glass and back cover are available in the market. Accessories of 1-2yr old smartphone models are not readily available on the market.

Finance: If you want to buy refurbished phones on small installments, check out the schemes available for EMI. Not all financial institutions offer EMI on the refurbished phone, but some do. If you want to pay monthly EMI for your new phone, check the available financing options.

Competition has intensified the smartphone market in India. In this leading market, refurbished mobiles can be a simple but very efficient way to save money.

Buying a refurbished smartphone is a straightforward task if you get the right vendor. Mobiru has brought revolutionary changes in the used phone market by grading the refurbished phone which will further penetrate the smartphone market. With the new grading system, the customer will have a clear idea of what they are buying.


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