Top 8 Most Popular Mobile Phones in 2020

This year came with a lot of twists and turns. While it wasn’t particularly pleasant, we can all agree that some pretty spectacular mobile phones came out this year. Despite all the restrictions and obstacles, phone companies have pulled it together and brought us some incredible technology. Which is why we have a list of the 8 most popular mobile phones in 2020!

Top 8 Popular Mobile Phones:

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G:

This is a relatively newer launch and an extremely expensive phone. It gives iPhones a run for their money with the prices Samsung is quoting for these phones. Despite the high price, the new Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G is something to behold. You get an incredible camera, huge AMOLED display, incredible battery life, and a better S-Pen stylus. This is a luxury phone made for those who love the best things in life.

Asus ROG Phone 3:

This is a phone built for gamers. Everything about this phone from its speakers to ultrasonic AirTriggers is meant for a better, more enhanced gaming experience. Despite this, it tries to be an all-rounder phone and would succeed at it as well. While gamers would love the additional touches to the phone, those simply looking for a great phone would definitely appreciate the 6000mAh battery and beautiful performance. It’s not the lightest phone, the battery and cooling apparatus making it bulky to hold and use, but it isn’t meant to be either.

OnePlus Nord:

OnePlus is a company that has consistently improved and provided us with phones that have lived up to their promises. The Nord was their entry back into the mid-range segment of mobile phones. To nobody’s surprise, this phone was absolutely incredible. With all the trademark features of a flagship phone, the Nord comes at a lower cost and attractive package. It does have some cuts in terms of build quality but doesn’t lack any of the quality software features. It’s a reliable phone that’ll last you for a while. For a more in-depth review, take a look here!

iPhone 11:

As a successor to the iPhone XR, the iPhone 11 represents a shift in the naming of iPhones as well as their interests. Apple is back to making ‘default iPhones’, iPhones that everybody needs to have. As usual, the new update brings a better camera and battery life. The iPhone 11 can last up to a full day on a single charge. However, this charge might take a long time because of the measly 5W charger that comes with the phone. Adding, the screen is still a low-resolution panel. This is not something you will notice, however, because of the incredible colour accuracy and brightness.

OnePlus 8:

To not put this stunning phone on the list, would be criminal. OnePlus outdid its incredible 7T with this new release. It is meant to replace the OnePlus 7T slowly as a more high-end phone. It’s an all-rounder phone, one that can be the perfect gaming phone and daily use mobile. It comes with a large AMOLED display with a curved-edge screen. It’s relatively easy to reach the buttons and use. It’s got a brilliant processor which is able to run games as well as function incredibly. You get an incredible range of features at a reasonable price, as always!

Realme X50 Pro 5G:

Like OnePlus, Realme is a phone that has lived up to its price range. This phone is relatively more expensive, but for a good reason. It’s got the looks of a luxury phone and works like one too. It’s got a dual cut-out camera in the front, which is its most noticeable feature. It’s got speakers that are powerful, and unexpected are phone in this price range. To add, it’s got four rear cameras and works well in low-lights. While it can be a bit bulky and heavy, it’s glass, and metal body looks great. It has a nice battery life and works on a top-end processor, making it a smooth running phone. You can absolutely see why it’s so popular.

Xiaomi Mi 10:

The recent controversy surrounding Chinese smartphones haven’t been able to dull the popularity of this recent launch. It is a slightly higher price range for Xiaomi, but it definitely looks the part. The curved-edge front and back screen coupled with a high-gloss finish make it beautiful to look at. It has a large AMOLED display which runs at 90Hz that make it a dream to use.
Apart from its stunning looks, the phone has almost anything you can think off; a high-end processor, Wi-Fi, built-in fingerprint sensor, wireless charging, and 5G! Its battery is commendable, lasting a whole day on a single charge.
While it is a great phone for its price range, not skimping on quality, it does have its issues. It tends to run quite hot when using the phone, and the cameras aren’t great in low light. Adding to this, while the company mentions that it can repel water, the lack of IP rating makes us sceptical of this information.

OnePlus 7T:

We know, there’s a lot of OnePlus phones on this list; however, it is for a good reason. The OnePlus 7T is a brilliant phone, and we fully understand why it is such a popular mobile phone in India. Like its other flagship phones, the OnePlus 7T offers a brilliant camera and display. It’s got powerful speakers and processor. The phone runs incredibly smoothly and is great for casual gaming. It’s got a good battery life and charges insanely fast, especially with their dash chargers. All said it’s a phone that provides the best of features at an incredible price.

While the options on this list are quite pricey, there always other options. Buying refurbished phones can often be a great way of getting a flagship phone at a better price. You’re not skimping on quality or performance. That’s the end of it! We hope you found the list most insightful, or maybe even found your new phone on this list.

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