The ultimate guide to buy Refurbished Mobiles

 Smartphones are a boon to the tech-frenzy human of the 21st century. Countless brands and even more countless are the models of the phones. But, not all phones can be owned by everyone. The breadwinners often have to settle for cheaper phones in that phase. But, you don’t necessarily have to compromise on quality. Refurbished mobiles mean getting standard devices at affordable prices.  

The word refurbished mobiles is sure to click a multitude of images where one might feel buying them is a risky business, they are worn out devices, and a refurbished device will never give you the feel of a new one, or managing refurbished smartphones is a tacky deal. Well, time to put all your prejudices and worries to rest. 

What are Refurbished Mobiles?

Have you wondered about what happens to the phones displayed in showrooms, or the phones that are returned at delivery, and the phones that are given during exchange schemes? These phones are refurbished and sold. So, refurbished mobiles are the conditioned versions of pre-owned and pre-used phones. They come with certified warranty and post-purchase care if brought from certified vendors. 

Why are Refurbished Mobiles Beneficial?

Refurbished phones might seem a cheaper option to buying branded smartphones, but that is not the case. Refurbished phones, apart from being the environmentally green option, come with a set of benefits.

1. Price

Refurbished phones come in all price ranges. Right from 1000 rupees to 60k, you can choose your pick with ease. Refurbished phones are budget-friendly and are your key to getting your favourite premium phone without drilling a hole in your wallet. Moreover, refurbished mobiles are cost-efficient. For a given amount, most people will tend to buy cheaper new phones than refurbished phones. But if you buy refurbished phones, you get quality better than other new phones. So, it is all worth the price. 

2. Utility and Experience

Refurbished mobiles are no less when compared to new phones in terms of the features and applications provided. These phones could be a perk for people famous for mishandling phones! If you tend to drop or scratch your phone often, then refurbished mobiles are for you. For all the people who love to change smartphones every year, why not consider buying the refurbished versions of the latest models? That way, you can save a good deal of money and satisfy your tech-curiosity at the same time. 

Moreover, refurbished phones can prove to be the best choice as kids’ first phone. To know more read: 7 reasons to buy refurbished smartphones for kids

3. Technical support

To all the people who believe that refurbished mobiles do not come with tech-support, here is the update. Refurbished phones these days come with warranty cards, post-purchase care facilities, complete ownership rights transfer, and they also have a return policy. Amazon renewed provides a return period of 90 days, while Cashify and Budli have up to 7 days return period. 

How are they made?

The smartphones that are returned to the manufacturer or refurbishing vendors from various sources undergo refurbishment to be transformed into standard devices. These devices are collected and graded on the basis of hardware and software imperfections. They are further sent to the refurbishment units where all their flaws are fixed. The faulty parts are usually replaced with new parts or repair in case of minimal damage. Scratches and dents on the screen and cover are all taken care of, and the system software is upgraded. The final steps include wiping off all previous data and resetting the phone to factory defaults. They undergo a thorough cleaning process before being packaged for sale.

Factory refurbished phones often come with a new battery and original accessories. Whereas other vendors might give original accessories in certain cases. 

How to buy them?

Buying refurbished mobiles is not as easy as placing an order for a new phone, but it is no rocket science either. It is because the refurbished market is vulnerable to risks of selling cloned and fake phones, that we have to be one step extra careful while buying them.

The refurbished market, also known as the Secondary smartphone market is on the rise from the second quarter of 2019. Refurbished phones are available right from the brick and mortar street shops to factory outlets and online stores. A major portion of the country’s secondary market sales happens through the Grey market or unauthorised market that makes up to 90% of all stores. The authorised white market consists of factory outlets, certified online, and offline stores.

The grey market is not the ideal source for the purchase of refurbished phones because the phone has chances of having duplicate components, and do not usually come with warranty cards. But, customers are lured in owing to the extremely cheap rates offered. Factory refurbished phones are of excellent quality, but their costs are not much less compared to the original devices.

Here is what you need to keep in mind while buying a refurbished smartphone.

  1. Source: It is essential that you choose a reliable and certified vendor to buy refurbished smartphones. Whether it be online or offline, choose a vendor that sells the model of the phone you need and provides a warranty.
  2. Compare: Once you select the model, and find certified sellers, compare the rates and phone grades as mentioned by each seller. To simplify this task, visit the website of Mobiru India as it provides a comparison matrix to help you choose the best deal.

Now, you are all set to buy the refurbished mobile you desire. But here are a few tips you need to know:


  • Read up well about the model, and source before finalizing the order. Do not choose older models and read the reviews customers write about the sources.
  • Assess your phone carefully and check each part of its functionality within the return period so that you do not face further issues. If you delay checking all apps and working system of the phone, the source might not take the phone back.
  • Currently, Amazon renewed provides the best quality refurbished mobiles, the services of Cashify are great, 2Gud gives a detailed analysis of the phone’s quality, and Yaantra offers the cheapest refurbished phones.
  • Make sure to check the compatibility of the accessories with the device. Check the phone and compare it with the original model’s pictures to save yourself from fake versions.

With these things in mind, your process of buying refurbished phones should be super easy. Go ahead and make a smart choice that is economically and environmentally friendly.