With WhatsApp updating the new privacy policy in 2021, a huge uproar of concern sparked amongst netizens. Users are now looking for an alternative option for chatting applications. WhatsApp, the now Facebook-owned chatting app, expressed that all its data will be shared with other companies owned by Facebook as part of the new privacy policy. Furthermore, they declared the ways WhatsApp will be handling their data and how their partnership with Facebook will integrate it with other applications.

This declaration provoked WhatsApp users to break into an uproar, demanding to detach from the app and join with its market rival, Signal or Telegram. Of course, this turned out to be pleasant news for WhatsApp rival – Signal and Telegram. 

Even the SpaceX CEO Elon Musk tweeted that he suggests users to quit Facebook messenger and opt for Signal instead. Signal’s Twitter bio reads, “Say ‘hello’ to privacy.” Many WhatsApp users are now looking for a procedure to move their group chats to Signal. The Tweet message further reads that the best way to start the message shift is to use the Signal Group Link. The demand to join Signal went so high in these few days that users faced a delay in receiving authentication code. 

While the WhatsApp vs. Signal battle took the internet by a storm, Telegram stepped into the controversy. They shared a meme of Spider-Man. The imaged showed two Spider-Mans pointing at each other, but their heads were replaced by WhatsApp and Facebook icons. The meaning of the meme was quite clear that Facebook and WhatsApp are the same at the end of the day.

The present situation of WhatsApp users

Though the internet suffered turmoil, WhatsApp users stormed the social media faced an alternative chatting app demand, millions of users are still using WhatsApp in full swing. Even the new privacy concerns could not stop the netizens from uploading rude memes on social media. 

After the Signal Roast and backlash from Telegram, WhatsApp has opened up about its privacy policies. They clarified that WhatsApp would not be sharing any personal messages or information of their users with their parent company, Facebook. They further informed that users would get an option to opt-out of the new messenger features if they do not feel confident about the new policies. 

WhatsApp plans to store all its user messages in a US-based social media platform, and every data will be preserved securely. 

WhatsApp and Facebook together clarified their privacy policy as corporate leaders chose to move to Telegram or Signal on poor privacy policy grounds.

The aftermath of WhatsApp privacy policy backlash

WhatsApp gave clarification about its Privacy Policy after the backlash on social media. When market leaders, advocates of cybersecurity, and entrepreneurs like Elon Musk urged people to switch to Signal, WhatsApp disclosed what they have in mind to maintain security.

Signal is the privacy-focused chatting app, co-founded by Brian Acton of WhatsApp. Signal is said to have an improved privacy policy that WhatsApp. That is why multinational company heads issued an advisory against using WhatsApp for business purposes. 

But WhatsApp countered their allegation by disclosing their new plans about the revised privacy policy. They described how they wished to give Face access to user data.

WhatsApp will offer businesses the choice of storing their professional communication with a Facebook hosting facility. Facebook has a secured storage facility with cloud hosting, so your data is sure to remain protected. However, Facebook might use user data for marketing purposes. Users might opt out of it or join a subscription with Facebook Shops.

Final thoughts on WhatsApp vs. Telegram vs. Signal battle

Market leaders are highly focused on shifting to Signal from WhatsApp due to the new privacy policy revision. However, WhatsApp has opened its mount against the backlash and clarified their plans about the new privacy policy and Facebook’s rights. Irrespective of the backlashes, WhatsApp users continue to use the chatting app and sharing conflicting memes over social media platforms. 


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