Buying a refurbished mobile phone could be a tricky decision. People have their concerns while purchasing a refurbished phones. One of the primary reasons people give up the plan on buying a refurbished phone is that the phone will be a faulty one. Some people are scared that the phone might be a stolen one while others have a temperament that a refurbished phone lowers their image. Putting all these odds out buying a refurbished mobile phone is a boss move. Why? Before we get started with the pros, let’s learn little more about the refurbished phones

What is a Refurbished Mobile Phone? How is it different from Second Hand Phones?

This world is full of unsatisfied people. People might buy a new phone and sell it for a fraction of cost just because of reasons like a new model has arrived or the color of the phone is fade. While some are ready to bear the cost for perfection, some people know how to get the best value for money without pushing their budget? This is why the used phone market is an $85 billion industry.

Refurbished phones are generally those mobile phones which are returned to seller under various warranty claims or exchange programs and then these devices are data wiped &  repaired, if necessary, by the expert technicians. These refurbished mobile phones are fully functional and works like a  brand new phone its repaired and passed through a rigorous quality check process by certified professionals .

The main difference between a refurbished smartphone and a second-hand phone is that in the refurbished mobile is the one which is taken back by the seller, thoroughly inspected and repaired for any faults before being sold while a second-hand phone is a phone used by a consumer and directly sold to other consumers. While a refurbished phone is almost like a brand new one and comes with the warranty provided by authorized seller , the second-hand phone condition depends on how it was being used and for how long it was used while there is no warranty —buying a refurbished phone if by far a better choice than buying a second-hand phone from and unauthorized seller.

Refurbished Phone cycle
Refurbished Phone cycle

Besides these, there is a grading system of refurbished phones with parameters. These parameters are based on every detail of the mobile phone from primary to the minor. A phone with Grade A+ will be as good as new whereas refurbished phones with Grade B might have some normal wear and tear. These grading systems help the customer to decide which phone to buy in their budget and what will be the physical condition of the phone.

Here are the pros of buying a refurbished phone


The most crucial benefit of buying a refurbished phone is saving money. Buying the latest model of refurbished phone is not a great idea but if you buy one version older, you can end up saving thousands of rupees.

The other benefit is you can get a flagship brand without paying a premium price. You can buy flagship phones like the iPhone or one plus at the cost of a budget phone. If you are a brand lover and you don’t want to pay a high price, refurbished mobile phones are a great way out.

Therefore, you can get the best value for the money you are spending, which is a masterstroke.


The biggest concern of a person buying a used phone is that they may get a defective one. A refurbished mobile phone is repaired and tested by the experts before reselling it.

A reseller uses quality components, and professionals test it to the extent when a new user gets the product as good as the new one.

Wiped off Data

The one thing that concerns the new buyer is that the refurbished phones should not contain data from old users. Refurbished mobile phones are entirely free of the old user’s data. They have been formatted and every data including apps, history, messages, log etc. have been cleared off.

If the new buyer gets some data left over, that would be against the data protection policy and the company could face trouble. Also, no buyer would like data of previous users. Therefore, the seller company completely wipes off the last user’s data and the buyer will get a clean handset.

Verified Sellers

The one reason for buying refurbished mobile phone is that verified and trusted seller only sells them. The vendors of the refurbished phone make sure they transform the “used phone” to a new refurbished handset. The quality tests the phone and make sure the user gets an undisputed phone.

This means the buyer is dealing with professionals who know what they are dealing with. Besides these proper quality checks, warranty, after-sale customer support, etc. are some of the benefits of buying a refurbished mobile phone from a trusted vendor.


The primary concern of any person while buying a phone is how long it will work and how he would deal with it if it malfunctions or gets a glitch. The answer is the warranty. You get a warranty while buying a new phone but what about a used phone. Here is where the refurbished phone beat it to the punch. The trusted companies provide an after sale warranty just in case if any problem arises in the phone.

Warranties on product ensure the customers that they would be taken care of if anything goes wrong. This is one of the qualities of buying a refurbished mobile phone that makes it a good move. Read more about warranty in another post Warranty and Return Policy.

Going Green

E-waste is one of the rising problems of this planet. The wasted electronic product cannot be recycled easily. It also not degradable as e-waste contains a lot of plastic. A refurbished phone is one of the best moves of recycling and reusing a phone that could be wasted. By buying a refurbished phone, you will save not only money but also your bit to save the planet.

This is one of the most feasible ways for a technology-loving person to go eco-friendly. This may not be a direct benefit for the buyer but this helps the earth in going green in the long term.
Maybe the most eco-friendly thing you can do for our Earth is to buy a refurbished mobile phone.

Get the Original Accessories

While buying a used phone, people expect that it  will come unpacked and without accessories. But one of the pros of buying a refurbished phone from a trusted vendor is they you will always get a certified accessory.

Refurbished phones come in plain packaging (not the original one) and can have other phone accessories such as charger, data cable and in some cases may also include headphones. No matter what your phone will come with a charger at least. This ensures that your phone is ready to use as soon as you buy it and you don’t incur additional cost for putting it to use.

Can be paired off with any Sim and Network anywhere

The refurbished phone sold by trusted vendors is unlocked and fully functional. They are not country locked or system locked so that they can be used anywhere. This ensures that the buyer will not incur any problem while using the refurbished phone or has to increase additional cost in unlocking it. Any sim could be used with the refurbished phone and it could be connected with any network you want.

Return Policy

Like new phones, there is a specified time refund policy for the refurbished phone. If you feel that the refurbished device you brought is not compatible with you can return it within a specified time and receive a refund.

Therefore, buying a refurbished phone doesn’t only save money for you but also deals with your satisfaction and feasibility.

We are coming with one of the best portals where you can buy a refurbished phone. With the introduction of the grading system in India, our website will be the mecca for refurbished phone buyers. With a long-term vision to regularize and revolutionize the refurbished phone market, our team will thrive for customer satisfaction in the long run.


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