Over the past few years, we have observed an emerging trend in the electronics market – purchasing refurbished mobiles. The top e-commerce platforms and electronic stores are nowadays selling renewed models of the latest mobile launches at a shockingly low price. Naturally, the demand for such devices is very high.

But why are these revamped mobiles priced so low?

It is because of refurbishing or repairing work they go through; these mobiles come within an affordable range.

Understanding Refurbished Phones and their Pricing

Before we start discussing the remarkably low price of the refurbished phones, we must understand what the term means. Were these phones seriously damaged before refurbishing? Did the previous owner mishandle the device and return it in poor condition?

These are certain apprehensions every consumer has before purchasing a renewed mobile. But those confusions don’t bother once you have found a trustworthy seller and have a clear understanding of revamped devices.

What are Refurbished Mobiles?

When a mobile phone user returns or sells a device after using it for a very short time, manufacturers often buy and repair them for reselling. These are the revamped devices, which have little history of previous use but are performing excellently. Such mobiles display some signs of previous use, like small scratches, but their software is in general smooth-performing.

Why do People opt for Refurbished Phones?

Technology is ever-changing, and if you want to stay updated, you need to update your device from time to time. Purchasing a new phone with the latest features is always not an affordable option. But the renewed models of the exact same brand-new device are always cheaper and affordable. So, if you can’t exhaust your funds on a brand-new phone, we recommend purchasing a renewed device. Usually, these devices come with a tag price, almost half of the price of the same device in a brand-new condition.

Pricing and Grading in Refurbishing

Whenever you open e-commerce platforms, you will see a renewed version of the latest phone models. Such versions usually have a lot of lower pricing. We commonly ask why the prices are so low and how they are so priced.

There are several factors on which the gradation depends-

• The number of days it has been used previously.
• How the previous owner of the phone handled it.
• The number of scratches the revamped phone has
• The refurbishing grade of the phone

The more refurbishing a phone requires, or the more it is used previously, the lesser is its refurbished cost. In fact, the Grade of refurbishing also depends on the amount of previous use and problem present in the phone.

Grade A Refurbished Phones:

Grade A refurbished phones are the costliest variant among the three grades of revamped phones. It is the best quality phone, where the devices are in near-mint condition. Such phones hardly show any sign of previous use. The software functions exceptionally well and requires very little revamping. When you get these phones, they are as good as new ones.

Grade B refurbished phones:

Just the way they are graded, Grade B renewed phones are of a little lesser quality when considering their cosmetic aspect. These phones were used by the previous owner a little longer and had visible scratches. However, the software being in proper condition, little refurbishing makes the phone ready to use.

When you buy such phones, you will see the device still has signs of previous use, small scratches. But otherwise, it performs almost like a new device.

Grade C refurbished mobiles:

Grade revamped phones are the phones of the lowest quality. These are, in general, old phones which had been in use for quite some time. They show distinct signs of usage, scratches, dents, and other troubles. However, device software performs perfectly fine. The seller only refurbishes the exterior.

Though we don’t suggest purchasing the Grade C revamped product, if we consider buying one because of the price, you need to be cautious about certain conditions-

• The device can have a poor-quality battery back up
• Grade C device will surely have distinct scratches and dents.
• There is always a possibility that your software will perform slowly.

Clearly, revamped products are priced based on their performance and cosmetic condition. The more revamping it needs, the lower its price gets.


Revamped mobile phones are currently ruling the e-commerce market. A renewed phone is always the best option for people who love to have the latest phone models in their hands. These devices are highly affordable and can be availed at almost half the price of a brand-new version of the same model. However, one needs to be cautious while choosing a revamped phone. There are several options available online, but you must opt for a Grade A renewed device, even it costs more than other refurbished options. Beware of fraudulent sellers and fake phones and buy your device from a trusted source only.


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